8 Wedding Backdrop Decorations That Will Make You Go OMG

Indian weddings tend to emphasize a lot on the decor of the venue. And why not? Fun and gorgeous Indian wedding backdrop decorations make the ambience of the whole wedding a little dramatic, a little fun. And today we bring you eight gorgeous wedding backdrop decorations that you can implement at your wedding or customize according to your theme and add that element of drama and magic to your wedding.

1. Rajwada Wedding Backdrop By Shaadi Planner

wedding Backdrop decoration by Shaadi Planner

Image Courtesy : Shaadi Planner

A very palatial and dramatic backdrop. Resembling the entrance of a beautiful palace, this is one of those Indian wedding backdrop decorations where the backdrop has been beautifully covered with strings of flowers and leaves to enhance the visual appeal, and to add a little texture to the backdrop. The yellow light shining on the pillars makes the overall look of the backdrop standout.

2. Pretty Pink Wedding Backdrop By The Wedding Soul

Pretty Pink Wedding Backdrop By The Wedding Soul

Image Courtesy: Wedding Soul

Concentric platforms of circles make way to this beautiful ensemble of pink wedding backdrop. Delicate white drapes covering the backdrop with a big, beautiful board of silver and pink foxglove. And the ornate vases of flowers against the backdrop just add a celestial feel to the overall look of the backdrop.

3. Elegant Wedding Backdrop By F5 Weddings

Elegant Wedding Backdrop Decoration By F5 Weddings

Image Courtesy: F5 Weddings

This is one of the Indian wedding backdrop decorations in which the backdrop has a very elegant and chic appeal, almost minimalistic, but not quite. Looks like a waiting area from Chanel’s signature store in Hollywood. The soft cream curtains, tied together with floral holdbacks, put against the beautiful lilac curtains, look very contemporary, yet elegant. The dainty chandeliers make the overall look a little dramatic.

4. Lilac Wedding Backdrop By F5 Weddings

Lilac Wedding Backdrop Decoration By F5 Weddings

Image Courtesy: F5 Weddings

Beautiful frames of flower presentations put together as the wedding backdrop. Simple, yet chic, this wedding backdrop has a very elegant and royal feel to it. And the high arms chairs in rustic gold look very classy.

5. Stunning Wedding Backdrop In Purple By F5 Weddings

Stunning Wedding Backdrop In Purple Decoration By F5 Weddings

Image Courtesy: F5 Weddings

Now this wedding backdrop redefines the definition for royal and dramatic backdrop. Solid gold frames put against purple drapes. Golden yellow and red drapes hanging from two frames. A gorgeous one arm royal chair against them. But the light effects on the backdrop steals away the show. How beautifully F5 Weddings has taken dainty cuttings of paisley to make the overall look absolutely dramatic.

6. Ravishing Red By Bougainvilla Design

Ravishing Red By Bougainvilla Design

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Design

Painted in red and gold, this backdrop has a very 3D feel. Three open kiosks, embellished with white floral curtains, and held back to the pillars for a dramatic look. The ornate pillar of the kiosks look very regal, and the roofs of the kiosks are decorated with dainty red flowers. The backdrop of the big kiosk in the middle is decorated with strings of white flower curtain. This decor has a very majestic and royal appeal. It makes the wedding look extravagant and celestial. Right out from stories of the Mughals.

7. The Pristine White Tree Wedding Backdrop By Bougainvilla Design

Decoration By Bougainvilla Design

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Design

Nothing extravagant and spectacular about this backdrop. But the way in which simplest of things have been put together just makes it look gorgeous. The furthermost backdrop board has been subtly covered with soft white fabric and strings of white and orange flowers. To make it look a little dramatic, a rainbow of colourful lights highlight the look of the backdrop. Against that is a beautiful tree in pristine white flowers, which by all means, steals the show.

8. Ornate Screen Board Wedding Backdrop By Var Vadhu Wedding

Ornate Screen Board Wedding Backdrop By Var Vadhu Wedding

Image Courtesy : Var Vadhu Wedding

The backdrop has been designed to instill a very homely feel of staying at a palace — with its ornate wooden screen board, the royal blue curtains giving way to another room, the screen board decorated with orchids, and the lights behind screen board reflects a very ornate silhouette.