Wedding Food On A Budget: 12 Simple Hacks

If there’s one thing that people are definitely gonna talk about when it comes to weddings then that’s food. Yeah, yeah, they do remember all the other details too but if the food is great then all the guests will sing praises. And if it is bad, then that will be a hot topic for discussion for quite some time. To be honest, wedding food doesn’t come cheap. If you are running tight on the budget and still want to provide good food then you need not worry. We have some simple hacks that’ll help you get great wedding food on a budget.

Wedding Food On A Budget, The Fun-On-Little List:

1. Limit The Booze

Wedding Food On A Budget - Limit The Booze

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Whether you get married in summers or winters, a bar is a place where you’ll always see the crowd hanging around. But you should know that people will be happy as long as you give them the basic favourites. Leave out the fancy stuff, when you’re planning for wedding food on a budget in the liquor division. Choosing to play wedding drinking games will help with this, and keep your guests pre-occupied.

  • Alcohol counter: Stick to wine (or one brand of hard liquor) and beer along with soft drinks
  • Non-alcoholic bar: Include two or three fresh juices with the basic soft drinks

Another way you can cut costs is by buying your own booze instead of letting the caterers charge you for it. But that would involve getting the necessary permissions from the cops. So unless you can pull some strings, that’s not much of a feasible option.

If you decide on not serving booze at all then that’s one thing less to worry about.

2. Snacks

People mostly gorge on snacks and also judge menus based on them. So make sure your snacks taste good and are available in a good quantity. But then again, you don’t need to go overboard with the number. You can keep three basic ones and maybe two or three unique starters depending on your budget.

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3. Soups

Most weddings take place at night, and if you’re getting married in winters then even if you’re doing wedding food on a budget, soups are a must, especially for the elderly guests. They come in good quantity and are also loved by most people.

  • For summers: One or two types of soups are sufficient (one cream-based and one clear soup)
  • For winters: Two is a minimum.

4. Chaat Stalls

After snacks, chaats are another thing that people absolutely love at weddings! But I’ve noticed a lot of weddings where people keep 10-12 options of chaats which usually ends up being a waste. So think rationally and keep minimum four and a maximum of six options. When you’re on wedding food on a budget, always keep in mind that there are other sections in the menu too and thus you do not need too much of one.

5. Salads

Wedding Food On A Budget - Salads


Most people avoid salads due to the hygiene factor, so that’s one area where you can cut costs. Generally, people end up keeping three to four options for salads which is usually a waste. Have a maximum of two options.

Our suggestions:

  • Russian salad
  • Macaroni salad

6. Vegetarian Dishes

Wedding Food On A Budget - Vegetarian Dishes

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Now wedding food on a budget totally depends on whether you want a completely vegetarian menu or one mixed with non-vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian dishes have a lot of variety and thus there’s a lot to choose from which often makes people go overboard. So we suggest that you keep three dry dishes and three curry dishes as most people usually feel a little full after having the snacks and chaats. You can have :

  • A standard paneer dish
  • A dal
  • Mixed vegetable
  • And three other dishes which you would want to be different and unique

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7. Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Again, keep it simple. Your choice of dishes in this category should be a well thought out one because you know that comparatively a non-vegetarian menu is costlier than a vegetarian one.

  • Include a basic spicy chicken curry dish
  • You can also have a biryani option in the non-veg section

8. Curd Options

Wedding Food On A Budget - Curd Options

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No Indian wedding meal is complete without dahi. One curd dish is usually sufficient as most chaat options also include curd. Keeping with the wedding food on a budget theme, you can have a dahi bhalla or a raita as they go perfectly well with almost anything.

9. International Cuisines

Wedding Food On A Budget - International Cuisines

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International cuisines cost much more so this is one place where you need to be really rational. If you think you can do well without an added cuisine then nothing like it. But if you do wish to add something then go for a cuisine that is liked by all. You can opt for:

  • Continental (or)
  • Chinese

Don’t go for something exotic just because you want to bring something different as most people don’t enjoy so many different options and would rather just have something basic yet tasty.

10. Rice Options

Wedding Food On A Budget - Rice Options


Most of the wedding food on a budget we get in the rice section usually taste the same but have different names so be rational while choosing one. For example, a Jeera Pulao and a Matar Pulao are basically the same in taste, so instead of going for those options you can cut one out and may be add a biryani.

11. Bread Options

Wedding Food On A Budget - Bread Options


You can easily save a lot of money in this category as most people like basically two things – something with butter and something with stuffing. So you can have:

  • Butter naan (or something similar)
  • A stuffed naan (or something similar)

12. Desserts

Wedding Food On A Budget - Desserts

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If you have a small gathering then a cake cutting ceremony would be perfect. But if the number of guests is more then avoid getting a cake as there’s a good chance that not many people might get a slice of it, or go with wedding cupcakes. Desserts again go with the season; but most desserts depend on the price of the wedding food on a budget cut off.

  • For summers: Ice cream and fruits or rabri/rasmalai
  • For winters: Different kinds of halwas or gulab jamuns would be best

Again, don’t have too many options for desserts. Stick to a minimum of two or a maximum of three options.

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There are a couple of other things too that you can keep in mind when deciding on your wedding menu:

  • Pick a venue that allows you to hire your own caterer and does not force you to go with the fixed one. That way you can find one who charges the least but provides amazing food.
  • Only include dishes that are available in the season. Out of season dishes will always cost more.
  • Focus on keeping it simple rather than an extravagant one as at the end of the day people will only eat much as they can and not as much as you offer.
  • Avoid extra options like the platter-combo types.
  • Appetizers are usually relatively costlier so hand pass them instead of setting them out on a table.
  • Now I don’t know how true this is, but it is believed that people eat more in white plates so you can have options of other colours in the cutlery section.

As you must have noticed, I have stressed on the basics a lot. Guests don’t always love ‘unique dishes’ and when they don’t, it’ll basically be your money going down the drain as the food will be wasted. Also, unique and different dishes cost much more than the basics so it is better to always have a mix of both. Hope you found the hacks and tips helpful. Plan smart and have a great wedding that also suits your pocket!