11 Exquisite Long Sleeve Dresses You Just Can’t Stop Admiring

Long sleeves are back, and with a bang. We definitely have Duchess Kate Middleton to thank for proving that long sleeves are not a snag after all. In fact, on the right dress, long sleeves are the very picture of sophistication. We’re going to show you a few examples of just that.

stunning-long-sleeves-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

Let’s get to business and go over our top picks – we are obsessed!

1. Chiffon Gown With Sheer Appliqué

Chiffon-Gown-With-Sheer-Applique--wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

With an A-line skirt and natural waistline, this chiffon gown is beyond flawless. The V-neck with a sweetheart silhouette of lace, appliqué work and sheer sleeves is the epitome of grace – we simply cannot stop admiring it.

2. Tulle Ball Gown With Rhinestones

Tulle-Ball-Gown-With-Rhinestones-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

Another masterpiece by Ines Di Santo, the ubiquitous tulle and rhinestone combo is simply breathtaking. The deep plunge of the V-neck and intricate lace design, with the waist generously spreading into the sleeves is most pleasing.

3. Chiffon And Lace

Chiffon-And-Lace-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

A slick chiffon skirt that organically trails down into a pirouette, a wide V-neck on the back and a bateau front neckline makes this dress a stunning all-rounder. The intricate lace and peek-a-boo sleeves offer mystique and glamor.

4. Lace Off-Shoulder

Lace-Off-Shoulder-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

This semi off-shoulder and wide V-neckline combo is one of its kind. It’s the prolific lace work and intricate self-design – opening out of an intact waistline – that is the clincher.

5. Sparkle And Tulle

Sparkle-And-Tulle-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

A ball gown inspired, gorgeous tulle and sparkling bodice dress is an absolute bridal fantasy. The fizzy backline (with zipper closure) is a stunner.

6. Silk And Lace

Silk-And-Lace-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

This lace and silk half and half makes for more than just a charming dress. Flaunt your curves in style while walking down the aisle – a perfect fit for vintage and Victorian themed weddings!

7. Lace And Sheer Embroidery


A self-design canopy from head to toe, this dress offers a flawless body hugging fit in all the right places. It is the illusion sleeves and bodice neckline we cannot get enough of, and we’re sure most brides will tend to agree.

8. Kate Middleton Inspired Lace And Silk Gown

Kate-Middleton-Inspired-Lace-And-Silk-Gown-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

We will never get over the first look of the dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore at her wedding. And while at it, here is Ellie Saab’s take on a dress befitting a princess. It sweep you off your feet, it sure did that to us.

9. Mermaid Style With A Twist

Mermaid-Style-With-A-Twist-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

A cosmopolitan take on the mermaid style. The mermaid style silk skirt flaunts the hourglass figure, while the appliqué infused tulle exterior and svelte waistline belt add the subtle details that marry everything together. The Plummeted neckline and illusion long sleeves is a double blessing.

10. Monochrome Ball Gown

Monochrome-Ball-Gown-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

Redefining what it means to walk down the aisle with sophistication and style, this monochrome ball gown in satin opens out to perfection, muted pleats, the strapless silhouette neckline and of course the big bow. Stunning, in a word.

11. Mermaid Style Lace Gown

Mermaid-Style-Lace-Gown-wedding-dresses -long-sleeves-trends

Ambient lace texture, a mermaid plus fit, and flare style altogether makes for an exquisite choice. The intricate lace embroidery is the icing on this most gorgeous cake.

And there you have it, long sleeved wedding dresses that’ll leave you in seventh-heaven. We look forwards to more long-sleeved wedding dress goodness in the future, so stay tuned. This heavenly trend is all set to continue.

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