Wedding Decorations On A Budget – 10 Super Hacks

From flowers to lights, to all kinds of new additions for some astounding wedding decorations, the art of wedding décor itself has been revolutionized. But what about planning wedding decorations on a budget? It is no longer a severe case if you haven’t saved up enough for a wedding or anything. We have 10 brilliant suggestions and ideas for a planned wedding decoration on a budget.



1. Plan A Theme. Build A Budget.

Planning a wedding budget primarily requires you to choose a theme first. It is easy to calculate the number of things that when put together makes a theme possible, and then set aside the budget for the same. For example, if it is a floral theme, you are looking for a pocket-friendly floral theme.

2. Give Outdoors A Try

If you are having an outdoor wedding, nature is the planner. Try and use the trees and creepers and shrubs outdoors, as possible additions to your settings. Minimalism works here with efficiency. Throw in the right flowers to the decoration and you have yourselves an all-natural wedding decor!

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3. Recycle And DIY

Recycle some of those beer bottles, have them painted, and add flowers to decorate. You can recycle almost anything for DIY flower arrangements. Recycle, imagine, and have a fun wedding with quirky settings!

4. Fairy-Lights Are Awesome!

It is amazing what a little bit of fairy-lights can actually do to a venue as a part of decorations. Fairy-lights are non-flashy yet bring out the spirit of the occasion in a very cosy way. Be it a wedding-barn theme or a cottage wedding, or any other theme, see if you can apply the fairy-lights for a soft and glowy wedding ambience.

5. Paper Is Beautiful

Paper is one of the most versatile things known to man. The recent creations in the world of paper craft has revolutionized the way we perceive weddings altogether. We have an amazing array of paper flower decorations with tissues flowers, pomanders, corsages – you name it. Add some beautiful paper craft to elevate a suave wedding theme.

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6. The Right Flowers

If you are going for a floral wedding theme, then the one decision you make to frame it within a budget is the choice of flower. Remember that it doesn’t have to be roses or orchids anymore. Flower decorations have advanced to incorporate the idea of texture and colour. Therefore, choose the right alternative for flowers that work in tandem with the colour chosen for your wedding profile.

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7. Elegant Seating

Just add a lace sheath over a wooden chair and tie it at the back with some flowers to go for an elegant seating arrangement for the guests at the wedding. Instead of fancy chairs, it adds a fairy-tale touch to the wedding settings.

8. Streamer Roofs

Streamers shout out happiness, joy and fun! Why not add some fun and joy to the wedding as well? Put some streamers for an arching roof to decorate the pathway to the entrance of the venue, where the bride and groom shall enter together. It can be legit for a nice and warm gathering of wedding guests, and saves you a lot of bucks.

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9. Autumn Decoration


Image: Shutterstock

Put some pumpkins and leaves together for an autumn wedding decoration. There is something about the colour and texture of pumpkins that makes it difficult to capture it in words. Needless to say, they are some quirky and fun additions to a wedding setting. And when carefully arranged, this makes for an amazing decor.

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10. Bring Out Those Wine Bottles!

You can use some mini-wine bottles or those long slender-necked ones and add pretty daisies or asters or handpicked flowers. You can add the bottle-turned-vases to the dining decoration or hang the mini-bottles here and there.

Try out some of these ideas and remember our suggestions for wedding decorations you can manage on a budget. Just be creative and put together the right elements, and you will have a kickass wedding!