4 Ways To Make Your Flower Decoration For Wedding Stand Out

No matter what new wedding decoration trend comes to the fore, be it paper streamers or hot-air balloons, there will never be anything more classy or as classic as flowers. Flower decoration and using other floral décor ideas have always been mainstays in the wedding decoration market, and for a good reason. The fresh, life affirming feel that flowers can give you is almost unparalleled, and what better elements to improve the ambiance of your event than things that suggest life, growth and brightness. The simple happiness that flowers can impart to the emotional impact of your decorations and theme is almost unbelievable, but is not simply because of how obviously beautiful they are.

Though the beauty of flowers and other floral décor elements is almost unsurpassed, it is not this aspect that makes them so popular with wedding decorators. The true reason why they are so widespread in their use and function is the sheer versatility of flowers, they will go with and work with almost every theme and other design element. You want curtains? Hang some strings and make floral sheets of curtains. You want a lot of glass highlights at your wedding, then have hanging glass globes with some choice picked flowers that will give you exactly what you want with all the floral embellishments you could wish for.

If you are into flower decoration for weddings, take a look through some of the ideas that we’ve curated below. We assure you that you will be amazed!

1. Flowers For Centrepieces

1 centrepiece decoration

Image Courtesy : Devika Narain

Floral centrepieces have always been in the vogue, and have always been appreciated by people from all walks of life. And brides across the ages have always used flowers to be part of their centrepieces, ever since the fashionable trend caught on. Increasingly these days, brides are looking for newer and fresher takes on the concept of floral centrepieces, and are pushing the boundaries of design. A new and extremely popular trend for instance, is putting fresh flowers in purposely decorated jam bottles and jars. You can use some coloured bits of lace or multiple ribbons to embellish a vase so that it looks brand new and beautiful. These are wonderful options for DIY enthusiasts, who can use this base template as a platform of absolute expression. If you are not very strong in your DIY skills however, you can still use coloured food containers or boxes to hold your flowers. If you are a fan of vintage themes, you can never go wrong with plain metal tins, free of any wrapping, to hold your floral decorations. And you can always mix and match to attain that perfect hipster look, the eclectic will be coming out of your ears.


Image Courtesy : VELVET FERNS

If you are a fan of the classical garden themed weddings, of the old English flavour, then perhaps you could set a bunch of wildflowers picked from your area, in a jug of cream? If you want to go for a delightful spring look, then we suggest that you get some tulips, gypsophila, fusila and daffodils. Another popular trend of the day is to arrange your centrepiece flowers in bowls of mismatched china. This arrangement looks fantastic, especially at more vintage themed weddings, and will be delightful for your guests.

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Image Courtesy : Shaadi Planners

If you want to go the more traditional route, then you just have to include some candles. A tall centrepiece, with a long glass candle holder. Which has been adorned with flowers will look stunningly beautiful. An elegantly alternate option in this case would be to have a few fresh cut orchid stems, preferably of bright colours. This would add another level of impact to the overall effect of your visual presentation. You can also use potted orchids as centrepieces, which can then be given away as return gifts, an eminently practical solution to say the least.

2. For Bouquets, Boutonnieres And Corsages


Image Courtesy : The Cheesecake Project

This is a small and often overlooked detail that can make a hell lot of a difference, especially in Christian weddings. Even if you have no intention of tossing the bouquet over the shoulder, you can always choose to look florally stunning with the addition of the perfect accessories.

groom and bridesmaid

Image Courtesy : The Cheesecake Project

For the ladies, the varied bouquet can make them look simply divine. Choose an artful bunch of flowers, or go for a cascading fall of petals, or even go completely off the beaten path and bring out a bouquet made of succulents and broad leaves. To make a monochromatic bouquet have a bit of extra pop, use a ribbon in a complementary or contrasting color. You can also add to your visual profile with a well matched corsage, which can rest elegantly on your bosom; though care should be taken so that it doesn’t clash with your jewellery. Get botanical on your guests!

For the gents, a neat and well conceptualised boutonniere can make all the difference between handsome and devilishly dashing. Pin a colourful dash of nature’s goodness to your lapel and walk out there in style.

3. The Pews, Aisles And Gardens


Image Courtesy : Devika Narain


The traditional image of a church pew is a sombre one, but these conjured images need not be all that bad if you throw some flowers into the mix. Decorating the space with your choice of floral elements will add an airy, modern feel to the ambiance. As it is up to you to ensure that your weddings is personalised as per your exacting standards, you can go wild and have all the possible combinations of flowers that you want. You can tie small bunches of flowers that have been wrapped in complementing ribbons to the ends of the chairs on the aisle, to have subtle touches of nature’s beauty added to your wedding. Another beautiful and minimal approach is to have single petals from vividly colourful flowers – carnations for example – hanging in tealights, they will look simply beautiful. You can even pop a bunch of flowers with long stems into a tagged paper cone, with a lace ribbon to hold the ensemble together, and hang them off the chairs to make for a classically elegant pew marker; ranunculus will work wonderfully well for this purpose.


However, if you want to be a lot more dramatic, then why restrict yourself to the floral, when you can go botanical on the event. Line your aisle with a few potted trees to bring the garden into your venue, you can even stick a few flowers into the topiary to give them an extra dash of colour. In addition, you can use the inherent versatility of this floral decoration trend to go a few steps beyond. Try using strings of lights as drapes of sorts for your trees, you can try fairy-lights for the winter. Once you’ve been wed, you can then take these potted tress and use them to furnish your new house, a complete win-win we’d say.

If you’re having your ceremony in a garden, then there are an infinite number of things that you can do. A staple would be roses. White, red and gold roses are always garden decoration classics. This elementary combinations is almost unbeatable, every single time. You can use white boards and patchwork fences, zig-zag patterned frames being very popular these days, as well as free-standing pillars to create a boundary for the eyes, and keep the attention within the venue. This simple look is summarily pleasing and supremely easy on the eyes. The best thing though about these ideas is that they aren’t too heavy on the wallet, and have the sublime quality of looking absolutely beautiful on a bright summer day.

4. Marvelous Mandaps


Image Courtesy : Blankslate Weddings

Traditional wedding decorations in India, especially in the south, are not usually considered complete without the use of some jasmine or the mullapoo. These beautiful floral decorations can be seen in the form of long strings of freshly cut jasmine with a little bit of tulsi interspersed in between. They are often used to flow over the roof line of the stage in many setups and to serve as the backdrop of the stage, sometimes even employing the kanakambarramor roses in addition to the jasmine.


Image Courtesy : Devika Narain

These floral decorations can also be used for an open-air wedding stage, where the flowers tend to stay fresh longer and also exhibit a completely alternate elegance in natural light. The result is a classically beautiful, graceful setting filled with the fragrance of natural flowers.


Image Courtesy : Varvadhu Wedding

The traditional decoration styles can be shown in their most rustic form with a careful choice of colourful permutations of different flowers like the multicouloured calendulas, and by not including more than two or three different coulours. This builds a well toned colour profile that is not only easy on the eyes but also classy in a simplistic way. Ombre at its very best.

The traditional stage can be altered to use structurally aesthetic frameworks as opposed to the regular mandap with a dome, which then employs floral adornments to highlight these structures. These are increasingly popular now with wedding stage decorations in many cultures across our expansive nation. The result is not only innovative stage design and decoration, but a marriage that will be the talk of the town!


Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

You can completely own a theme by selecting the flower used for the wedding stage decoration as well. An excellent choice of flower for this purpose is the rose, as it is available in a profusion of colours and adds romantic allure to the settings effortlessly. By sticking with the classic red rose, with petals spread across the floor of the stage, and also arranged along the roof-line of the stage, you will be looking at a royal wedding stage setting that will enthrall your guests with its simple opulence.

You can have the most elegant wedding stage decorations with flowers, the traditional choices and/or others, carefully arranged along a satin-curtained backdrop with minimal holdings that also make use of floral ornamentation. This way there is more than enough stage space, while the bride and groom – the heroes of the day – get the limelight that is rightfully theirs.

If You’re Going To Eat It, Then Put A Flower On It


Image Courtesy : Blankslate Weddings

An evolving and popular trend in the area of cake décor these days is to have an explosion of tastefully placed floral shapes on the tiers of the wedding cake. It looks amazingly beautiful, and as a bonus you can eat them as well. The amazing advances in technology, with confectioners and bakers now having access to 3-D printing technology that can print out even chocolate flowers, have allowed for some truly spectacular designs to have come into being as of late.

It’s All About The Flowers

Despite having been used as a staple for most wedding decorations, the versatility of flowers allows for a number of newer and fresher ways in which they can be used as décor elements. Almost anything can go with flowers, and we’ll prove it to you that you can use them for almost any part of your wedding.

You can use birdcages that have been filled with blooms of flowers, and use them as either centerpieces or you can hang them from the walls. You could even replace the birdcages with lanterns of all shapes and sizes. They would have to be of clear glass, so that the effect of the flowers is not diminished. This option is for those who have a day wedding, but desperately want to include lanterns to the visual aesthetic of their wedding.

If you like flowers, then having flower curtains at your wedding is perfectly natural. Use a transparent thread to hold the flowers, and arrange them in ombre, perhaps going from white through pink to a shade of saturation.

Block colour flower curtains are also very popular, the most common choice being all white flowers to adorn the entrance to a lot of wedding venues. You can even have a carpet of flowers and moss leading to the stage or altar, a very chic and trendy choice.

Instead of going the tried and tested route of crystal chandeliers, you can use chandeliers that have an additional layer of decoration in the form of flowers? Floral chandeliers are becoming extremely popular these days, bring the bounty of natural light above your guests’ heads.

A lot of people are using topiary and flowers to create elaborate sculptures of animals near the entrance to their wedding. Peacocks and elephants are the most popular and recurring choices for Indian weddings. The selfie potential is strong with this one, and this idea will bring great joy to your guests, who will be talking about it for a while.

As for your tables, where the guests will be dining, there are a lot of things that can be done. A single bloom with a long life, attached by a simple bit of wire can be fashioned into a superb napkin ring that will scream simple elegance. An interesting option here is to use cocktail stirrers that are topped by long stemmed blooms – such as geraniums – simply attach them to crimson chopsticks and you’ve got yourself a unique little gig.

In the end, there is nothing quite like flower wedding decoration. What did you think about our idea? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!