131 Ways To Say Thank You That Will Instantly Make Someone’s Day

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“Thank you” is probably one of the most commonly used phrases in English. In fact, it is overused so much that it has lost its meaning and significance.

When someone does something for you, you will want to show them how grateful you are. Here are 101 ways to show your gratitude and say “thank you” that will make the recipients feel acknowledged, appreciated, and happy.

131 Ways To Say Thank You

  1. Thank you a million times!
  1. Thank you for always stepping in when I need you the most.
  1. No one has ever been so helpful.
  1. You are my savior!
  1. You have been super helpful to me!
  1. I appreciate your help so much!
  1. I am so indebted to you for this.
  1. You mean the world to me!
  1. Gracias! (Thanks in Spanish)
  1. Thanks for having my back.
  1. I doubt I will ever be able to repay this favor.
  1. You make me want to be a better person.
  1. You are a peach! Thank you for helping me out!
  1. Thank You For Your Support.
  1. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.
bottom of my heart
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  1. I will never be able to thank you enough for this.
  1. You have been so kind to me.
  1. Thank You For Everything.
  1. I am so lucky to have met you.
  1. You are a true hero!
  1. Oh! You shouldn’t have!
  1. How can I ever repay you!
  1. If I send you a picture of myself right now, you would have known what being grateful looks like!
  1. I am forever indebted to you for this!
  1. So sweet of you to do it for me!
  1. Sometimes, I can’t believe I got so lucky.
  1. What did I do to deserve you?
  1. I love it when we do things together.
  1. You are an angel sent to earth for me.
  1. Even heavens can’t thank you enough as much as I am grateful to you.
much as I am grateful
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  1. You are my lifeline.
  1. You are a rare, helpful person.
  1. I heart you for being with me always.
  1. I value your support so much.
  1. You make me want to be a better person.
  1. May the force forever be with you.
  1. I would move mountains for you.
  1. You have brought out the goodness in me.
  1. I need a person like you in my life forever.
  1. You make my world beautiful.
  1. I hope you have the best life in the world.
  1. Is there anything I can do to make you as happy as you make me?
  1. Please acknowledge my gratitude.
  1. You are my world.
  1. Grazie! (Thanks in Italian)
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  1. My life is amazing because you are in it.
  1. What would I ever do without you?
  1. Thank you for believing in me, always.
  1. Without you, there is no fun.
  1. I will always remember your contribution to my life.
  1. That is so thoughtful of you, thank you.
  1. You are a blessing.
  1. You are better than the best.
  1. You make my life nothing short of magical.
  1. There is not one other person like you.
  1. I owe you my life.
  1. You are so perfect. Thank You For Your Kindness. Stay this way forever.
  1. I will help you out without question.
  1. You are truly amazing, and I am very grateful to you.
  1. I am running out of words to express my gratitude towards you.
gratitude towards
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  1. Thank You For Your Help. God bless you, angel on earth!
  1. May you stay cheerful forever!
  1. You make me want to hug you tight every time.
  1. You are always there for me, thank you.
  1. When my mother is away, I don’t panic – because I have you.
  1. Each second spent with you is the best moment of my life.
  1. You were sent from heaven for me.
  1. You are living proof that actions speak louder than words.
  1. You have set an example of how to be a perfect human.
  1. You are a phenomenal person. I adore you for all the help.
  1. You are the ray of happiness in my life.
  1. How are you so amazingly helpful?
  1. You taught me to give unconditionally.
  1. Do you consciously decide to be so helpful?
  1. Thanks a lot for your timely help. I couldn’t have done it without you.
timely help
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  1. I would have been lost without you.
  1. You are the kind who makes the devil want to be a better person.
  1. When I think of things I am grateful for, you are on top of the list.
  1. I am very touched you did it for me.
  1. You do so much for me and make it feel like nothing. Thank you!
  1. You are my family. No one does so much unless they are family.
  1. Merci! (Thanks in French)
  1. When you are around, I am always jolly.
  1. You are always there to hold me when I fall.
  1. Thank you for supporting my dreams.
  1. I salute you for everything you do for everyone.
  1. You are honestly worthy of being applauded.
  1. Arigato gozaimasu! (Thanks in Japanese)
  1. Thank you for leading by example.
  1. Your generosity is so overwhelming.
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  1. Endless gratitude.
  1. I am your biggest fan after what you have done for me.
  1. Bless you, rock star.
  1. You are truly a lifesaver.
  1. Salamat! (Thanks in Filipino)
  1. You make a huge difference to the world.
  1. You are a unique and special person.
  1. Everything is perfect since you stepped in my life.
  1. You make a positive impact no matter where you go.
  1. You inspire me to do the unthinkable.
  1. Gamsahamnida! (Thanks in Korean)
  1. You are an angel in disguise.
  1. The world would be a happy place to live in if there were more people like you in it.
  1. You made my life a dream come true.
  1. I will always remember your kindness.
remember your kindness
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  1. I really don’t know what to say to express my thankfulness.
  1. If you were here, you would see me dancing in joy.
  1. How can you be so awesome always without a break?
  1. Your kindness will always be etched in my memory.
  1. You are a vital part of my life now.
  1. You left me speechless with your kindness.
  1. Xie xie! (Thanks in Chinese)
  1. You make me smile from within.
  1. Looking at you makes me wonder, “How did I get so lucky?”
  1. Blessed are those who have people like you in their lives.
  1. I have started believing in humans after meeting you.
  1. You are the sun in my life.
  1. Even on my worst days, you could make me smile.
  1. Danke! (Thanks in German)
  1. My smile is now wider than my TV, all thanks to you.
smile is now wider than
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  1. If you could collect a dollar for each time, I was grateful to you, you would be a millionaire.
  1. Thank you for making every problem feel like nothing.
  1. Thank you for being with me through all my problems.
  1. If people start giving back what you do for them, you will be covered in gold.
  1. Is there no limit to how awesome you can be?
  1. I want to thank you, but I have run out of words, so I am just going to hug you tight.
  1. Friends like you are treasures.
  1. You lift me up when I feel low and down in the dumps.
  1. If there was any way I could express myself to let you know how thankful I am, I would.
  1. Undying gratitude for your kindness!
  1. You are the kindest person I ever bumped into.

With these innovative ways of expressing your gratitude, you will surely make them feel special about rendering help to you. Hope these messages make their day!

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