6 Tempting Wedding DIY’s Brides Should Stay Away From

DIY is one of the greatest things to truly emerge out of the YouTube era, but every bride looking to put her own spin on certain wedding specifics should know these 6 wedding DIY’s brides should avoid:

Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid - Keep-Off-From-wedding-details

1. Bridal & Bridesmaid Dresses

An absolute no-brainer on this list of wedding DIY’s brides should avoid. Unless you’re a master sewer who’s been plugging away for many a year, stay far away from attempting to DIY your own wedding dress. It can seem rather overwhelming to hunt down for that perfect design, but thinking about doing it yourself from scratch is generally asking for serious trouble. Don’t jeopardize that one chance to look and feel like a princess. It’s so much fun to meet designers, visit bridal boutiques, try some gorgeous gowns you might otherwise never get to wear. We’d hate for you to miss this chance. If you’re working on a tight budget, watch out for sales and special discounts.

Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid - Bridal-&-Bridesmaid-Dresses

It is just as important for your bridesmaids to have their dresses stitched to perfection. You might have a designer or tailor in your social circles who might offer to get them stitched for a substantially lower price. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Resist that temptation of nurturing a potential disaster.

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2. Biggest Wedding DIY’s Brides Should Avoid : Hair & Makeup

Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid - Hair-&-Makeup

Another on this list of wedding DIY’s brides should avoid is to mess with is your hair and makeup. First of all, we suggest that you make a trial run at least a couple of weeks in advance. Secondly, do not consider DIY, even if you’re a professional stylist. Have a fellow colleague or a friend take care of it instead. If the budget is a concern, have a junior stylist for the bridesmaids and you could supervise while they get ready, but that’s as far as you can stretch. It’s completely normal to feel restless that day, so it’s best to have fewer things to worry about, besides having hair and makeup that looks, well, like it was expertly done.

Food & Drink

Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid - food-and-drinks

Most women love cooking and can effortlessly host big parties with sumptuous meals. But, it’s your wedding we are talking about, and this is no match for anything you would have done before. Even if you own a restaurant, don’t get involved. Instead, delegate. Go over the menu and tasting well in advance. You might be convinced that you will be able to manage, but something getting burnt or undercooked is the last thing that should be on your mind.


Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid -cakes-

Wedding cake is a pivotal detail that cannot go wrong. You might be running a confectionery or baking could be your forte. It’s pretty good to know exactly what flavours you want, to specify the shape and texture, but limit your involvement to that much. It might seem doable if you plan ahead and start baking a few days in advance, to assemble on your wedding day. This is, of course, a ridiculous idea. Stay well away from these  wedding DIY’s brides should avoid.

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Wedding DIY’s Brides Should Avoid : Photography

Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid - photography

Weddings are full of moments, some are eternal, some cannot be captured, and the rest are best framed. So, even if you’re a photography enthusiast with a high end DSLR and fancy fixed focal length lenses, hire a professional. Of course, you must have your photographer know what you’re looking for and what’s really important to you.

Decor & Flowers

Wedding DIY's Brides Should Avoid - Decor-&-Flowers

Anything to do with flower arrangements are top contenders for wedding DIY’s brides should avoid. This is a space wherein great attention to detail is required, and for most part, is very time intensive. The simplest of themes might have you struggling with intricate details. For this reason, and this reason alone, decor and flowers are best left to the pros, or at least, someone else.

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Where To DIY

Wedding invitations, thank you cards, return gifts and other less time and effort consuming details are DIY ideas we’d love for you to explore.

In Conclusion

It is a noble intention to leave your signature on every possible wedding detail. But, for starters, not everything needs your personal touch. Even if you’re an expert in the stuff we’ve just talked about, hire a professional, or at least someone you trust and think has a similar aesthetic and work ethic to you.

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