6 Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas You Can’t Miss!


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If the idea of a simple balloon, a perfect picture of innocence and potential glee, doesn’t elicit some sort of positive reaction in the depths of your soul, then you’ve got things to worry about. A favourite of people across the world for decades, and ages beyond that, balloons are just fun. Only someone suffering from a chronic bout of depression and anxiety would be fail to be cheered up the thought, or indeed feel, of a balloon in one’s hand. Consequently, wedding balloon decoration styles have been pretty popular and our analysts say that they’ll stay a mainstay of wedding decoration for a while to come. How can you trust our analysts? Well, they’ve got contacts; and in India, those are everything. The inimitable charm of the evergreen balloon finds many forms of expression in weddings, being used liberally as decor elements. Because of their versatility and adaptability, and the ease of their utility, they have become entrenched in the popular imagination, and rightly so. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best wedding balloon decoration ideas, browse through them for some inspiration for your own functions. Scroll on!

1. Add Colour To Your Cake Displays


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You can add another dimension of colour and fun to your cake display by throwing in some bright balloons. You can go with colours that match your cake or go with complementing choices. They can be arranged any which way really, clumped together at the ends, or arranged in a convenient and relevant shape.

2. Make Balloon Chandeliers As Table Decorations


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Line the centre length of your tables with lovely hanging chandeliers made of balloons. You can have a mini rainbow-burst of colours that will jazz up the proceedings in spectacular fashion. With some streamers thrown in, and complementary choices as far as choice in colour of table cloth go, you can’t go wrong. You can actually make them lights as well by incorporating a LED light into the balloons, this will give them a sublimely mellow mood-lighting kind of effect.

3. Tassel It Up!

Balloon decorations

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Leave aside plain old string and go for some amazing tassels! You can add a lot of brilliant additions to the end of your balloons, and add to their appeal. With a variety of options in colours, you can vary your look by going for different fabrics and materials. Add little designed coloured bits of paper to them as well to mix things up. The options for individualising here are almost endless.

4. Fill Them With Fun

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Why just fill them with air when you can fill your balloons with a choice of materials, ranging from confetti and glitter to coloured bits of paper, or even other balloons?! This is a wonderful option for your wedding balloon decoration that will not be unappreciated!

5. DIY Fun

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Balloons have abundant potential for DIY opportunities. You can do a host of things to them that don’t take much effort and are effortlessly simple. You can cover the bottoms or tops or chosen patterns with glitter or gold paint. You can make them look almost like pom poms even. A whole balloon that has been dipped in a clinging coat of glitter is also a fantastic look, as are two tone balloons. They can be written on, or printed from the onset as well, to spell out any message you’d want.

6. Artistic Shapes

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Using balloons as a medium, you can put up any number of shapes and motifs, depending on your skill and patience. Anything from a simple heart or combination of hearts, to a life-size rendition of the couple in question can be made.