5 Amazing Wedding Basket Decoration Ideas To Enthral You

As a bride-to-be, your days might have been filled with endless planning. Whether you are getting a wedding planner for your wedding or not, the truth remains that the bride would have a hectic schedule ahead of her. But of course, you only get married once, and everything that you do will make sure that your wedding day is as smooth as possible. Once you have got the major things cleared off like your wedding dress, the venue, caterers, decorations, your bridal jewellery, it may be easy to forget some of the smaller details of your big day. But remember that it is the small details that really make your wedding an event to remember. One of the things that can skip a happy bride-to-be’s mind is the embellishments and decorations on wedding baskets. The Wedding Basket Decoration is very important. They are often gifted to the bride for her roka, sangeet or mehndi ceremonies.These Wedding basket decoration Ideas will enthral you. While in the past, these baskets were simple and usually filled with fruits, dry fruits or sweets, today it has become a way to shower the bride with her favourite things as she leaves her maternal home.There are marriage basket decoration designers who would take up the job and give you personalized wedding baskets for your big day. There are so many creative methods of wrapping and crafting that perfect wedding basket. In fact, some of these are so pretty that any one of your guests might just want to steal them and run away. So, take a look at the collection of wedding gift basket ideas we have arranged just for you. And on your big day, we pray that the baskets will be as beautiful as you are, though I understand if you wouldn’t mind them looking just a little less spectacular than you do.So have a look at these wedding basket decoration ideas and see if you like any. We know you love them all.

The Metal Basket

Wedding Basket Decoration-Basket decoration

Image Courtesy : Thats A Wrap

Take a step away from tradition with this innovative wedding basket. It is made out of metal that has gently been curved and moulded to perfection. Add to that a beautiful leather handle and you’ve got a seriously stunning wedding basket in your hands. The handle is embellished with beautiful crystals and faux flowers to complete the look. You can put sweets, chocolates, fruits, or even the choodis in there.This fruit basket decoration for wedding is liked by many.

The Metal Basket With Flowers

Wedding Basket Decoration-Basket decorations

Image Courtesy : Zaaria

Here is yet another wedding basket that is made out of metal. It looks truly regal in its golden hues. But the gently curving handle adds so much charm to this basket that we can hardly take our eyes off it. The perfect floral arrangement, with the tendrils and curls on top of the handle complements the look entirely and could be a great option for your big day.

The Floral Basket

Wedding Basket Decoration-Floral basket decoration

Image Courtesy : Gifting Joy

This basket is as breathtaking as it is delicious. Doesn’t it just make you want to open it up and grab a bite of those sweets? What we love on this one is the intricate detailing of the fabric. The golden, flowy, netted fabric is folded beautifully into golden roses, which really look exquisite. In addition, the real flowers that are used on it adds a whole other charm to this wedding basket. Who would not want to receive something like this!

The Classy Wedding Basket

Wedding Basket Decoration-Classy Wedding Basket

Image Courtesy : Thats A Wrap

This stunning wedding basket is a true classic. There is not much need of metal or other embellishments when you have such a lovely one made of wicker. The arching handle is embellished minimally using threads and floral decorations. It gives the impression of a beautiful vine creeping its way around the basket. This is definitely one of the options you should consider for your big day.

The Barbie Basket

Wedding Basket Decoration-The Barbie Basket

Image Courtesy : Zaaria

Remember when we were kids, how we would all compete to have the best Barbie dolls in our collection. Why not bring back a piece of your childhood into your bridal decorations. These gift baskets are decorated to perfection with those cute dolls. They are even decked up in their bridal finery, just like you! This would be a great option to decorate the basket with your choodis, mirrors, dresses etc. The flowers and that peacock also add the finishing touches to the basket.This wedding basket decoration is every brides favourite.