Wedding Favors: 41 Unique Ideas And Advice That Will Impress Guests

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As a bride (or groom), you’re running around trying to make your big day attain perfection and be highly memorable, especially for yourself. In this commotion of perfection, you don’t give much attention to your near and dear ones, and end up handing them over some of the crappiest wedding favors ever (which they wouldn’t want to take home the moment they spot it). Why do you want to be that kind of bride or groom?

So, just to make your job easier, we have handpicked  the best wedding favors (and one that fits all budget types), through which you can express your gratitude for their love, help and presence.

1. Glassy Eyes

Hand made glasses/shot glasses/ glasses dipped in blackboard paint…


I’m more of a mug person to be honest. But these glasses are damn chic and if you gimme one at your wedding, for a wedding favour, I will be honest, I’ll really be happy. I mean, look at them… of course I want more things to write my name on!

2. Go Green!

Seed Paper/Grow me sachets


Personally this is the cutest little thing that is not just environmentally friendly but also its bound to send smiles. This is a must use in my list, if not as a wedding favour then atleast as a gift at any other event. And it costs you almost nothing!

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3. Lights Will Guide You Home

Candles in a jar/ gel candles/ candles in a cup.


Who doesn’t like candles? Soft glow, relaxing ambience, good smell; who could say no? Candles are amazing overall as it is, and you can buy them for less than a dollar a piece at etsy – then why the hell not?!

4. Succulent Shots

Succulents in shot glasses/Succulents in tea cups/Succulents in silicone pots.


These tiny baby plants in tiny pots are just tiny bits of happiness. They don’t need huge spaces, nor maintenance. In fact they need almost nothing from you ( except water) and will be a great addition to your homes and provide you with fresher, cleaner and green environment. And they double up as cute office table ornaments! The nicest wedding favours for formal stuff.

5. Smells Goooood!

Scent pouches/ Lavender Sachets/Sage smudge sticks


Who doesn’t like things that smell amazing? It’s said that some smells like sage, sea salt, lavender, lemongrass have soothing effects and help in relaxation (is what i learnt from that one sleepy aromatherapy lesson 6 months ago) So why not present your guests with “calmness” in a sachet?

6. Shower Thoughts

Bar soaps/gel soaps/DIY soaps


Soaps are probably the most successful wedding favours you could give to your guests. They are inexpensive to make it at home. If not, you’ve always got etsy! You can get them in all shape and sizes and can customise them like this one.

7. So Hung-Over You

Hangover kits/ DIY kit/ Tiny hangover recovery pouches


If you know that your wedding party is going to rock their socks off, then this is probably the best wedding favour you can give them! A mini hangover kit to rid them of the next morning blues!

8. Insta costah!

Photo coasters/wedding date coasters.


Insta is the best possible place to find amazing pictures and memories, how about giving your guests a memory as a memory?! Send them home with these chic insta pic imprinted coasters and a piece of your life to remember you by~!

9. Remember us!

Polaroids pictures of the guests.


They say photos capture memories. And polaroids are fun! So combine the two and you have a really cute wedding favour idea! Ask your guests to take their photos on the polaroid, write a message on it and hang it on the memory wall!

10. Wed-ink!

Temporary tattoos


Ink them on your wedding! The idea doesn’t cost anything and the products don’t cost much either! You can get customised cute little tattoos like the infinity symbol, paper heart, stick birds or something else. If I were at your wedding I’l definitely want you to send me home with as many tattoos as I want.

11. Salt n’ Sugar

Flavoured salt/ flavoured sugar/flavoured spices


Think Cinnamon sugar or vanilla sugar or sriracha salt or oregano lemon salt or simply dorito sprinkle! Now who wouldn’t want to take home one of those wedding favours? I mean, look at that colourful mess ! I rest my case.

12. Bean In Love

Coffee Beans/ Flavored coffee


Coffee. Its a necessity. Like, you’d find coffee in my survival kit. Its that important. You can’t go wrong with this. Best part? You can buy these pre-packaged personalized wedding favors from Etsy for a really good deal.

13. Some More S’mores?

DIY s’mores/Mini s’mores


S’mores are food. No, they are heaven in your mouth! There’s chocolate, there’s crackers and there’s Mallows! What more do you think heaven has? Nothing. Heaven is simply s’mores. All S’Mores.

14. You ‘re My Cuppy Cake

Take home Cupcakes/ Cakes


Wedding cakes are exotic. They have flavours you didnt know could even exist. I mean who would have thought salted caramel would be such a hit, right? So send home this tiny nugget proportions of your wedding cake or customised cupcakes for your guests to lick their fingers off; they’re a slightly overused but fun wedding favours option.

15. Cutie Pies!

Tiny pies/ one bite pies/ jar pies.


Pies are yum. Period. Everyone likes pies and the tinier they are the more appealing they look. Honestly, you too know that it is a ground-breaking idea, i don’t even need to tell you about this wedding favour.

16. ‘Pop’ping The Question

Popcorn bar/popcorn kernels/ popcorn pouches


Popcorn! It’s delish. No doubt. It’s literally a spiritual heavenly antidote driven by enormous power of joy and happiness. Just pack ‘em in a bag, popped or unpopped. Or even leave the choice to your guests!

17. I ‘mint’ It When I Said I Love You

Mints/peppermints/ mint gums.


Promise them fresh breaths with this easy peasy no money giveaways. It’d be a cool wedding favour for summer weddings when the sun’s too hot and they’d want to suckle on something good.

18. Coco Cuddles

Make-it-yourself Hot cocoa


You have a winter wedding that’s going to run into the evening? Well why look for anything else?! This is decidedly the best wedding favour you can give! Hot cocoa, the designated cuddly drink that ends your perfect winter wedding. Think of all the feels you’d be sending home in this mini bottle charm!

19. You ‘Mocha’ Me Happy

Mocha mix


A proper DIY but not necessarily so, Mocha mix spells class. All you need is:

  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa powder
  • Sugar
  • Instant coffee
  • Dry milk, powder
  • Dry creamer
  • mallow bits

Layer them up in these corked up test-tubes, add a cutesy label with a cheeky message and Voila! You have super cute handmade mocha mix set wedding favours to gift your guests.

20. Chocolate Heaven

Cute little mini nutella bottle packaging.


Who, in their right mind, would frown down on nutella? It’s nutella. It’s god’s food! And now it’s in a super cute little packaging that you can send your guests back home with.

21. Midnight Munchies

Midnight snack and drink package.


When you know your wedding is going to run into late evening and if your venue is slightly further away from the city hustle, this is probably be a functional option. Send them this cute midnight snack package as a wedding favour for their journey home.

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22. Perfect Pair

Tea And Cookies Pack


Tea and cookies are the best combo. Tell your guests that you’re a perfect pair by giving them these cute tea and cookie package.

23. Bubbly

Takeaway wine


Nothing feels rich like Champaign. And these cute , bow-tied Brut bottles just want to be picked up! Send them each a bottle; best wedding favours ever. Wouldn’t that spell G.R.A.N.D. ?

25. Cheers!

DIY Cocktail takeaways


Booze! Not just booze but the best cocktail known to any man! Send them home with a classic Jack & Coke and i promise they will have a reason to remember you, always.

26. Coffee Or Hot Chocolate

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Honestly, who doesn’t like coffee or hot chocolate? Teenage and adult life literally depends on this elixir. Think about all those coffee addicts in your family or what about those young adults who’d totally love the idea of having hot chocolate late at night? You must’ve covered the entire family tree already. Having that said, there is no reason to not present coffee or hot chocolate as a wedding favor to your near and dear ones. The question remains, how to do so. There are plenty of DIY tutorials available, which teach you how to prepare coffee mix or hot chocolate in mason jars. Follow the mentioned techniques and you’ll have instant coffee mix in no time. To personalize these, you can add in mini marshmallows for that hint of fun.

For coffee in mason jar recipe, click here.

27. Hot Chocolate In Mason Jar

28. Exotic Tea

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If you belong to a family of weight watchers or a family who enjoys sipping tea every now and then, a gift comprising of exotic herbal, floral or fruit infused tea bags or tea mixes would simply make their day. When you’re picking such tea, make sure that they consist of unique flavours. A few highly enjoyed flavours include: Hibiscus tea, Peach and Mango tea, Peppermint tea, Wild Berry tea or Lavender tea. Lipton also offers a range of unique pyramid shaped teabags. Why not try them personally before you gift them? You will definitely enjoy a cup of this serenity, too.

To go to the Lipton tea website, click here.

29. Imported Chocolates

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Something as decadent and dreamy to our taste buds like chocolate can never be resisted, no matter how old or how young the person is. You can never go wrong with by sticking to this wedding favor. You can get customized gift boxes at many of the stores or online for a cheaper price at etsy stores. Just get one of those personalized gift boxes and stuff it up with a handful of imported and assorted deliciousness that will make your guest experience it all.

Wonder where to buy? Ferns N Petals has a nice collection Click here.

30. Indian Sweets

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Having a big fat Indian wedding? Is it themed to be in accordance with Indian traditions? Well, no problem. Your give-away can be just as traditional as your wedding. Instead of the chocolates or coffee, why not gift your dear ones a box of assorted mithai? You don’t need to stick to one type of sweet as it would be monotonous. So, select a sweet box which covers the variety of Indian mithai that stores offer, like jalebis, rasmalai, kalakand or laddu. Many local sweet stores also have the option of personalizing the gift box, too.

Bikanervala has a good choice of mithais Click here.

31. Cookies

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Cookies have evergreen popularity in our country. Most of us had our mothers baking these for us during the rainy season or the winters. These would be great wedding favors to hand over to your loved ones. Either you can bake them yourself at home and individually pack each of them with a label bearing the name of your dear one… or you can lay it across in a buffet format near the door, where you can place jars filled with different types of cookies such as chocolate chip cookies, ginger cookies, plain vanilla cookies and stack the gift boxes and a pair of tongs on the other, which the guest can utilize on their way out.
Want to know how to bake cookies? Watch the video.

32. Vanilla Bean Pods

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With the interest in baking widely growing in the country, vanilla is being extensively utilised too. No matter what you bake, some form of vanilla is used in the recipe. It could be in form of vanilla extract (which is liquid) or vanilla bean pods (solid form). Despite its vast use in baking, vanilla is a very expensive flavouring spice when purchased in its solid form. You can grab a handful (4 – 5) of vanilla pods for every guest on the list and tie it with a satin ribbon and add some flowers to add to its aesthetic value.

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33. Nail Art (for her) and Key Chains (for him)

Nail art is a growing trend all around the world. With so many tutorials on the web and girls flaunting their nails in photographs or on streets, the delicate way their nails have been decorated in simply mesmerises the on-lookers. Nail art would be a wonderful dream gift for the ladies attending your party. When it comes to the men, what could be better than key chains? No one can ever have too many key chains. If you can get them personalized, that’d be even better. You can get these on several online stores which can deliver them to you within 24 hours.

*Amazon has some great collection to choose from.

34. Lip Balm

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Lip balm is the most commonly used (and commonly lost) cosmetic product used by both men and women. You can select a neutral scent so that both the sexes can use it. Something like shea butter or cocoa scent would do wonders. We assure you that every person receiving this wedding favour would be highly thankful to you for such a lovely present. A cosmetic store would have a lot to offer to you.

35. Luxury Body Products

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Many brands like Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop have gift boxes which consist of body products like shower gel, body lotion, mini shampoo and conditioner and sometimes, even pop in a travel sized loofah. These products come in variety of scents like musk, tea tree or lavender. Such a wedding favor idea is rare and unique.

Visit The Body Shop website for more details

36. Organic Or Ayurvedic Products

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With the world suddenly turning towards organic products for beauty purposes because it is safer and better for the skin, it gives you a reason to buy something organic for your family too. Why not buy a range of exotic and organic or ayurvedic handmade soaps for them to show how special they are. You can order this from online stores like Lush or Forest Essentials . They provide a wide range of products that contain zero chemicals and they smell better too!

37. Mini Booze

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A touch of booze simply changes the mood. You can pick out mini bottles of booze at the big wine stores in you locality and decorate the bottles with ribbons to make it look presentable. Here, you can present such a wedding favor by handing out every individual one bottle, or you can gather a bunch of three and box them together in a pretty gift box as a surprise.

38. Salt And Pepper Shakers

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These are cute ideas for gifts that are gaining a lot of popularity lately. You can select a set of goofy shakers or sophisticated ones, which ever would suit your guest(s) better. They are easily available in Home Centre or similar stores. So, the next time the guest glances at the salt and pepper on the table, they are sure to remember you.

39. Scented Candles

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Intoxicate your friends and family with your give-aways that will spread their fragrance in the room without even being lit. Scented candles are everybody’s favourite. They lighten up the mood, help in de-stressing and have a relaxing effect. Scents like vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and apple are evergreen. They even come in cute little jars that don’t require much of decoration.

40. Votive Holders

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Votive holders are commonly known as candle holders or candle stands. These are found in every household. They aren’t simply used for holding a candle, but these days, they’re mainly used for decorative purposes to increase the aesthetic appeal of the place. You can buy these at furniture stores like Home Centre or online via any online store or etsy.

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41. Personalized Flash Drive

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Events come and events go, but the only thing that remains are memories and photographs and videos. The best gift to give someone is the gift of capturing memories. You can store all these memories on a flash drive. These memories could be different dependent on the individual whom you’re gifting it to. As for the flash drive, you can get these at several electronic stores or online stores. Etsy stores offer customized ones too. Buy the one which reflects your personality.

Have something interesting to share or add to the list? Let us know what you think.

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