7 Awesome Wedding Drinking Games Your Guests Will Love To Play

Weddings are super-fun. All those lights, colours, the typical noises, the smell of all that yummy food; weddings are always this great big celebration of life and cultures. It’s like the only time your whole family gets together, and when I say the whole family, I mean everybody.

And where there is the legion, there will be the legacy. Wedding games have been played for aeons. They’re an easy way for the younger and older members of the community, on both sides, to get to know each other, and break the ice. And when you add alcohol to the mix, there’s bound to be a lot of lol-ishly funny and troll-worthy incidents and activities to follow up on.

Before we get on to the games, here’s something you should know:


  • If a player feels sick, or feels like puking, let that player quit the game.
  • Water must be available for consumption at all times, no exceptions.
  • You can reduce the quantity of the alcohol of choice consumed to a peg.
  • No kids allowed.
  • No overt ragging.

What You’ll Need

  • Alcohol of your choice.
  • Paper cups of your choice.
  • A music system you can hook up to any mobile, and the USB cables for the same.
  • An internet connection (with decent speed).
  • Lots of players. The bride and groom may join in on the fun.
  • Maybe a host.
  • And since everyone’s drinking, add food, water, electrolyte, and whatever else you may need. Make sure your guests have easy access to the loo.


You’ll need to find a way to demarcate players from opposing teams. The dulha’s side can use the devil’s horns hair bands and the dulhan’s side can use the bunny ears. Or vice-versa. You can get pretty creative with this.

Most of these games can be played during or on any day throughout the celebrations, either at the sangeet, or during the other events, or on the wedding day. It is recommended that you leave out the last day of the wedding, as that last day is reserved for lazy bliss and fireworks.

1. Flip The Cup (with penalties)

This game can be played on the night before the wedding, or the day before the last day of the celebrations, as the losing party will have to do stuff for a day. This game is ideally played between close relatives and immediate family and friends of the bride and groom.

  • The game involves the regular flip-the-cup rules, but with a twist.
  • You have members from the bride’s and groom’s sides stand on either side of the table. On the table, you’d place paper cups with the drink of your choice; one cup per member.
  • Each person would have to drink the drink, and then place the empty cup at the edge of the table, with a portion of the bottom off the table, so as to flip the cup.
  • The cup must land upside down. If not, the player would have to pick up the cup and try again.
  • Once the cup lands upside down, the next player in the line will have to repeat the process. The first side to flip all cups upside down wins.
  • You’ll need big cups; you don’t have to fill them to the brim.

But We’re Going To Use New Rules

First off, since the game can be played by multiple players, use as many players as you can; both sides obviously must have an equal number of players. The longer the line, the more the fun.

After consuming the drink, each player will have to have a food item, like a piece of cake or a gulab jamun. This item will be common for all players, so that would depend on your preferences. This can also be followed up by a specific dance, like say, John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever dance move, or Hrithik’s infamous KNPH move, or Miley’s twerk.

For each time you don’t flip the cup right, you’ll have to take another drink, plus another cake piece (or food item), then the dance move, and then try again.

The losing side will have to follow a set of pre-planned rules for the wedding day. Those rules will be decided by both parties prior to starting the game. The rules can be as simple as –
all the members of the losing party will have to give military-style salutes to the bride/groom once in an hour, every hour, on the last day, all together or one by one.

Or it could be something like – the losing side will have to plan and execute a flash mob dance the very next day, while the celebrations are going on. For example, they’ll have to do the complete song and dance routine of some number from K3G or some other equally embarrassing movie, without telling the guests beforehand.

2.Charades(with penalties)

Again, you play the traditional way, guessing the word with dumb charades, but with a twist. For every thirty seconds your team takes to guess the word/phrase/movie/song, you’ll (the charade indicator) have to take a peg of the drink.

Obviously, the more drunk the designated charade indicator gets, the funnier the ‘indications’ get. You can use a drawing board for added fun.

3. Antakshari (with penalties)

Antakshari is where you sing a song of a movie, and the opposing team comes up with the next song with the ending of the last song. Sounds pretty regular right? Here’s the twist. Each team has to dance to the whole song, and sing along. Here’s another twist. All of this has to be done after each member of the team has a shot each. And the penalty? You guessed it right! More shots! You can go with a specific genre, either Bollywood or mainstream.

4. The Card Game

This game involves a pack of cards, and two teams – the bride’s side and the groom’s. You start by agreeing on what each card will signify. For example:


Take two shots and say a ‘Shah Rukh’ dialogue or lines SRK used in any random movie to a specific person.


Tell someone else take a shot and then to propose to you.


Do the funny dance.

I guess you get the gist.

But there’s more. The first person to start the game has to take a shot, then pick a card from a big bowl or a big box without looking and do as the card directs. After that person is done with his or her activity, he/she will have to nominate the next person, of his or her choice, with an embarrassing action, like a peck on the cheek, or a hug, or the ‘nazar utaarna’ action. This action will also be decided on at the beginning of the game. The chosen person will then take a peg, and then pick a card and that’s how the game goes on.

Final Twist 

You can’t nominate a person from your side; you’ll have to choose someone from the opposing team for the next card.

5. Edward Scissor hands Magic Trail

You will need a game-host here, and the game is based on points.

  • You’re divided into the dulhan’s side and the dulha’s side again. Players start by pinning numbers on themselves, from one to twenty or more depending on the number of people playing on both sides.
  • Both teams will have one of each number, as in, there will be numbers 0-20 on the bride’s team and numbers 0-20 on the groom’s team.
  • Then you’ll use electric tape and tape a beer bottle onto both the hands of all players.
  • The game-host will then recite number(s) of her choice and have them complete an activity.
  • For example, numbers 2 and 4 on both sides must get a red dupatta, or a potato chip, using their mouths, and the ‘beer-hands’. Whichever team finds said item first gets 10 points, the runner-ups get 5 points.
  • Bonus points for the side where players finish either bottle, and get a third one taped on.

This game is ideally played at a location or venue that involves a decent amount of surface area, like a very large wedding auditorium, or open grounds. You can use paper screens or cardboard partitions and make a boot camp course-of-death of sorts.

6. Beer Pong

Beer pong is a frat game, but we’re going to spice it up a bit.

The Brief

Generally, beer pong involves attempting to throw a ping-pong ball in to a set of cups filled with an alcoholic drink (mostly beer). The game is played between two players or two teams. Every time a player succeeds, he or she gets another attempt. For every successful ball that goes into a cup hoop, a player of the opposing team must drink from that cup that the ball fell into.

The Twist

  • You’ll need a dice cube. When a player steps up, they start by rolling the dice, the number it lands on is the number of times that player can aim to drop the ball into the section of cups.
  • If a player rolls the cube and gets the number three, that’s the number of tries that player gets. If that player successfully lands the shot into the cup, he or she will not get a free throw.
  • For each shot the player lands, he can choose which player on the other side has to down a drink. For each shot he doesn’t land in a cup, the opposing team can choose who has to down a drink.
  • The teams take alternate attempts at throwing the cube.
  • The player that has to down a drink will also have to perform an activity given to him or her by the opposing team. It can be something like touch the noses of any three players on either side, or do a dance, or any activity of the opposing team’s choice.

7. His Or Hers


Image: Shutterstock

This game also involves two teams – the bride’s side and the groom’s side. Here, the bride and groom are involved. You’ll also need two hosts, one from either party. Teams will have to sit in two groups, so that the other side knows who’s done what.

The hosts start by asking questions (no limitations). The hosts can’t ask their own teams anything; it has to be the other way round.
The questions can be like:

Groom’s host – Who is/are the gamer-geek(s) on the bride’s side?

The bride will point to whom she thinks is/are guilty. Alternately, the guilty members can raise their hands. Those who are in the affirmative will have to down a drink.

Questions may also range from who knows all the steps to a specific dance number, like Sheela ki Jawani, and guilty players will have to down a drink and do the dance.

If the bride is a guilty member, the groom can choose to finish her drink for her.

You might need a couple of volunteer ‘sitters’, who’ will make sure everyone’s okay. All these games can be played while you’re dressed in your ‘shaadi-waala’ clothes.

Have any more wacky ideas of your own? Do share them with us. We would love to hear form you.