10 Killer Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

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It does not matter if you’re getting married at the age of 25 or 55, it remains a special, life-changing occasion. Some women getting married later in life, however, tend to be less enthusiastic about hunting down the perfect dress for their big day. We, however, don’t concur. It is love you’re celebrating, so you might as well slay it with the perfect bridal look.

There is no rule of thumb, if you can’t get over a princess ball gown or that backless dress, go get it. No matter what age, the important thing is to relax, and to remember to be comfortable in your own skin. Some brides may be trying much too hard to adhere to styles they would have opted for in their youth, but stepping away from that mindset for a moment, brides will realize their options are galore.

We love these 10 stunning gowns, just right for the older bride:

1. Chic In Chiffon

This embroidered chiffon-gown is packed with intricate detail, and features a luscious flow and waist. The winding details with the beads gives it a very elegant and mature look.
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Price: $850

2. Veritable Royalty

We can thank the Duchess for bringing back long sleeved gowns. The dress is the perfect combination of chic and mature. The high-neck, backless design has the right amount of skin while not being inappropriate. The subtle satin waistline band refines the look further.
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Price: $800

3. Topical Tulle

This dreamy white lace dress is made of soft netting and tulle and features a charmeuse lining. The sweetheart neckline and the sewn sleeves seal the deal. Veil or no veil, this dress is going to make one bride feel like she’s on cloud nine when she walks down the aisle with elegance and grace.

4. Satin Sleek

This dress is the best of both the worlds. The sheer lace, semblance neckline and long sleeves will have you nail a look that is modern, modest and mature. It accentuates the waistline in just the right proportions. The sleek flowing satin also makes it easier to show off those curves.

5. Sheer Intricacy

Monochrome is the in-thing now, and this probably is the perfect example in the form of a bridal gown. The intricate lace work on top is complete with embellishments, a V-neck and transparent sleeves. The dress spirals down in to a slender fashion leaving the right bit of trail. Sheer class, and sure to get heads turning.

6. A Refined Aesthetic

With a lace bodice and sleeves that look like a cape, this gown is a stunner. It flows down into a ball gown giving it a flawless pirouetted look. The resilient V-neck and the satin waistband takes it to the next level of refined.

7. Simplicity In Elegance

A classic dress with a crepe silk bottom and sleeves. It trails down into a slightly flared up skirt, and the concealed pearl buttons on the side add to the overall elegance and detail. You can go with an absolute bare neck look and beach curls to maintain the poise.

8. A Departure From White

If you’re not very specific about wearing typical whites or ivories for your wedding, try this look. The dress comes in a very subtle and warm colour, and the lining with net canopy flowing from the sleeves to the bottom compliments this unique style.

9. Embroidered Excellence

This intricately embroidered gown is a very appealing choice. The sheer lace and sleeves make for a very neat neckline without any reveal. The dress accentuates your figure perfectly and is a great pick if you want to flaunt your hourglass figure.

10. Off-Shoulder Applique

This satin, extended, broad V-neckline pairs exceptionally well with the off-shoulder design. The appliqué work and flowing nature of the dress makes this a great choice, especially if you have a great necklace you have been waiting to flaunt. Pair it with either a tiara or a veil (or both) for a million dollar look.

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