Wedding Arch Decorations: 25 Stunning Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

Wedding Arch Decorations; It is a dream for every person to have a perfect wedding. You want everything, starting from your clothes, to your accessories, to your menu, and the venue to be just perfect. If you are planning to have a wedding arch at the venue then why not get a little creative with the design and wedding arch decorations?

We’ve lined up 25 stunning wedding arch decorations for you right here.

Take a look, get inspired and get the one you love for your wedding.

1. Rustic And Floral Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Rustic And Floral Arch

The combination of flowers with anything makes these wedding arch decorations even more mesmerizing. This arch in particular gives a heavenly feel to the bride and groom standing below it.

2. Floral Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Floral Arch

Isn’t they just the prettiest wedding arch decorations? The number of flowers and material used in this arch make it truly grand and worth every penny spent on it, easily the most lovely wedding altar decor ever!

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3. DIY Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - DIY Arch

If you’re having a last minute wedding, you know you’re not going to have any time for a fancy decorator to do the task for you. So you can always fix up some wedding arch decorations by yourself and of course with some help from your friends too! It not only fits the purpose but also gives a very intimate feel to your wedding.

4. Glitter Twig Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Glitter Twig Arch

This one’s a simple yet beautiful arch that will definitely add to your wedding look. It’s easy to fix, takes little time to set up and looks really dainty and delicate for the pleasure of the eyes.

5. Winterland Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Winterland Arch

Have you ever wished to have an arch that would probably give you the feel like you’re in Narnia? Well, these wedding arch decorations are definitely out of the book and look so gorgeous.

6. By The Beach Arch/Mandap

Wedding Arch Decorations - Mandap By The Beach Arch

The colour scheme on this mandap is what makes it extraordinary. A bright red shade under the beautiful evening sky; could any wedding arch decorations be more beautiful? Of course, how much do wedding decorations cost is another issue that we can help with.

7. Ethnic Indian Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Ethnic Indian Arch

This arch here with the elephants on the side makes up for a classy ethnic arch with a modern touch. The floral look adds to the beauty and makes it one of the prettiest wedding arch decorations for outdoor weddings.

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8. Paper Floral Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Paper Floral Arch

Another beautiful idea is to have DIY paper flowers to decorate the arch. It not only saves you a lot of expenditure on the flowers but also gives a unique look to your wedding. An easy option if you’re going for a white wedding decoration idea.

9. High Pillar Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - High Pillar Arch

High pillars with beautiful lighting is one of the best options for Indian wedding arch decorations. The lighting complements added floral decorations and gives a very bright feel.

10. Book Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Book Arch

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a custom-made arch for your wedding? For all you book lovers out there, these wedding arch decorations are truly made in heaven!

11. On The Edge Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - On The Edge Arch

By the mountains, on the edge of the world, saying vows to your loved one. Beautiful isn’t it?

12. Indoor Garden Look Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Indoor Garden Look Arch

Having a little greenery in your wedding adds to it the beauty of nature and makes it a lot more lively. This arch may look simple but in the final complete wedding arch decorations, it gives a very exquisite look and feel to the venue.

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13. Marigold Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Marigold Arch

Marigold flower is considered auspicious in Indian culture and is thus used for almost all ceremonies. Also, its bright yellow colour adds a beautiful brightness and liveliness to the venue and wedding arch decorations.

14. Birch And Eucalyptus Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Birch And Eucalyptus Arch

Who would’ve thought of getting married under a Eucalyptus arch? But now that you look at it, isn’t it simply gorgeous?

15. Summer Green Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Summer Green Arch

Green is a beautiful colour for the summers and it keeps the mood light and chirpy despite the soaring temperatures. These wedding arch decorations are easily fixable and work best for a short-notice wedding too.

16. Enchanted Forest Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Enchanted Forest Wedding Arch

If you’re looking for a fairy tale wedding with your Prince Charming then this is the one to go for. Feel like a Disney princess tying the knot in an enchanted forest with these wedding arch decorations.

17. DIY Vintage Door Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - DIY Vintage Door Wedding Arch

I always find DIY wedding arch decorations pretty interesting as it allows you to add your own touch to the whole feel. This vintage door arch here gives a very unique look to a wedding as it is something that your guests will surely not be expecting.

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18. Chandelier Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Chandelier Arch

A chandelier makes a wedding arch look grand. It adds beauty and elegance to a wedding venue and brings down the need of added decorative items.

19. Red In Love Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Red In Love Arch

Isn’t red the colour of weddings for us Indians? Wouldn’t a wedding be incomplete without the red colour then? How beautiful is this mandap, wth fesh sping-y wedding arch decorations?

20. Mystic Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Mystic Wedding Arch

Having a simple yet elegant wedding is a dream for many couples. If you wish to have minimum wedding arch decorations but yet not compromise on the look and feel then this arch decoration works best.

21. Barn Inspired Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Barn Inspired Arch

Having a barn wedding in a city can get quite tricky. But then you can always fix up a barn style arch for a countryside feel to your wedding.

22. Lawn Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Lawn Wedding Arch

The greenery of a lawn goes really well with a floral arch standing in the centre of it. Colours of the flowers complement the green grass and enhance the beauty of the arch.

23. Rustic Draped Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Rustic Draped Arch

Many couples love experimenting with their wedding décor. You can always add such unusual items to the wedding arch decorations to make it an arch to remember for life.

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24. Countryside Barrel By The Side Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Countryside Barrel By The Side Arch

Isn’t this just too pretty? Two simple barrels on the side and beautiful minimalistic floral arch in the centre. It gives a very dreamland wedding kind of a feel, doesn’t it?

25. Blush Ganesha Arch

Wedding Arch Decorations - Blush Ganesha Arch

Pink is one of the shades of Indian weddings and thus having it in the colour scheme of your wedding arch will be the perfect icing on the cake!

These are only a few options out of the thousands of beautiful wedding arch decorations out there. Take some inspiration from the ones we’ve listed above and make your wedding a truly splendid affair. Don’t forget to write back to us with the experiences!

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