Wedding Earrings: 16 Designs That Will Woo You Over

It’s the wedding season and if you’re a bride, chances are you’re on the lookout for the sassiest awesomesauce statement earrings to rock your own party. Well, you don’t need to look any further. Here are 16 amazing wedding earrings to choose from.

Wedding earrings come in a variety of styles like studs, drop/eardrop, chandelier or even ear cuffs. And of course, they come in heavenly colours with intricate works. And there are so many designs to simply swoon over that you can never decide on one! [I know, I know, even I wish I could buy them all and I’m not even getting married… But they are just so pretty!]

Out of all the amazing wedding earrings, I give you the top favourites based on their functionality, beauty quotient and overall sass. Yes, these are legit parameters. And no, I did not just make them up.

1. Pearl Drop

Wedding Earrings - Pearl Drop

This is the Yellow Gold and Diamond Drop Earring from TBZ – the original. Made with pure 18 karat gold and adorned with diamonds, this pair of wedding earrings is a true piece of beauty. For more information about the pricing and other details, click here.

2. Oval Drop

Wedding Earrings - Oval Drop

This is the BlueStone Lattice Collection Yellow Gold and Diamond Oval Drop Earring. Made from 18 karat pure gold and embellished with real diamonds, the design is a masterpiece. To know more about this pair of wedding earrings, click here.

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3. Studded Beauty

Wedding Earrings - Studded Beauty

From PCJ’s Wear Your Shine collection, this is the Deborah Gold and Diamond Stud Earring. Made from 18 karat gold and real diamonds, this is an absolute beauty. To buy the pair or to know more, you can click here.

4. Diamond Squares

Wedding Earrings - Diamond Squares

Another brilliant piece of craftsmanship from PCJ’s Wear Your Shine collection, this is The Tully 18 K Gold and Diamond Stud Earring. Having an approximate total of 1.71 carat worth of diamond weight and 18 karat gold, this pair of wedding earrings spells modern beauty. You can know more about it here.

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5. Descending Jhumkas

Wedding Earrings - Descending Jhumkas

This pair of pure 22 karat gold jhumka earrings are a product of WHP Jewellers. The beauty about this pair of plain gold earrings is that they are detachable and can be worn simply as studs too! To know more, you can visit the website here.

6. Pearly White

Wedding Earrings - Pearly White

This is the Yellow Gold and Pearl Drop Earring by Lagu Bandhu. It is a beautiful two pearl drop earring made from 22 karat pure. The pearls adorned in the prongs setting on this earring are 2.42 carats making this one probably the most delicate on our wedding earrings list. To know more, click here.

7. Sprawling Lotus Wedding Earrings - Sprawling Lotus

This is the Lotus Pearl-Gold Drop Earring by Shaze. It has a sprawled lotus design that stretches out into a drop and ends with the pearl. To know more about this design, click here.

8. Duality

Wedding Earrings - Duality

This stunning two gold hoop earring is a product of Orra. It has a diamond studded in prongs setting which is set in the two gold hoop style earring. To buy this gorgeous pair of wedding earrings, you can visit the website here.

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9. Pearly Beauty

Wedding Earrings - Pearly Beauty

Take a look at the Luxury Elegant Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Halo Style Ear Studs sold by Earrings Nation. You can visit their website here.

10. Dangling Mess

Wedding Earrings - Dangling Mess

The description on the website says Pearl Bridal Earrings, Crystal and Pearl Dangle Earrings, Chandelier Earrings, Silver & Pearl Wedding Earrings, TILLY. Luckily, you can buy them off of Etsy as they ship worldwide. To visit their site, click here.

11. Classic Look

Wedding Earrings - Classic Look

This is the classic emerald and ruby stud earpiece. We do not know much about this pair of wedding earrings except that it’s a Farah Khan product. And it looks stunning!

12. Bride In Red

Wedding Earrings - Bride In Red

This one is a Bridal Red Ruby Chandelier Earring. Sold by Petite Delight, these wedding earrings are on Etsy and can be shipped worldwide.

13. Green Galore

Wedding Earrings - Green Galore

Emerald green stud earrings in gold and crystals. Again, available on Etsy. These brilliantly beautiful studs are sold by EldorTina Jewelry. To know more about this stunning pair of wedding earrings, click here.

14. Something Blue

Wedding Earrings - Something Blue

These seafoam Swarovski earrings in aqua mint colour seem like the cutest wedding earrings on the list. You can know more about them here.

15. Wedding Hues

Wedding Earrings - Wedding Hues

We get the Indian design back on the list. This is Big Gold Bridal Jhumka by South India Jewels. It is a gold bridal antique jhumka studded with rubies, emeralds and embellished with pearls at the bottom. You can check it out here.

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16. All About Aesthetics

Wedding Earrings - All About Aesthetics

Known popularly as the Draupadi Kaanphool, this is a mix of an ear cuff and a chandelier design. Sold by you can know more about this one here.

So that’s my list of top 16 wedding earrings (my favourites) that are completely crave-worthy. If you think I’ve missed out on some, do write to us or drop a comment below.
Till then, happy shopping!

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