10 Wedding Card Designs That Show Chennai Can Express!

Wedding invitation cards have been a very important part of weddings in different cultures around the globe for a long time, and it is no different for wedding cards in Chennai. Wedding card designing has been a competitive zone with newer and better technologies available for the printing of wedding cards, delimiting the boundaries that were set before in the visualization of wedding cards. Wedding invites have a whole different meaning now than it used to be earlier – it is no longer just a tablet of information regarding an event, but has scaled up to an emissary of class and attitude. Most importantly, an invitation sets the tone to a wedding, and is one of the foremost elements in a comprehensive wedding plan.

Chennai, is not only famous for its Super Kings, but also for wedding card designers who create a great chic of wedding exclusive designs that you would kill for! Keeping tradition and style happily married, is the Chennai way of doing it. Here are some tastefully bold and gracefully chic wedding cards in Chennai that will truly win your heart!

1 Wedding card

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Sometimes colours can replace an unnecessary lengthy speech. With the right colours like white, blue velvet and rich gold you can make a dapper wedding invite! A simple gold paisley sitting atop blue velvet can be an enticing wedding that your guest wouldn’t want to miss!

2 Wedding Card

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Bold texture patterns of running vines or leaves, embossed on a colour complementing the texture or accentuating it rather, makes for one of the most uncluttered and rich looking wedding cards in Chennai!

3 Wedding Card

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This portrait in gorgeous pink, with the golden painted additional adornments, paint quite the picture of a full-fledged Indian wedding complete with shehnaai, dholak and the newly-wed depicted as riding the elephant together… regal!

4 Wedding Card

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This lotus motif wedding card template does not have much of an agenda – simple lotus flowers resting in a water background, with the leaves lazing about the lotus motif, and an earthen background for the wordings… nothing could be more classically Indian than this example of amazing wedding cards in Chennai!

5 wedding card

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Metallic brown with gold is one of the newfound plaything’s for artists who love playing with colours and what they can do. This wedding card design uses the metallic brown background to one fold of which is applied a chinoiserie that enriches the dark colour one side, and on the other fold rests quadrilateral damask studded with a single stone. This is then tied together with a brown satin or gauze ribbon to complete the perfect wedding card for an unforgettable wedding!

6 wedding card

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But the ribbons can be donned by traditionally sexy wedding card design. In a triad of soft colours like cream or sandalwood, with green and purple, could sum up to a wonderful wedding card that is both graceful and artistic. A lilac gauze ribbon to add a final touch so you can tie the knot!

7 wedding card

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To build a stately wedding profile all you need is a wedding invite layout encompassing intricate paisley designs with floral and leafy vines, from which emerges a portrait of a couple in regal sartorial splendour, but with the composure and command of royalty. Could it be more royal?

8 wedding card

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This is one of the designer cards that would be claimed as a collector’s item! A beautiful bride and groom profile juxtaposed to a peacock motif that transcends to reflect the theme of love of the iconic Indian couple – Radha and Krishna.

9 wedding card

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If you’re looking for something out of the box, you can send your guests a passport to your wedding. Yes, this customized wedding card design is a passport for your guest to visit the paradise where your wedding is going to take place! A playfully tasteful wedding card design for you to customize!

10 wedding card

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You have your passport. Looking for your ticket? Here’s a funky flight ticket motif wedding card to really level up the wedding profile! So pick one… coz’ sky is the limit!