Wedding Dress Styles For Body Types: According To Your Body Type

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Your wedding day is that precious and once-in-a-lifetime moment which you have been dreaming about all your life. Needless to say, the memories of your big day will be cherished in your heart for the rest of your life. And if you don’t know about wedding dress styles for body types, it would be tough to have the perfect wedding dress on. Don’t you want to just look perfect on that day? Wouldn’t you want to have that perfect wedding dress on?

With the amount of stress that is involved in arranging the whole wedding affair, one can surely imagine the difficulty in finding the perfect dress that fits you and makes you look amazing, while you smile in all your glory, basking in the light, being showered with love by your near and dear ones. If you want to look the most beautiful on your special day, you really need to find a dress that actually flatters your figure.

No Generalization Here

With the different body types we have been blessed with, it is impossible to make a generalization based on what is fashionable right at that moment. You need to consider wedding dress styles for body types, and your body type before you pick up a dress and see to it that the dress does its best to camouflage all your flaws and accentuates the best features of your silhouette.
But before you go ahead with that dress you fancy, you need to know your body type and how you can make the best of it.

And Here’s A List Of Wedding Dress Styles For Body Types.

You will find the tips that we have mentioned below useful to figure out your body type that perfectly defines your shape and how you can choose the perfect wedding dress accordingly.

1. The Precious Petite One

If you are always looking for the label S or XS while going for shopping clothes, you can safely say that among the different wedding dress styles for body types, you have petite body type with slim waist and slight curves. To highlight your willowy frame, you need to avoid dresses that are too much into frills and and details but opt for a simple and elegant one, that has a delicate cut and perfectly snug fit. Ruffles and frills should be kept to the minimum only because the excessive fabric will totally drown you, making you look out of place. You can go for designs such as trumpet styles, empire waistlines or column dresses which will also create the illusion of height, when you wear them with your favourite heels.

2. The Plus Size Wonder

If you are towards the heavier side in terms of your body type, then also you can easily pick up a wedding dress styled for that body frame. For such kind of a figure, you can have two wedding dress styles for body types, depending on you, while choosing the dress. You can either flaunt your curves by accentuating them with a suitable dress for that purpose or you can select a wedding dress which will create a slender and slimming effect. A fuller figure body can easily carry off styles such as asymmetrical pleating, ruches, and cumberband waistlines for a slim fit. If you wish to flaunt a little cleavage, you can also choose scoop or V-shaped necklines to flatter.

3. Heavier At The Top

If you seem to be heavier at the top with an impressive and voluptuous bustline, then the key to finding the perfect wedding dress is to pick up the right neckline which will work for you the best. Avoid deep necks and go for modest necklines which will prevent your bosom from spilling or scooping. But you can try your hand at off-shoulder dresses, sweetheart necklines or even boat neck shapes to look elegant in your attire instead of opting for deep and plunging necklines. Also, do keep in mind to avoid spaghetti or noodle straps and choose broad strapped gowns to provide more support to your bust line. You can go for modesty lace or a lacy overlay with your dress to divert the attention from your heavy bosom.

4. One With The Small Bust

If your body type is more towards the broad built and you have a modest bosom, you have a variety of options among wedding dress styles for body types. You can easily go for plunging necklines and or even jewel necklines to show off your décolletage. Dresses that come with bosom padding for better support can work wonders for your bust area and you can also try your hand at noodle straps or thin straps to show off your beauty-bone and draw the attention away from your bosom. But in any case, try and avoid tube dresses or sweetheart necklines as the small bust will not do anything to give them the much needed support and you will always feel like the dress is slipping off now and then, which can be really very uncomfortable.

5. The Pear Shaped Beauty

If you find yourself heavier below the waistline, then you have a pear shaped body type. You have several options to look great in this awesome body type if you pick up the right cuts and necklines. When choosing a dress for this body type, go for A-Line dresses and cuts that flatter this type of figure a lot. You can also downplay the curves a bit by choosing cuts and shapes like the draped Grecian gowns. The kind of wedding dress styles for body types other than yours that you need to avoid are the mermaid cuts or the tiered gowns that will only highlight the bottom portion further which is something that you totally wish to avoid.

6. The Apple Shaped Delight

If you are top heavy with the distinct features such as a wide torso, fully framed and broad shoulders, full bust, waist and the upper back, then you can easily be the one with an apple shaped body type. You may notice that you have thinner arms, legs and hips and the gaining of the weight majorly takes place at and around the waistline. To accentuate your best features for such a body type, you can choose wedding dresses that are made of sturdy fabric such as satin, taffeta or raw silk. Opt for styles such as an empire waistline which will highlight your upper half and camouflage the problem areas.

7. An Hourglass Figure

If you have a fuller bosom and curvaceous hips but a small waistline, then you have the perfect hourglass figure which is one of the most desirable ones by women. For accentuating an hourglass figure in the best possible way, you can look for designs such as a mermaid cut that hugs your body perfectly. Other cuts and designs for different wedding dress styles for body types you can explore include figure hugging corset dresses. But the good news is the women with hourglass figures can carry off most styles with ease which makes you quite lucky, right?

8. The Athletic Type

If you have a very slim and straight figure with minimal curves, then you have an athletic body type. If you’re on the skinny side, a lot of wedding dress styles for body types will suit you. To look perfect on your wedding day, you can create an illusion of curves by choosing styles such as voluminous gowns and ball dress with a fitted bodice and a flared, full skirt with layering of silk, satin, lace and net to add that body to the areas lacking it. Other designs that look great on your body type also include the sheath dress, gowns with contouring cuts as well as dresses with strategic embroidery to add volume to the right places and divert the attention from the problem areas perfectly.

Styling Tips For That Perfect Wedding Dress

1. The Right Shapewears

The invention of these awesome shapewears has brought a revolution when it comes to perfecting your body shape. The right kind of shapewear can do wonders instantly by cutting off inches from your problem areas, toning that bulging tummy or thighs and bring down your size several inches.

2. Highlight Your Best Features

No one has a perfect body shape but it matters how you highlight your best features and put the best foot forward. Wear dresses that highlight your best features such as a slim waist, toned thighs or arms.

3. Choose A Dress That Suits You

Just because you have seen that awesome dress on the ramp and loved it, you should not be jumping to go for it. Wedding dress styles for body types make a big difference. Go for a dress that suits your body type the best instead of blindly following the trend. Pick a dress carefully only when you have meticulously gone through the shape and size of your body to consider a dress that suits you the best.

4. Size Changes From Brand To Brand

It is not necessary that if a size 4 of one brand fits you perfectly, the same size of some other brand will also be the same. Sizes vary from brand to brand and you must keep this point in mind before you pick a dress, especially if it is an online purchase. Go for a trial first if possible to select a dress irrespective of the brand.

Hope you found this article useful. For any suggestions and feedback, please comment below.

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