Wedding Gifts For Brother: 12 Wacky Ideas He'll Never Part With

Wedding Gifts For Brother, but why? Well, brothers are cool. They are your first friends and most probably your best friends too. And we are sure his wedding is super special not just for him but for you too. So we have made a list of some funny, quirky and definitely memorable ‘wedding gifts for brother’ that will make for a great gift on his big day. We promise you these funny extras will surely make him lighten up or well burst out laughing.

Wedding Gifts For Brother- The Best For My Brother

Wedding Gifts For Brother – Here’s The Super-Special Gifts List For Your Brother Wedding!

1. A Stone Drink Bottle Dispenser

A real stone drink bottle dispenser with a customized nozzle and a personal message. This will be a great wedding gift that your brother will be thrilled to have; it’s also a great option for engagement gift ideas for couples. You can throw his favorite bottle o’ booze to complete the package. An item that’s truly one-of-a-kind wedding gift for brother. Price

2. The Ultimate Tool Belt

Wedding gifts for borther can come in all shapes and sizes, and here’s one that is really useful for him. This is what you get when a handyman’s tool box dates a cowboy’s leather waist-belt. A super functional leather belt that has man(l)y handy things right from a tool box incorporated into its design. A practical wedding gift for a brother who loves to spend time in his dingy workshop. Price

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3. The Beer Cap Collector

This is one of the most ultimate wedding gifts for brother. This glass framed wall hanger is a humorous gift to give your brother on his wedding day. The glass frame has a beer mug etched on to it, one which will keep filling as the number of beer caps increase. Price

4. The Vintage Magnifier – Smartphone Projector

An awesome pick from our list of wedding gifts for brother that your tech loving sibling will appreciate. A vintage magnifier shaped smartphone projector that is easy to use and very simple to use. You just have to place your smartphone inside and the large magnifier will project the phone screen on to the wall. Isn’t it cool? Price

Wedding Gifts For Brother- The Manliest Stuff For Bro

5. The Jar Of Nothing

The name says it all. You can pull your brother’s leg with “Jar of Nothing” an empty iteration of the popular wedding gift, the “Minibar In a Jar”. This mason jar contains nothing but air, a gift you can nicely gift wrap and give, just for laughs. You can even top it off with a wedding gifts for brother written all over the gift packaging. Price

6. The Alarm Gun

A gift that everyone who hates waking up early will love. An awesome sci-fi movie inspired bedside alarm clock with a shooting target board on top and a laser gun for the snooze! How awesome would it be to shoot your alarm down at 6 in the morning. A wedding gift your brother would love to bits. Price

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7. The XL Wayfarer Mirror

An extra large wall mirror that is designed to look like a big wayfarer. A very cool wedding gift your brother would love to keep in his dressing room. It’s got the looks to double up as a chic piece of wall deco too! Once again proves that wayfarers are truly timeless. Price

8. The Darth Vader Star Wars Flower Pot

If your brother loves Star Wars, then this is THE wedding gift for him. Hand painted in black, Darth Vader flower pot set with a matching tray would be an awesome piece of decor in his new house. Price

Wedding Gifts For Brother- The Coolest Stuff For Your Brother

9. The Ultimate Flip Flops For The Beer Lover

A pair of customisable flip flops with “Follow Me” printed on one sole and “Bring Beer” on the other. So whether he is walking on sand, or a soft carpet at home, the foot prints will floor everyone around with their funny message. Price

10. A Double Barrel Tooth Brush

Most men love action movies and guns are always a fascination for them. This here is one of the funniest action-inspired gifts you’ll find on the internet, okay this and this and a few ridiculous Christmas sweaters. A double barrel rifle shaped tooth brush is a wedding gift that will pleasantly surprise your brother on his big day. Price

11. A Laser Guided Facial Trimmer

Who wouldn’t love their just-married brother to look clean and crisp. Gift him the latest laser guided face trimmer from Philips Electrical. This is one of those wedding gifts for brother that will surely be put to good use. Price

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12. A Mug For The Caffeine Addicts

A simple coffee mug with “you’ve been poisoned” printed at the bottom. So that’s the message he’ll see once he drinks his daily dose of caffeine. A simple, fun wedding gift that he will surely love. Price

We hope you liked our wedding gifts for brother ideas? Did we miss anything cool? Let us know by commenting in the section below.