15 Epic Wedding Couple Photography Ideas For Newlyweds

A photograph captures a moment in our lives. Photography lets us freeze time in order to revisit important memories of our lives effortlessly. Immortalizing a cherished memory helps us re-experience the joy it bestowed at our convenience. Wedding couple photography seeks to capture an important moment – a new beginning for two people who will navigate life together from thereon. Most photographers do a fabulous job of capturing the beauty and vibrancy of wedding rituals. For new age couples, that is not enough. They want to add diversity to their wedding memories by having couple photographs taken against interesting backdrops or with creative props.

We have curated some fresh wedding couple photography ideas, a mix of different poses and unconventional props to create photographs that will capture your heart for a long time. Show these to your wedding photographer and get clicked in style.

1. The Forehead Kiss: A Wedding Ritual

We think the forehead kiss should be made a wedding couple photography ritual! Why? Because the first thing it proves is that the guy you just married is a true gentleman. A kiss on the forehead is a sweet assurance that it goes beyond mere passion for him and that you have the full measure of his love, respect and adoration.

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2. It’s Raining Romance

Think of monsoon weddings. Annoyance for your wedding planner and traffic snarls for guests. But for your wedding photographer, it is the perfect time to capture the couple indulging in some monsoon magic. Whether it is a classic umbrella shot, a la Nargis-Raj Kapoor in Shree 420, or an impromptu rain dance attempt, it will be a photographic memory you will love.

3. Elevate The Love

Carrying the bride over the threshold of her new home is a time honoured wedding couple photography tradition we all love. It’s a tender move that conveys strength and reassurance to the bride as she enters her marital home. When the groom cradles the bride in his arms, their eyes meet and a multitude of emotions run through their minds, some of which are waiting to be immortalized by a lensman.

4. The License To Kiss

The kiss in the balcony is not only reminiscent of Romeo & Juliet, but it also reminds us of the royal wedding. One of the most awaited moments of the Kate Middleton–Prince William wedding was the kiss they exchanged in the balcony of the Buckingham palace. Alas! All of us do not have access to the Buckingham palace to herald our ‘license to kiss’, we have to recreate that special wedding couple photography moment elsewhere. If you are opting for a palace wedding in India, this is the one shot your wedding album needs.

5. Reflections

A mind meld is a sure ticket to a happy marriage. If their reflections (thoughts) meet, there is a good chance they will live together in harmony for all eternity. Capturing the reflections of those lovey-dovey moments on a clear reflecting surface is a beautiful way to enshrine the love of the newly-weds.

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6. Teaming Up Forever

The ‘Team Pose’ is one of our favourite wedding couple photography poses, as we feel it imparts a youthful, fun vibe to the couple. The pose clearly conveys that they are one inseparable team from that moment onwards.

7. An Ocean Of Love

Couple posing against a water backdrop, if there is one in the vicinity, is a great addition to your wedding photography collection. Having a still water body as a backdrop can signify that calm waters lie ahead. On a more fun note, we like to think that from that moment on they must feel like ‘a fish out of water’ in each other’s absence.

8. Love Makes The World Go Around

The first dance is when you sashay around the floor in each other’s arms. Your eyes are brimming with pride for having won a lasting commitment of love. When he spins you around, it’s a fairytale moment playing out in real life, a timeless moment for the camera to eternalize.

9. She’s Your Best Friend.

Sitting on a low wall with an arm loosely hung around the shoulder of your buddy is how you would spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. If a newlywed couple is so relaxed in each other’s company then it’s a good bet to say that they will each find in the other their best friend forever (BFF). Photographs showing the ease and comfort they experienced with each other right from the beginning are a memory they will revisit often.

10. Illuminating The Marriage Path

A new wedding couple photography trend of having the guests see off the newlyweds by lighting sparklers has caught on rapidly. It fulfils the custom of having a fireworks display at weddings in an engaging and noise-free way. We feel this novel idea is a great way to overcome the limitations of poor outdoor lighting in night wedding ceremonies.

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11. Let’s Stay In Rhythm Forever

Musical props are such an authentic addition to the photographer’s repertoire! Traditional musical instruments are a perfect complement to traditional wedding attire. The picture here seems to convey that while they may be using different instruments, they will play the same tune.

12. The Engine & The Wheel

He may be providing the horsepower but it is she who decides the direction they take. The photograph portrays the nuances of being married in a fun way.

13. Khul Ae Aam Pyar Is Now Legal

PDA is allowed and if anyone has a problem they have no choice but to look away! No one expects newlyweds to be modest in their affections, so get a picture that tells your friends to think twice before they plan on being kabab mein haddi those early days.

14. It’s Not A Varmala, It’s A Leash

The varmala conveys a couple’s mutual acceptance of each other as a marriage partner. Once you accept her for life, she will use thevarmala as a leash to have you follow her around like a Hutch puppy. Such funny wedding poses will add a refreshing novelty to your wedding photography.

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15. Foot Popping Love

They say it’s the real deal if the foot pops when they come close together for an embrace. The foot pop is a unique way to capture the delight the bride feels at having found her S.O.

So which one do you think is the best?