10 Awesome Wedding Aisle Decorations To Choose From

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The walk down the aisle is the moment that kick-starts the wedding. It’s the first time the groom and all the others at the wedding will lay eyes on the bride. Every moment of her slow walk to the altar is firmly etched in the memories of her loved ones. They say the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride is priceless, and that it is a testimony of the love the couple shares.

The wedding aisle has a special significance in a woman’s life. She walks down it alone or holding the arm of a loved one but walks back with a companion for life.

For the couple, the aisle is the stage for the most important walk of their lives. Therefore, it must tie-in to the wedding theme, the personalities of the couple and lastly the venue. A lot of planning goes into making the moment the bride walks down the aisle a memorable one, one of which is decorating the aisle beautifully.

Here are a few lovely ideas on how to decorate your wedding aisle.

1. Romance And Radiance

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Candles and flowers is a winsome combo that will always work.  It’s the perfect way to illuminate a shining path for the bride to walk into her new life.

2. Hearts & Heroes

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He became her ‘Hero.’ That’s when she lost her heart to him.  These cute hearts will remind you that you walk this path for a reason. Because you both are, “Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one”.

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3. Signboards Of Love

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Cute signboards with touching messages on the beauty of love are a perfect way to walk to your love. Every step you take will be a silent promise to seek and give the perfect love as embodied in those messages.

4. Let The Love Bloom

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Colourful sunflowers in mason jars placed on tree stumps are a refreshing sight to behold. But they also carry a powerful message. The sunflower finds the sunshine, and never sees the shadows. To be like a sunflower is to learn to grow with light and love.

5. Roses To Guide & Hooks To Hold

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Hanging flower spheres from shepherd’s hooks along the aisle adds a rustic charm to the wedding ceremony. These kissing spheres are a perfect replacement for lanterns, which would be out of place in a morning ceremony.

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6. Cinderella’s Magical Pumpkin

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We all know about the pumpkin which magically transformed into a carriage and carried Cinderella to her Prince. Pumpkins symbolize magic and enchantments. Pumpkins filled with bright flowers and placed along the aisle look fresh and original. They might portend that an enchanting eternal romance lies in your future.

7. With Every Breath, Closer To Love

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Using baby’s breath bouquets on aisle posts is a great idea. They look good, are inexpensive and last long. Baby’s breath flowers are a great way to add some pizazz to your wedding décor.

8. Scent Of Love

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This aisle lined with roses resembles a beautiful path lined with rose bushes. As you walk towards the altar through a path of roses, you will be inspired to nurture the garden of your love with care and devotion.

9. Let’s Run The Story

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Here is a simple yet totally personalized and special way to decorate your wedding aisle. Get a personalized aisle runner which will tell your story, from the beginning to the day you walk down the aisle.

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10. Fall In Love

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Using different shades and colours of fall leaves to decorate the aisle is the perfect way to highlight the season. It is a beautiful way of incorporating the spirit of autumn and adds a warm rustic charm to your wedding.

Finally, we wish you a beautiful aisle for that short walk that will unite you forever with the one you love.

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