8 Wedding Gate Decoration Ideas That No One Will Forget

However grand or nondescript you would want your wedding to be, every wedding day requires a lot of planning to go along with it. For day to go along smoothly, you would need to plan out everything to the last detail and leave no stone unturned in making sure that everything is perfect. The wedding decor is what will really set the mood for your wedding day. It’s all in the little detailing, such as wedding gate decoration, that the decor would truly pop.

As one of the things that seems insignificant, decoration for your wedding gate or entrance is often overlooked or dealt with at the last minute. But actually, this is one of the most important things you would loathe to get wrong because this is the first impression that the guests are going to be having about your wedding. So, make sure that the decor that greets your guests at the entrance really showcases the theme you have picked out for the wedding. Make sure you also keep in mind the budget you would be willing to allocate for this. Also, do not worry. We are here to take you through some amazing wedding gate decoration ideas that you are sure to love.

The Classic Arch

The Classic Arch

Image : The Cheesecake Project Photography

Some things remain a classic for a reason, and this piece of wedding gate decoration is one of them, no doubt. There are so many ways in which you could embellish the arch. Only your imagination is the limit. Here, we have an elegant archway that slopes over a regal red carpet. This is a great way to make your guests feel regal. Not only that, the gentle yellow folds of the fabric is complemented by the soft glow of the lights. The flowers that adorn the head of the archway lend a very natural beauty to the whole setting. But what we absolutely love about this is those tiny golden bells that merrily hang about amidst the floral arrangements. Not only does this look beautiful, it would not cost a fortune either. The subtle floral rangolis on the side also add a very definite charm to the entire venue.

The Modern Arch: Wedding Gate Decoration

gate decorations

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If classic is not really to your taste, then there are several other options that you might be happier with. This one here is a modern take on the old classic arch. Instead of an arch that is spread out, this one tapers down as it goes higher. This will remind you of elephant tusks or even clasped palms that stand tall to welcome your guests. The arch itself is decked with beautiful orange flowers until it seems like the entire thing is made up of them. The beautiful tunnel way that follows it just adds a whole other charm to the scene. The floral arrangements at the side, the twinkly lights that seem to be winking at you, will definitely make your guests feel amazing as they step into your fairytale wedding. Truly a stunning wedding gate decoration idea that marries the traditional and the contemporary!

The Floral Profusion Gate

Gate decoration flower

Image : V Plan Unlimited Photography

Flowers are a must at every wedding, so much so that no wedding is complete without those floral arrangements and garlands. So why not make this the centrepiece of your wedding gate decor as well? Who would not like to greeted by a profusion of fresh, fragrant flowers as you enter the venue. Besides, the lighting on the arches illumines perfectly the bright hues of the gate. The floral rangoli that adorns the pathway to the wedding is something you are definitely going to love. At the centre of the arch, lies yet another hanging floral arrangement which is going to blow the mind off of your guests.

The Lights And Flowers Gate

Gate decorations

Image Courtesy: Velvet Ferns

This is a truly different spin on the wedding entrance that anyone would love to have at their wedding. First up, the golden yellow drapes are just a sight to behold. But those curled candle holders, with the brightly glimmering candles are a treat to everyone. And those large floral cut-outs at the top, all golden and brown makes the scene a lot more classier and elegant. The thin, wispy vines that poke out and those hanging candle holders make this decoration something that you cannot forget in a hurry.

The Drapes And Garlands Wedding Gate Decoration

Gate Decoration

Image : V Plan Unlimited Photography

If you are tired of the classic arches that greet you at many weddings, then you are sure to love this unique wedding gate decoration. When you think of an Indian wedding, you cannot ignore marigolds. This gateway makes use of the marigold garlands in the most beautiful way. They merge perfectly with the folds of the drapes. The decorative pieces that hold the whole look together are classy and very ethnic. The creative touch on the side is the browned, earthen matkas that are simply spilling over with flowers. All of your guests are sure to appreciate this.

Gate decorations

Image : V Plan Unlimited Photography

The Floral Gate

If you are planning your wedding at a venue that actually has a gate, then this would be the perfect way to decorate the entrance to your grand wedding. The weaving tendrils of pink that are wrought around the black iron gate are beautiful as well as classy to behold. This also goes perfectly with the walkway leading up to the actual venue of the wedding. You can mix and match the flowers to really make the theme of your wedding come through, right at the entrance itself.

The Curtained Gateway

A very tasteful way to greet your guests would be with these gorgeous white drapes. While from afar, they may look like curtains that, upon closer inspection they look like beads hung together. If your wedding venue does not have similar arches, you can always construct one. The white colour of the drapes forms a lovely contrast with the lush green foliage we see all around it, making the grand entrance seem more pristine. The hanging antique chandeliers would cast a lovely shadow all round the scene throughout the night, making this an unforgettable wedding entrance way.

The Flower Wedding Gate Decoration

This wedding gate manages to remain exceedingly beautiful in its inherent simplicity. The two flowers that have been used are commonly seen in all weddings and are not that expensive. But the bewitching contrast formed by the two colours really sets the mood for an Indian shaadi. The wispy yet immaculate jasmine garlands add an extra degree of authenticity and life to the entrance. The round floral hangings too definitely make the whole wedding entrance look comely and elegant.