20 Wedding Banners Better Than Writing In Skies

Weddings are all about the union and the celebration of two souls becoming one. Why have boring sign boards and templates for guests at your wedding when you can make super-cool wedding banners that will surprise and delight everyone present. We’ve a made a list of the 20 most wonderful, funny, sexy and cool wedding banner designs that you can use to make your wedding a truly memorable affair.

1. We’re So Glad, You’re Here!

We are glad banner

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A simple sign board that crystal clearly sends the message across, that you are happy to host them and that you’re glad to have them at your wedding. Simple and straightforward, and yet a message that most weddings do not have or just something that they overlook. Trust me, it makes all the difference!

2. This Is How Our Story Begins

This is How Our Story Begins

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A full sized banner in simple font that proudly announces what it means to be marrying on that day at that place, with all the friends and family in attendance. This banner subtly explains what it means to you, and how important it is for you. You are indirectly, thanking everyone, and making them a part of your memorable day.

3. Date + ” Best Day Ever”

Date +

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A stand alone black board with the date of the wedding and a caption that reads, “The Best Day Ever”. A statement that means it is your most important day, and indirectly telling the guests that you’re happy to have them as a part of your celebrations and the big day.

4. Join Our Family As We Dine And Dance Under The Stars

Family Banner

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A banner that is pleasant and personal. Invite your guests with this personal message that almost makes them a part of your family, as you welcome them to take part in your wedding celebrations.

5. Shoes Here, Vows There And Love Everywhere

Shoes Here, Vows There

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A simple and quirky guide post that’s perfect for your destination wedding off an exotic island. A post in the sand that tells the guests where the wedding is and also beautifully puts the message across that love is everywhere.

6. Food Trucks, Ice Creams, Bad Dance Moves – Straight Ahead

Food Trucks, Ice Creams

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This sign post is a humorous take on the wedding party. It not only guides the guests to the food courts and the ice cream joints and the dance floor at the venue but also takes a funny dig at the celebrations itself. A wedding banner for the light hearted couple and the guests at the wedding.

7. A Wooden Sign Post With Many Things To Do

A Wooden Sign

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A wooden sign post that guides the guests to various places and programs at the wedding venue. A funny, rustic banner or board that will appeal to the guests as it is simple, gruffy and light hearted and sets the tone for the celebrations, just like your wedding theme and the party itself.

8. The Name Board With I do And We Did

I do banner

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Another rustic wedding signage idea that’s simple and straightforward. You can use this as a theme for various banners and posts at the wedding, giving the celebrations a unique and laid back appeal.

9. “Achievement Unlocked – Obtain A Wife” Banner

Achievement Unlocked

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A whacky, funny wedding banner that all the game lovers would go gaga over. A superb idea that sees the whole wedding or life itself as a game, and shares the groom’s position, status or level as a part of the game. He has achieved something and now our dear player boy gets a Wife! A cool banner that will surely make the guests laugh and cheer the couple as they exchange their vows on the big day.

10. Give Me Your Forever

Give Me Your Forever

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A big and beautiful banner that proudly states “Give Me Your Forever”, as in the couple exchanging vows and promising to be together, forever.

11. We have Decided On Forever

We have Decided on Forever

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A banner that proudly states the conviction and the love the couple have for each other in a very subtle, stylish and a heart warming way. “We have Decided on Forever”, is a banner that every happy couple should have at their wedding party.

12. You Are My Favorite

You Are My Favorite

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A banner that is very special, personal and warm, something that talks of the love and the bonding that the newlyweds share. You are my favorite – is a straight and simple statement that will make everyone at the wedding happy and proud to be a part of your beautiful union.

13. Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

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This wedding banner is a true blue statement of love, something everyone at the wedding would love to look and read. if you’ve been in love and getting to where you are now is a very big deal and a journey by itself, then this banner of love is just for you, ’cause love never fails.

14. True Love Is A Big Deal

True Love is A Big Deal

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Another banner that is a statement about love. True love is really a big deal, probably the biggest one in everyone’s life. Share with the world, your joy and your love for each other on the biggest day of your lives. Truly, finding love is a big deal.

15. Mutual Weirdness – Forever

Mutual Weirdness – Forever

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A quirky banner telling people how cool and happy you are in your own element. Something that people who you truly know will appreciate and celebrate as my friend, it’s the beginning of your wonderfully weird wedded journey as a mad man and a whacky wife! Just kidding, a light hearted whacky wedding banner that will make your guests laugh and be merry as you two marry.

16. If Your Name Isn’t here, It means You’re Crashing At This wedding, So You Better Be Funny!

Funny Banner

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A funny banner at the wedding seating or dinner table list. A message that is not just humorous but also tells people in its own way to pick up the slips and sit at the allotted places and positions at the wedding party.

17. Trust Me You Can Dance – Vodka

Trust me You Can Dance

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A quirky banner / message on a black board that tells the guests it’s okay if your dance ain’t great, we still want you on the dance floor. This banner is hilarious as the message is signed off by Vodka, so you are discreetly telling the guests it all good to drink, some more, be merry and burn the dance floor!

18. And The Two Shall Be One – Ethesians 5:31

Ethesians 5:31

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An excerpt from the scriptures (Ethesians 5:31) that is a blessing and also a very cool banner for your wedding. Something the elders will love and the youngsters will still be able to understand and relate to. A perfect wedding banner that is certain to please all.

19. Eat, Drink And Be Married

Eat, Drink and Be Married

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A banner that is the most realistic explanation of what a wedding party is. “Eat, Drink and Be Married” is a funny, happy wedding banner that you can consider putting up at the entrance of the party area or at the food courts, ‘cause friends – that’s what a wedding celebration is all about.

20. Pop, Fizz & Clink

Pop Fizz Clink

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A pretty party banner that is all glitzy and bold. A great way to announce the beginning of the after-party, where the drinks are great and the dance moves are inversely proportionate to the quality of alcohol. A funny, simple banner that will be the guiding light for many a wedding guests.