6 Effective Ways To Treat Diaper Rash In Toddlers

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Does your toddler seem to cry when you make her wear a diaper? Is she suffering from reddened skin on the bottom? Does she have problems sitting down on a hard surface? If you nodded along in acquiesce, your little angel might have a diaper rash. Read our post and find out all about diaper rash in toddlers, and how it affects.

What Causes Diaper Rash In Toddlers?

Diaper rash typically occurs due to wetness or moisture, which comes in contact with the soft skin of toddlers. Diapers are usually airtight and are closer to the skin, which restricts the air supply.

Moisture Generation:

The tight diaper can lead to an increase in sweating, which increases body heat. The increase in body heat also elevates pH levels (they measure of acidity or alkalinity) of the swollen and inflamed skin area. Friction only aggravates the problem and makes your little darling’s skin susceptible to rashes.

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Fecal Or Urinal Contact:

If your toddler soils her diaper, ensure that you change it immediately. Urine releases ammonia that causes skin irritation and increases pH levels, which result in rashes. Also, fecal matter is acidic in nature, and the germs present in it can lead to infections in the body, which can result in rashes and severe skin conditions.

Symptoms Of Diaper Rash:

Here, we list some symptoms of diaper rashes:

  • Redness or pinkness over a patch of skin on your toddler’s bottom.
  • Pustules or little fluid-filled bumps may appear.
  • Swelling on the patch of skin.
  • Scaling or peeling the skin is another symptom.
  • Papules or dry bumps may appear.
  • The patch seems warmer than the rest of her body.
  • Sometimes, the wound may bleed.
  • Rashes can lead to severe skin conditions in other parts of the body.
  • If you don’t take proper care, your little tot may develop fever.

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How To Treat Diaper Rash In Toddlers?

Seeing your little angel’s bottom turn red is unnerving. But there is nothing to worry at all, as diaper rashes are normal and curable. With a little bit of care, you can prevent and minimize toddler diaper rashes.

1. Change Diapers Frequently:

Frequently changing diapers is the best way to avoid any unnecessary irritation and rashes. It helps keep germs at bay.

2. Wipe Her Skin:

Once your toddler urinates or defecates, you need to clean and wipe her body properly to avoid any infection.

3. Avoid Perfumed Baby Wipes:

Avoid using fragrant wipes for your little angel. They might seem ideal, with their lovely smell, but the chemicals in the wipe can lead to skin irritation and rashes.

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4. Change Dirty Diapers Immediately:

As soon as your toddler soils her diaper, you need to change it immediately. As infectious germs thrive on stools, which acidifies your toddler’s skin and leads to rashes.

5. Clean With Water:

Our grandmother’s way of cleaning us is one of the best ways to maintain hygiene. Grannies use water to wash babies, and you should follow their footsteps. Water helps reduce and even eliminate the risk of a skin infection.

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6. Remove The Diaper:

Your little darling’s skin is soft and delicate. Keeping it airtight for a long time is not a good idea at all. Let your child’s skin breathe as well. Thus, remove the diaper for some time and let her skin heal naturally.

We hope you find the above post useful. Did your toddler contract diaper rashes? How did you deal with the problem? Do you know of any other tips or tricks to ease diaper rashes in toddlers? Please share your valuable experience with fellow moms here. Leave a comment below.

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