16 Creative And Personal Wedding Gifts For Friends They’ll Love

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When one of our friends ties the knot, it always brings with it mixed feelings. On one hand, you are ecstatic that they have found the partner of their dreams and get to spend a lifetime with them. On the other hand, it means bidding adieu to the bachelors life. But we are here to tell you, sure things may bit a bit different from now on, but true friendship will never lose its charm. You might pick up the phone to talk to each other after months, but you will still feel the same rapport as ever.

So, before you bid adieu to your single days, why not find that perfect gift for your friend and their new spouse? Why not sign off in elegant style, reminding them just how much you cherish and adore them? We all know that newly-weds often get knick-knacks and trinkets that they absolutely do not need or want. As their friend, you owe it to them that you put a lot of thought and effort into finding that perfect gift for them. Here are some ideas for some lovely personalized wedding gifts for friends to let your friends know they mean the world to you. Remember, every couple is different. Only you know best what the new couple would love. So think deep and think hard, and you will be amazed at how much they love and adore your wedding gift to them!

1. Framed Wedding Invitation And Wedding Flowers


Looking for wedding gifts for friends requires a bit of creativity sometimes. Almost all couples would love a personal memento of the most special day of their lives. Why not get their wedding invitation card framed? This is cost-effective and also very thoughtful. In addition, you could also add a few other mementos like flowers or coasters from the wedding venue. Finish it off with a heartfelt poem or quote, and your friends are sure to love you for this gift.

2. Wine Glasses And Wine

Wedding gifts for friends can be of a more classy nature. And nothing sets the tone for a date as a chilled glass of wine. As the new couple settles in and gets used to their new life together, get them a pair of long-stemmed wine glasses and a bottle of wine to help them unwind. These glasses are especially perfect as they feature two interlocking red hearts at the stem.

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3. Personalized Map For The Couple

Remind the happy couple of the long journey they have taken together from the day they met to the day they decided to tie the knot. Where did they meet? Where did they decide to get engaged? Put it all down in a cute map, with the words “Where it all began.” Trace their journey of love as you wish them a prosperous life ahead.

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4. ‘His And Her’ Wedding Night Hamper

A perfect gift to help the happy enjoy their first night together as a married couple. The wedding night hamper is replete with rose geranium bath salts, scented candles, rose geranium massage oil, mint soap and even a neck roller. Let the gentle aroma of roses – a known aphrodisiac – elevate their night to a whole other level.

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5. DIY Wedding Slam Book

Remember those slam books we had as kids in the 90s? This is a take on the good old slam book of the past, and a great idea for wedding gifts for friends of the personal kind. This involves some amount of work during, before and after the wedding. So you will need to invest some time for this gift. Collect autographs, quotes, and pictures from the guests at the wedding. This will be a memento that is infinitely more personal than their official wedding album, and also something they are sure to cherish.

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6. Personalized Caricature Clock

Everyone is fascinated by a caricature of themselves. This personalized caricature of the newly-weds is sure to bring a smile. You can get it customized to the picture you want. Spruce it up with a sweet and short quote, like “Some love stories are made in heaven.”

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7. Three Nights Wine Box


Who says you can’t go over the top when it comes to wedding gifts for friends? This wine box has three special compartments for different kinds of nights. Handmade from birch wood, this box will hold those bottles of fine vintage that your friends will love, whether it is on a “quiet night” or even their anniversary; its definitely a great gift to stock their bars.

8. Door Harp


Sure, we have seen many wind chime wedding gifts for friends. But a door harp is even better. Handmade using canary, padauk and maple wood, this harp emits a trio of notes every time you open the door. This would be a truly magical way for the couple to welcome their all their guests into their new home.

9. Something To Take Care Of Together

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As a new couple, a project together can really help them bond. Gifting them something that they can take care of together is another option you should consider. As they share their love, it will grow stronger. Make sure that your friends are not too busy for whatever you are getting them. Ultimately, taking care of a pup or kitten is a lot of work. Perhaps a potted plant might be thing for your friends?

10. Racy Board Game For Two

Okay, so if you’re really close to them, then raunchy wedding gifts for friends like this one area good idea. There is a reason the beginning of a marriage is called “the honeymoon phase.” This is a phase where you are exploring each other’s interests and personalities. Why not spice up their life by gifting them a racy adult board game for two! There are several available in the market. Have your pick, and be assured that the happy couple will be grateful.

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11. Sign Them Up For A Class Together

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Signing your friends up for an all expense paid class is a great idea. First, figure out how much free time your friends would have. Think about what they would love to do together. Perhaps it is a cooking class or a salsa class. It could be a painting or pottery class.

12. Book A Romantic Candle-light Dinner For Two

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This is probably the best option on this list of wedding gifts for friends. There is nothing more satisfying than a wonderful candle-light dinner. Why not go ahead and book a romantic dinner for two at a good restaurant? You can even send a cab to pick them up and take them there. Sending them a bottle of champagne is a classy move that they will surely love.

13. Honeymoon Lingerie Organizer

This travel size lingerie organizer is sure to be a hit with the newly-wed couple. With two separate compartments where you can sort your delicates, this is a must-have for a long honeymoon. It is light weight and small, and will fit easily in most suitcases.

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14. Exquisite Dinner Set

When it comes to wedding gifts for friends, one of the things the couple is surely going to need in their home is a fancy dinner set. You cannot go wrong with this. Whenever they entertain guests in their new home, you know they will be thinking about you! So go on ahead and surprise them with this exquisite dinner set.

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15. Personalized Wedding Jenga


This is the popular game, but customized. You can get your friend’s names or wedding date engraved on the game for that personal touch. They are sure to spend many happy hours playing this fun game.

16. Funny Mugs


Yet another thing that couples will always need is mugs. A mug with a funny inscription or even a personalized mug with their wedding picture would look great. Think deep and you will surely be able to customize that perfect mug they will love.

We hope you liked some of these ideas for wedding gifts for friends and that you found the links helpful. Remember, ultimately your love and blessings are the best gift that the bride and groom will receive. Let us know your favourite gift ideas in the comments below!

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