5 Apt Wedding Gifts for The Man in Your Life

Given that men are, for the most part, an uncomplicated species, getting wedding gifts for men doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. The gift doesn’t really have to be very special, overly pretty or particularly useful. It doesn’t take too much to make a man happy. He just needs to be given clean clothes, warm food, tender loving care and signs of affection, and be told that he’s special while he goes to play with his console, or asks with those imploring puppy dog eyes to go and hang out with his buddies. But since we deal with reality, and we like men to be more than overgrown puppies, we will instead give them these alternatives. You could be looking to get something for your own intended, or you might be looking for ideas for a friend; and while perhaps not as much fun as being pampered rotten, this eclectic bunch of gift ideas will not lead you astray. If you do, however, have a doubt as to the suitability of the gift, and you don’t want your man in question to get into trouble with the higher authorities, then consult the aforementioned power a.k.a. the Bride.

1. Personalised Wood Valet


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It can be said that men are slightly on the scatterbrained side. Generally speaking, one of the largest reasons for men leaving their homes late is because they are searching for their keys/glasses/wallet/phone/papers/thing. This is one of those wedding gifts for men that makes it easier on the poor souls and gives them one thing to put all their other things in. This would make it easy for them to organise themselves better, and consequently get on your nerves less as well. With slots for numerous eventualities, this elegant piece even does the job of change holder.

2. Chocolate Massage Kit


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This gift has everything. It will prompt laughter, indignation, excitement and possibly even lust. For the inveterate chocolate lover, this gift is both tantalising and useful. Encourage the man to think outside of the box with this box set that contains moisturising body butter from which wafts the rich, heady fragrance of cocoa, along with chocolate candles and holders, incense sticks with holders and one plastic spatula. We’re not saying anymore; just think of it as an excuse to exercise your imagination.

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3. Heart Frying Pan


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For the more culinary inclined, this wedding gift will make him smile. The perfect thing for those surprise breakfasts that he’d want to pop out for his lady in times both good and bad, this pan will mould it’s way into their hearts and especially their Sunday breakfasts.

4. Single Malt Tasting Session


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If he’s a connoisseur, and is one of those difficult people that make it hard for everyone to buy gifts for them by having everything already, then this is the perfect deal. A session such as this is not overtly expensive and the experience will sear itself into his brain and memory, in a mellow smoky expression of memory that he will savor for a long time.

5. GUNNAR Computer Glasses

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If your man is a gadget enthusiast, then he’s likely to be looking at a screen for the large part of his day. More so if he’s into the world of gaming. While this is all fun and games, most of them don’t realise that they are hurting their eyes with the continuous exposure to the screen light. To ensure that he doesn’t stress them out too much get him a pair of glasses from GUNNAR. Made for the tech era, these glasses come in a range of stylish frames and will protect his eyes as well. Double win, we did say!

6. A Stunning New Watch


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Let’s face it, a lot of men have problems with the notion that times exists, and that it moves around past them, and that it doesn’t behave as they believe it should. In fact, we only know of a small handful of the gender that actually give a little more consideration to the notion of time and punctuality. Of course, you might be fortunate enough to have sufficient good karma to warrant the possession of the company of a man who has a deep and intrinsic respect for the notion of time, and more importantly that of a knowledge that other people use the same time as well. So, to ensure that he has no excuse, in this age of the smartphone/watch/glasses where a handily lit clock will tell you the time anyway – gift him a nice watch. He will love it, because for some reason, it’s one of things that are randomly assigned to be liked by one gender; such as with women and shoes. You can pick from any of the major brands around, but for a truly classic wristwatch, go for a Breitling. We would suggest the Colt Chronograph, a spectacular piece indeed.

7. Hip Flasks are Always In


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A truly traditional and classic wedding gift for the intrepid groom, a good solidly made hipflask will always be appreciated. Even if the man in question is not given to imbibe alcoholic spirits, if he prescribes to traditional modes of masculinity, then he will still completely be beyond his own brain with happiness. This gift is in no way meant to encourage the notion that alcohol will be the solution to all of life’s, and indeed marriage’s, problems. This is merely a pick me up that would be of extremely significant value tactically at certain junctures of time. With a huge variety of designs to choose from, you can almost certainly get one that most suits the tastes and sense of aesthetic of the man in question. With myriad options for embellishment, you can even have a custom message inscribed on the surface, it all depends on you.

8. Brand New Tools to Look Spick and Spank

shaving kit

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Shaving kits usually make for apt wedding gifts for men, but now that he is getting married, he has left the bachelor life and its carefree sensibilities behind. Thus, he is now entering a new phase in his life where he has to look his immaculate best; at least when the boss tells him to. Provide him with the tools, with a brand new shaving kit that will have him looking stunningly trimmed.