Wedding Car Decoration With Flowers: Your Perfect Grand Exit

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Every once in a while, when you are stuck in traffic on a busy road and simply looking outside and you see a wedding car go by, you end up feeling just a bit better. The brightly decorated car, with gorgeous floral arrangements is definitely a welcome delight to behold on our dusty Indian roads. The moment you see the happy couple within, you know your mundane day has gotten just a bit brighter! It was the famous actor Anne Hathaway who declared that “Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.” Perhaps this is what makes us feel happy when we see a wedding car whizz by us. They make us pause and think of the good things in life. And your wedding will indeed be an opportunity for the people you love to get together, share a few laughs, and be a part of the overwhelming love you feel for your significant other. While your wedding would have involved several weeks or months of meticulous planning, some details could well be overlooked. One of the things you would not want to mess up is the wedding car decoration with flowers, as that beautiful machine will whisk you and your new love away into the realm of marital bliss. And this is not just any car, and this is not just any other day. Your wedding getaway vehicle should be decked up just right if you want to make spectacular exit that people will be talking about for a while to come. If you are having a theme wedding, then your getaway car should also reflect the theme. So, if you are looking for ideas to get your car decoration picture perfect, you have indeed come to the right place. Here are some ideas for wedding car decoration with flowers that you might just want to steal away for your big day.

The Heart Bouquet

Image: Bhumi Simran Photography

Nothing says “newly married” like hearts and flowers. And when you have a heart shaped bouquet made out of dainty flowers of all hues, this would definitely spell out romance. This should be something that contrasts with the colour of your car. Here, the purple and white flowers definitely add a charm to the vintage car.

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The Roses And Romance Decoration

A truly glamorous way to exit you wedding would be in an open-air car, with the wind blowing in your hair, snuggled up next to your new husband! A vintage car or even any other convertible car could just give you that dream ride you’ve always wanted. Roses are the most gorgeous flowers that symbolize love and life. In addition to a floral arrangement at the front of your car, some long-stemmed, red roses would be the perfect thing to deck your car up for your big day. Instead of opting for outlandish bunches of roses all around, single roses would lend your car a simplistic charm.

Flowers And Top Hats

Image : Shutterstock

If you are looking for that extra something that will make your wedding car look unique, then you might want to consider including cute bride and groom top hats. The inherent beauty of these top hats would be highlighted with a simple arrangement of orchids or roses. Set this on a beautiful lace fabric that gently winds around the front of your vehicle for a truly spectacular look.

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The Minimalist Floral Decoration

Image : Shutterstock

If you feel that large bouquets and grand decorations are not your cup of tea, then a more minimal wedding car decoration would be what you are looking for. Instead of a big bouquet that loudly proclaims your love, a more subtle floral garland or floral vines could just as charming. Intersperse the gorgeous blooms with some leaves, buds and even some white lace. This would definitely make your wedding car stand out from the rest.

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