Wedding Accessories: 8 Absolutely Adorable Must-Haves

You’ve picked your trousseau, have the beautician appointments all in order, the jewelry is all sorted. You’re all set for the big day, well at least you think and hope you are. There are however a few more wedding accessories you perhaps are required to wear by tradition or a couple of them you want to wear because they are fun.

Here’s a list of wedding accessories that will add to your look on your big day!

This list will make you want to run out and get them, even if it’s just to play dress up.

1. The Maang Tikka

This piece goes on your head and dangles delicately on your forehead. The maang tikka is my favorite part of the wedding accessories partly because it adds to the glamour quotient and is a perfect way to accessorize your forehead – specially, if you have a broad forehead. There are multiple versions of the tikka these days and can be slotted into the following two categories:

a. The Original South Indian Mang Tikka

Wedding Accessories - The Original South Indian Mang Tikka

The traditional South Indian one is usually in gold and stones and has over the years evolved and upgraded itself.

b. The Rajasthani Borla

Wedding Accessories - The Rajasthani Borla

The Rajasthani borla is another version. It’s spherical and looks great with centre-partitioned hairstyles.

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2. Paayal or Anklets

Wedding Accessories - Paayal or Anklets

Enough songs have been written about these wedding accessories, and for good reason too. They are noisy and announce your arrival and are so much fun. The less noisy and slender ones have found themselves fused even with western outfits. Which ever ones you pick to adorn your ankles for your big day, just make sure you figure out a way to flaunt them.

3. Sandals – Your BFF

You have too many of these wedding accessories, you partly feel guilty about the ones you rarely use, even more guilty about the ones you spent a fortune on but, haven’t even gotten them out of the box yet.

It’s ok. It’s your wedding, you can’t use what you have unless what you have it on the lines of the fabulous JimmyChoo wedding shoes in the picture

Wedding Accessories - JimmyChoos

For those of you who prefer flats. Here is a colorful option that you could reuse later on.

Wedding Accessories - Flats

A kundan inspired pair, to go with your jewelry.

Wedding Accessories - Kundan Inspired Sandals

4. Nose Rings

Nose ring, or nath as they say in some parts of the country and mukkupuduka in others or nathni as its called in Maharashtra is one of the most common accessory women use in India. It takes more prominence on important occasions like weddings. The nose ring too has multiple versions. It’s style and size changes from region to region. These are the versions that stand out to me.

a. Rajasthani Nath

Wedding Accessories - Rajasthani Nath

This version is a long ring, which almost reaches the chin and has various intricate designs and motifs on it. Sometimes it’s just a long ring with ghungroos hanging off it.

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b. Marathi Nathni or Nose Ring

Wedding Accessories - Marathi Nathni

The nathni is a long oval designed nose pin, often set in pearls and gold.

c. Traditional South Indian Nath or Nose Ring

South Indian brides and women in general wear a shorter version of the nath or wear studs.

The ring version is currently more popular, as it adds a bit more drama to the face.

Wedding Accessories - Traditional South Indian Nose Ring

The very traditional mukkupuduka.

Wedding Accessories - Mukkupuduka

5. The Chooda

Wedding Accessories - The Chooda

These beautiful set of red bridal bangles are common wedding accessories on every new bride’s hand in the northern parts of the country. They scream new bride. The girls are required by tradition, to keep them on for a certain period of time even post the wedding.

6. Armlets

The Armlet wedding accessories also go by different names in different parts of the country like Bajubandh, aravanki etc to name a few. The styles available are also very varied. These days you can even get Armlets that can be converted into brackets and necklaces – how’s that for recycling !

Kundans are a rage this season.

Wedding Accessories - Kundan Armlets

For the rebel in you.

For-the-rebel-in-you-wedding accessories

A traditional choice. Aravanki.

Wedding Accessories - Aravanki Armlets
7. Waistband

Waist band is also called kamar bandh- kinda self explanatory. Travel down south and it will be called vaddianam or vaddanam. The sheer number of styles and versions of this sassy queen among wedding accessories is not even funny. The traditional South Indian version is set in gold and precious gemstones. There is a rigid beat version of it and a flexible chain version as well. Then there are other versions, under all sorts of fancy names when the main accent is on the side towards the hips. Some styles hang down in rows. I would’ve have to do an entire piece on just the waistband, if I had to list them all!

a. The Belt Version

Wedding Accessories - The Belt Version Waistband
b. Flexible Chain Style

Wedding Accessories - Flexible Chain Style Waistband
c. Single Stone Waistband

Wedding Accessories - Single Stone Waistband

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8. The Colorful Clutch

Throw your phone, your gloss, some tissues ( they always come in handy), and maybe even some make up. Hold it at your reception or hand it over to your best friend while you keep up with the ceremonies. Either way the clutch is a must have on your wedding accessories list.

Colorful companion

Wedding Accessories - The Colorful Clutch

Are you a to be bride or did you just get married – what were your favorite wedding accessories? What came in handy and what were a total waste? Let us know in the comments section below.

**Prices for the accessories are available on request.

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