10 Wedding Chairs That'll Say This Is Us

“A chair’s function is not just to provide a place to sit; it is to provide a medium for self expression”- Evan Davis. Yes. The wedding chair, though it appears insignificant, definitely occupies a very important position in any wedding celebration. Let’s face it, no one likes to stand throughout the wedding. The Bride, the Groom, the Guests, everybody needs to sit comfortably. When it comes to wedding chairs it’s all about choosing the perfect chair for the wedding that balances posture, comfort and aesthetics in perfect proportions. Here are the 10 Wedding Chairs that live up to their name and purpose. Wedding chairs

1. The Gold Steel Chiavari Chair

A simple, elegant craftsmanship of a lovely steel frame painted in golden hue. With a soft touch cushion that makes the guests experience superior comfort. Once the guests are comfortable in these perfect chairs, the wedding becomes an enjoyable affair.

2. Chiavari Chair Crystals By Live Space India

A glittery fairytale-ish version of the conventional chiavari chair will definitely add lustre to the wedding arrangements. Made from a material that gives a transparent finish to this chair,as light passes through these chairs the couple and the guests would be surprised to see the illumination and magic created.

3. Polycarbonate Ghost Chair

Do you want to have an optical illusion? Behold! The Ghost Chair. With a transparent design and comfort, these chairs will make everyone at the wedding experience levitation as long as they sit. A hidden cushion that gets covered as you sit will definitely create a chair-less experience. For all those creative people, make sure you add these to the wedding.

4. Pristina Chair

Living up to it’s name, the ‘Pristin’a Chair is a beautiful marriage of polypropylene and fibreglass. This wedding chair is available in white and ginger. The design and look is absolutely marvelous, and will boost the most essential aesthetics of the wedding.

5. Elegance Black Lace Wedding Chair Cover

Sometimes a simple Chiavari chair or any other chair can be transformed into a brilliant wedding chair. Just like a saree transforms a woman, this Lace wrapped around a chair can transform the chair into a romantic metaphor. With a gorgeous black loop the chair is never the same. Wedding Chairs - 2

6. White Shirred Ruffled Spandex Stretch Lycra Chair

We have seen how a lace can transform a chair into a wedding chair. Now with this spandex stretch lycra, a chair can be transformed into an elegant piece of decoration. Heavenly aura of the white lycra makes the chair a pleasant piece of craft.

7. Hot Design Chameleon Embroidery Wedding Cover

Like Mystique from X-men, a wedding chair can be transformed into an artistic creation. Highly dense surged edges and Chameleon embroidery make this chair into a beautiful organic creation of art. A chiavari chair or a Ghost chair support this cover. It comes with many different designs to choose from.

8. BC-33 By Pro-Design Furniture

A marriage between wood and metal is as beautiful as your wedding. Lacquer coated and Scratch Resistant Surface creates a durable and sturdy feature. With a seat cushion and back in molded polyurethane foam, it only adds more comfort to this awesome chair. The couple and the guests would love to rest themselves in these magnificent chairs.

9. BC-08 By Pro-Design Furniture

Sometimes the most common designs are the most creative ones. A 16 gauge wall thickness creates a robust frame. These chairs are easy to place and stack them up. 32 density U Foam on back, 50 mm thick 40 density U Foam on seat adds the perfect amount of comfort. Final verdict: These are one of the most convenient wedding chairs.

10. 30100 Opera Chair

An uber 18th Century style chair with a refreshing design give a niche look to your wedding. If you line up these chairs at your wedding, everything shall flaunt a classic European aura around your wedding. This chair surely makes everyone go “Eccellente!”.