25 Perfect Wedding Bangles For The Perfect Fashion Statement

Bangles look feminine, graceful and truly charming! From every day to special occasions, bangles add a touch of bling and sparkle to any and every attire. Bangles can be bought in varying materials, colours, styles and designs; depending on personal taste and need. Wedding bangles deserve every bit of attention. Each and every element that goes in creating the perfect wedding look must be well thought of and carefully picked. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and every single thing needs to be grand and beautiful.

Wedding Bangles For The Perfect Fashion Statement

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Here we’ll take you through the best of wedding bangles designs and styles. These varying styles can be used for the wedding day or for the many occasions, before or after, the main wedding. Take a look.

1. Kundan Style Bangles

Wedding Bangles - Kundan Style Bangles


Kundan has become the most popular choice of wedding jewellery and it stands true for the wedding bangles too. Kundan looks traditional yet contemporary, adding tonnes of grace and charm to the beaming bride.

2. The Classic Wedding Bangles

Wedding Bangles - The Classic Wedding Bangles


Simple glass bangles with little embellishments and gold highlights are the traditional and classic choice of wedding bangles. These can be in the same hue and colour as the wedding attire or highlight a contrasting shade.

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3. A Contemporary Tale Of Colours

Wedding Bangles - A Contemporary Tale Of Colours


The modern day bride is breaking away from the traditional red and maroon associated with wedding attire and accessories. Keep in sync with the trend and experiment with bangles in different colours and styles. Add statement kadas and broad bangles to your wedding bangles set.

4. The Red And Green Saga

Wedding Bangles - The Red And Green Saga


Traditional red and green combination is an all time favourite. Add a touch of gold highlights and a statement kada in the centre and you are set to bedazzle. It’s a combination that one can never go wrong with.

5. Simple Chura

Wedding Bangles - Simple Chura


For many cultures, the chura is a must to truly dress a bride for the big day. Many brides from other cultures too are happily adorning the simple but charming chura to add grace to their wedding attire.

6. Pink-a-licious!

Wedding Bangles - Pink-a-licious!


What better way to highlight your feminine grace than in beautiful shades of pink! Break away from the red and invite the charm of pink in its myriad hues.

7. Beaded Beauty

Wedding Bangles - Beaded Beauty


If your wedding attire is beautifully highlighted with bead work, team it up with these statement beaded broad bangles. You can combine it with metal or glass wedding bangles or wear them alone too.

8. Metal Affair

Wedding Bangles - Metal Affair


Glass bangles look beautiful but can easily break and hurt (especially for those planning on belting some energetic dance moves). Metal bangles look equally beautiful and come in a range of colours and designs. Plus, you can easily store them without worrying about damage.

9. Minimalist Statement

Wedding Bangles - Minimalist Statement


The beauty of bangles lies in the fact that there are no rules on numbers. Even a dozen bangles can create a beautiful and significant look. Just match the colour of the wedding bangles with your attire and maybe add a gold bracelet or kada and you are all set!

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10. Mix Of Colours

Wedding Bangles - Mix Of Colours


Most wedding attires have a base colour highlighted with other colours and patterns. Make your wedding bangles a mix of all these colours too. A set of colourful bangles, in sync with the attire, looks remarkable.

11. Basic But Bedazzling

Wedding Bangles - Basic But Bedazzling


Keep it basic! Stick to bangles in one colour and add a few statement pieces in the centre and both ends. You can add beaded or crystal bangles in the same colour at specific distances of the bangle set.

12. Dangling Diva

Wedding Bangles - Dangling Diva


While the dangling bangle accessory is traditionally combined with a chura but there are no limits to experimenting. You can add these beautiful dangling accessories to any and every kind of wedding bangles set. It makes for a very stylish and unique fashion trend.

13. Traditional Yet Trendy

Wedding Bangles - Traditional Yet Trendy


Simple glass bangles in a plain colour matching your wedding attire, combined with real or costume gold kadas is a simple, traditional but beautiful and remarkable combination. Let your attire do the talking and the bangles only add a complementary touch.

14. Statement Pieces

Wedding Bangles - Statement Pieces


These remarkable statement kadas can add oodles of style and glam to any outfit and attire. They are beautiful when worn alone and also extremely dazzling when paired with plain metal or glass bangles. It’s all you need to add charm to your wedding bangles set.

15. Glittery Chura

Wedding Bangles - Glittery Chura


The chura does not need to be simple every time. Churas are now easily available in glittering and radiant designs that can add a lot of sparkle to your wedding attire and day. Red, maroon, pink and all beautiful coloured churas can be adorned by the bride.

16. Lac Wedding Bangles

Wedding Bangles - Lac Wedding Bangles


Lac wedding bangles add a touch of traditional to the complete look. They are easily available in a range of colours and designs. They are light and don’t add unnecessary weight while extending beauty and charm.

17. A Wrist-full Of Shades

Wedding Bangles - A WristFull Of Shades


Who says wedding bangles have to be subtle or symmetrical? You can combine similar designed bangles in a wide range of colours all beautifully put together to create a dynamic look and fancy appearance. Let the colours do the talking.

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18. Crystal Craze

Wedding Bangles - Crystal Craze


Crystal embellishments add a sparkling touch to any and every thing. Bangles in bold and vibrant shades highlighted with crystals make up for an extraordinarily stylish yet traditional sparkling statement.

19. Bold In Gold

Wedding Bangles - Bold In Gold


You don’t always need a bright and varied hue of colours for your bangles. For a day wedding or to complement a subtle wedding outfit, all you need is a handful of gold and sparkly bangles. You could add one or two colours in the centre but gold alone makes for a beautiful statement too.

20. Keep It Coordinated

Wedding Bangles - Keep It Coordinated


Instead of adding bangles as a contrast accessory, make it one with the rest of the outfit. Wear wedding bangles that are absolutely coordinated with your overall wedding outfit for an extended look and appearance of style and beauty. The bangles appear to be a part of the outfit yet add a dazzling touch to the ends.

21. Thread Cuff Design

Wedding Bangles - Thread Cuff Design


You don’t necessarily need to buy multiple bangles when one can be enough to fill the complete wrist stylishly. Orange and pink is a raging combination and so are these silk thread bangles and cuffs. One broad cuff highlighted with gold bead or crystal work is all you need to put your best hand forward.

22. A New Take On Danglers

Wedding Bangles - A New Take On Danglers


Instead of going for the long chura danglers, you can get a beautiful wedding bangles set with smaller hangings. These look traditional yet stylish and are convenient and easy to manage too. Smaller hangings are not as heavy as traditional danglers but offer the same charm.

23. Best Of Both

Wedding Bangles - Best Of Both


Contrary to popular belief, a mix of gold and silver can actually look remarkable. Both gold and silver are dominant hues and most people avoid combining the two. But in fact, they complement each other and can create a striking balance with each other. Be bold and try it for yourself.

24. Studded Cuffs

Wedding Bangles - Studded Cuffs


Cuffs have taken over the regular wedding bangles options for the stylish convenience they offer of being an all in one fashionable piece. These studded cuffs highlight beautiful patterns and hues and can easily be combined with beautiful and opulent wedding outfits. They look very charming and can instantly add a world of glamour to your overall look.

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25. A Royal Statement

Wedding Bangles - A Royal Statement


Remember the royal statement Aishwarya Rai made in the movie Jodha Akbar? Take a cue from the royal and opulent fashion statements and use the power and beauty of metal bangles and kadas to create this stunning look. Add finger harnesses and chains to complete the royal statement. The idea is to create a long link of opulent design elements.

Alright! So that’s our take on how you can make your wedding bangles the talk of the town. Each and everything a bride wears or carries combines together to create the final and ultimate look. Even the smallest accessory, that may seem hidden, can make or break your wedding day outfits and attires. The options and choice in bangles are so varied that it can take you days to choose the perfect set.

Some bangle sellers are professionals at making wedding bangle sets just by looking at a picture of the outfit you plan to wear. So what is it that you prefer – making your own sets by choosing each and every bangle design yourself or leaving it to the seller’s experience?