15 Not Difficult Ways To Wow The Wedding Guests

Yes, the wedding is all about the bride and the groom… but somewhere deep down we want it to be something that the guests will remember for a long time. We want it to be the ‘talk of the town.’ So what do you do to wow your guests? How do you make them go home with starry eyes and an awed expression on their faces? Here’s how!


It’s your celebration, but the guests are the backbone. They’re here to share in your happiest moments!

Themed Welcome Bags

Get customized welcome bags made for the guests with small goodies to keep them busy all throughout. You can include a bottle of a fizzy drink, some dry fruits or something to munch on. A map with marked locations of ‘things to see in the city’ too would do wonders for the guests flying in from different cities.

Usher The Guests

One more thing that you can do that will make a big difference in how your guests perceive and enjoy the wedding is ushering them. Guests always admire the wedding when everything is planned beautifully and they are not left waiting for anything. Think about the weather conditions on the day of the wedding and plan for umbrellas or fireplaces accordingly, and generally make their stay and experience as well thought out of and pleasant as possible.

Incorporate The Internet

A lot of weddings these days are based on social media with customized hashtags and photo sharing options. So make up your own themes and add photo accessories for your guests to dress up and go home with a bagful of exciting pictures. Everyone’s going to be dressed in their best anyway, so a couple of photo booths and fun props keep things very interesting and fun.

Bar Expert


Classing it up: A bit of wine tasting goes a long way amongst those so inclined

Have an exciting bar with an expert to ‘educate’ your guests about the different kinds of alcohol options they may find. A wine tasting session would be the cherry on the cake. But of course, it all depends on how far you’re willing to go with the budget.

Involve Party Experts

If you’re having a destination wedding or one where your guests are simply arriving early then you can hire experts to keep them busy. Ever popular options remain thus: dance teachers, – who can help people interact and have a blast picking up a few steps; yoga instructors to help guests so inclined de-stress as they look forward to the festivities as well as comics, entertainers and performers who will keep guests engaged, or involved in activity as and when they’d like.

A Celeb Sign Board

Ditch the traditional guest book! Go for a fancy sign board with an image of the bride and groom and have the guests sign around with special messages.

Candid Photographer

A traditional photographer covers the wedding. A candid photographer keeps the guests happy and ‘smiling’ by clicking candid shots of them all throughout the ceremony or during other days.

A Kids Section

Most guests choose to skip weddings because they don’t know where to leave their kids. So include a special kids section to let your guests be stress-free while their kids have their own share of fun.

Attentive Ushers

Attentive ushers at weddings are truly God-sent. They make sure your guests are never left wanting. Your ushers should be ready with a solution even before the guests come up with a problem.


Wouldn’t that be so much fun! Going to a wedding to shed a few tears at the emotional moment but coming with something to keep for life that will make you laugh every time you look at it!

Lighting Game


A destination wedding can be one of the most fun experiences for guests, simply because of the change of scenery and vacation-like experience

Hire professional decorators for the lights, a décor with funky lightings system going with your wedding theme would be just perfect.

A Choreographed Dance

This is becoming a thing now and if you just YouTube it you’ll be thousands of videos of the bride and groom in a choreographed dance number. It is an exciting trend and it definitely keeps the guests grooving along.

Hunger Cures

Hungry? Grab a snack! It’s as simple as that. Keep your kitchens ready for light snacks for your guests to munch on as and when they’d like. A full tummy makes for a happy guest.

Live Tweet

Even celebs aren’t that cool you know! But you can be, by making special hashtags and setting up boards advising your guests to live tweet photos and videos of the wedding making it a cool trend.

With the above points, my excitement levels have already gone up! What do you think? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below.

Images Source: Istock