9 Classic Color Combos To Explore For Your Wedding

Choosing a wedding colour combination is a great first step when it comes to wedding planning. Setting a color combination early on makes a lot of the detailing decisions that follow easier. In fact, almost every thing at the wedding can be coordinated with the overarching color theme of the wedding – from the floral arrangement, the centrepieces, even right down to the wedding dress.


Some colours complement specific seasons, while other can be played around with to complement that time of the year.

Either way, here are some of our favorites for this season:

1. Cranberry And Gold

Cranberry And Gold-Wedding Color Combos

What better colour than red to represent the romance at your wedding? With cranberry you get the perfect understated and gorgeous shade. Borrow the elegance from gold, and go to town. Works well for a fall or winter wedding aesthetic.

2. Tangerine And Red

Tangerine-And-Red-Classic Color Combos To Explore For Your Wedding

Perfect for an outdoor, rustic or country themed wedding. The gorgeous shade of red for the bridesmaids dresses and the flowers do most of the talking here. The centerpieces can be bold tangerine vases with faux or fresh flowers. Use softer hues of peach, blush and some red to balance it out. Throw in a few rustic lanterns on either sides of the aisle, with tangerine colored drapes naturally flowing out. This with red velvet wedding cake and cupcakes with fondant accessories or other such intricate detailing is all you need to make your perfect garden wedding burst out with beautiful colours. If you’re like us, you’re already sold at the idea of a red velvet cake.

3. Peach And Pistachio


A combination of two gentle colours knits together a tasteful, natural looking canvas. Peach is a hot-favourite for bridesmaid’s dresses, however, if you’re a bride looking to make a statement, trade colours with your tribe.

Pastel coloured wedding gowns have been a thing for designers, and the bridesmaids can wear short pistachio coloured dresses. Simple orchid bouquets for the bridesmaids, white roses in your centerpieces, strawberry and pistachio macaroons and other such minute details add up to one truly gorgeous wedding.

4. Navy And Orange


A high quality combination that works well for a destination or beach wedding. The groom in a navy suit, the bride in a white dress, her girly gang in faint-orange dresses with navy satin waist bands. If it’s a natural setting, everything else can be low-key incorporating these colours in subtle proportions.

5. Neon Colors

Neon Colors-Color Combos To Explore For Your Wedding

This makes for a vibrant, hep and colourful combination. Neon colors have been the fad for some time now and will give you the much needed flamboyant wedding outlook. You can deck up the place with minimalist accessories like balloons, lamps made with confetti, flowers, macaroons, cakes and pop them in petty proportions without making it all look like a rainbow.

6. Pink And Yellow

Pink-And-Yellow-Color Combos To Explore For Your Wedding

It’s a distinctive choice of the obvious pink, to engage with a refreshing yellow. Pink bridesmaid dresses and flowers in pink, yellow and white will lift the aura. Another choice is for the bride to carry a yellow bouquet and the groom to have a suit pocket in a similar shade. Place cards, ribbons and center pieces are other areas to play around with.

7. Rose Gold And Cream

Rose-Gold-And-Cream-Color Combos To Explore For Your Wedding

This Bohemian color palette complements both vintage or rustic weddings (indoors and outdoors). Rose gold has been trending for quite a while and gives a sheen to the cream coloured characteristics. It’s an easy color palette to pull off and also to incorporate in every possible detail without getting too gaudy or in-your-face. A flowered tiara or headband for a bride makes for a perfect boho-chic look.

8. Burst Of Blue


Blue is all about eloquence and elegance, especially for summer soirees. Choose diminishing hues of blues for the intricate details, and the deeper shades for accents that pop. Flowers, drinks, cakes, place cards, invitations – a long list that can have a burst of blue.

9. Fuchsia Pink And Turquoise

Fuchsia Pink And Turquoises

One of those combinations where either option can work as the main color. This fuchsia pink is a bolder shade and the turquoise adds a welcome and mellow complementary hue. A slightly offbeat choice is bold pink and blue, especially if you want to take the non-traditional route.

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