Want Strong Legs And A Better Butt? 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Squat

Written by Anjala Farahath

Do you remember the oh-so-popular scene in the hit series, Game Of Thrones (GOT), with Jon Snow’s derrière? That GOT episode not just transformed us into lecherous men and women for a brief moment, but it also made us hit the gym and squat our way to getting a better butt. (Also, that was probably one rare sight when a man’s bottom looked better than ours’).

With bikini season taking over, fitness enthusiasts are flocking the gym to get the perfect summer body. While the meaning of the word perfect is quite flexible for every individual, it’s safe to say that we are all on the same page when it comes to achieving strong legs and a better butt. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj…well you get the drift, don’t you? They all have perky, curvy, and strong bottoms that are picture-perfect. I’ve spent several evenings gawking and admiring these booty-full women, and then quickly researching on the web on how to get voluptuous buttocks like them. For those of us who desire a strong, round, and firm derrière, our floppy, wobbly and saggy buns are a pain in the rear. So, how do we get those strong legs and the perfect peaches?


That’s right. We squat. But, that’s not enough. Just as our butts need an upgrade, our squats do too. So, here’s a list of upgraded squats and exercises for stronger glutes and toned legs-

1. Squat- Tuck- Jump

Just as the name says, this squat comes in three parts. Firstly, stand with your feet placed hip-width apart and toes turned out. Next, lower your derrière into a half squat until it’s parallel to the floor. Don’t kneel forward. Now, extend your arms slightly behind you to help create motion. Now, swing your arms forward and jump straight up, bending knees in front of hips. Land in a squat.

2. Yoga Squat

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Squats are all about how low you can go with your glutes squeezed in, core engaged, and feet stable on the ground. So, begin with your feet placed hip-width apart and point your toes out. Voluntarily, lift your but and push it out as you lower your body into a squat such that your bum is just a few inches above the floor. Press your elbows gently over your thighs and open your hips. Ensure that your spine isn’t stressed. Repeat these 10 times, for 3 sets.

3. Chair Squat

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If you are a beginner, you can place a chair or a bench for support and positioning. Stand with your feet together and slowly lower your squat into a sitting position. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and tuck your pelvis in. Squeeze your abs and try sitting down, but don’t actually sit. That’s quite a temptation to resist after 10 reps!

4. Warrior Squat

Warrior Squat
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Position yourself with legs placed wider than hip-width apart. The idea here is to squat towards one side, so first shift all your weight to your right leg and bend your right knee at a ninety-degree angle. Ensure that your knees don’t crossover your toes. Point your toes out. Keep your left leg straight and stretched, with toes pointing straight ahead. Lift your arms up to your shoulder and bend the right arm, while keeping the left hand straight.

5. Ninja Squat

Ninja Squat
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Stand with your feet together. Now, lift one leg, bending your thigh at a ninety-degree angle. This leg should be parallel to the floor. Keep the other leg straight, soft at the knee. Hold this position with arms on either side parallel to the floor. You can repeat this 10 times through a course of three steps or hold it for 30 seconds on each side.

6.Frog Squat

This one is all about squeezing your butt-cheeks and engaging your core. As a rule of thumb, remember to suck in your tummy and hold your core tight when you’re working out. This helps you maintain balance and also work on more muscle groups. For the frog squat, stand with your feet placed shoulder-width apart and toes pointing outwards. Fold your hands in a namaste position and squeeze your palms together. Do this as you lower your booty into a squat.

Although doing repetitions is good, it’s even more effective if you hold the squats for 30 seconds. Slow, steady movements that engage your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, outer thighs are more effective. The body doesn’t just burn fat, it also builds muscles. These butt workouts help you isolate your muscular tension on the glutes and the knees to help tone your butt and make it bigger (we’re talking Beyoncé big). Additionally, keep a safe distance from processed foods and sugar and maintain a healthy habit of eating a whole lot of proteins.

Once you’re done shaking your booty, and working those leg muscles, post your Buttfies here and give us some serious derrière goals.

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