How To Make A Girl Think About You: 21 Ways To Try

Make her think about you nonstop with some simple yet effective tricks.

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Have you met a lady who left a lasting impression on you, and now you are wondering how to make a girl think about you? While attraction happens naturally in humans, certain behavioral and personality traits make you more appealing to others and get their attention. However, each girl is different, and getting her to think about you entirely depends on how you treat her.
Read through this post to know how to make a girl think about you and win over the girl of your dreams.

How To Make A Girl Think About You: 21 Ways

Before trying to get a girl to think about you, you should be sure about your feelings and what you want from them. It is important to make your intentions clear before you make a move to win over a girl.

1. Leave hints that you like her

When you think somebody is attracted to you, it is natural that you think more about them. So let your girl know that you are into her by leaving hidden hints. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Make her realize it through your actions without confessing your feelings openly.

2. Give as much attention as needed

When you are attracted to someone, you might want to talk to them all the time. However, giving her your complete attention will only make you appear less attractive to her. When you are there for her all the time, she doesn’t have time to think about you.

3. Compliment her

Everyone loves compliments. Complementing the girl you like can go a long way in flaring up the attraction. So when you compliment her, it will make her feel special and tell her that you like her. Make sure your compliments are genuine to get the desired results.

4. Be mysterious

Keeping a hint of mystery around you will make a girl think about you. When a girl knows everything about you, there is no surprise element. Don’t overshare when you talk to the girl you like, and let her guess. This will make you more desirable to any girl.

5. Respect her

The pop culture and online dating coaches have made millennial men believe that disrespecting a girl is a turn-on. Don’t fall prey to that fallacy. Giving respect is the key to every girl’s heart. So be respectful when you talk to her and treat her well.

6. Don’t be needy

Being needy instantly kills attraction. For instance, when your girl takes a bit longer to text you back, don’t get annoyed or show your discontent. Go on with your life, and don’t act like your world revolves around her.

7. Carry yourself well

Physical appearance does matter when it comes to attraction. So dress well and groom yourself to make you more attractive physically. When you carry yourself well, your girl will find it difficult not to think about you.

8. Listen to her

When you truly listen to her, you earn her trust. Make her comfortable in your presence so that she can open up freely. Once you become her confidante, she will reach out to you first whenever she needs something. That way, she keeps thinking about you all the time.

9. Flirt with her

Flirting can build sexual tension. When you flirt with her, you drag her to a mind game, and she works up her brain to reply to your text. Subsequently, she keeps thinking about you the whole day.

10. Make her laugh

A good sense of humor never fails to impress a girl. So don’t miss a chance to make her laugh, and she will find you irresistible. She will recall all the fun-filled times she had with you and keep thinking about you.

11. Be unpredictable

Don’t follow a routine when you talk to her. For instance, if you text her every night, then she knows when to expect your text. Instead, text her at different times of the day. That way, she will think about when you will text her, keeping her intrigued. This unpredictable nature of you will make you more desirable.

12. Cut off contact once in a while

When you feel you have been talking to her for quite a long time and shared many things, cut off contact with her for a few days. When it has become a habit for both of you to talk every day, your sudden disappearance will leave her baffled. She’ll think about you all the time and contemplate the possible reasons for your disappearance and miss your company.

13. Impress her friends

You are on the right track if she introduces you to her friends because a girl will do that only if you mean something to her. So when you get a chance to meet her friends, present your best self and impress them. If you succeed in that, chances are her friends will drag you in their casual conversations, and you will be in her thoughts more often.

14. Be patient

Desperation will not help you win over a girl. Take your time to talk to her and build the connection over time. If you are honest with your feelings and treat her right, slowly but surely, you will occupy her thoughts and win her affection.

15. Create uncertainty

Women are hard to understand because there are certain traits that most men fail to decipher. Uncertainty is one such trait that triggers attraction in a woman. A girl will find you more desirable when she is uncertain whether you like her or not. So make the moves accordingly, and she can’t stop thinking about you.

16. Make her feel special

Giving your girl the right attention and doing and saying things that make her feel special are a shortcut to her heart. Remember the tiniest details she shares with you and put in the extra effort to make her feel important and special. This way, she will think about you all the time and may even fall for you.

17. Take her out

Make spontaneous plans, take her out, and let her have a good time with you. It can be a long drive in the city or having tea at her favorite stall. This will bring her close to you, and she will keep thinking about what plan you will come up with next time.

18. Present her a gift

Surprise her with a gift if you already know what she likes. It should be something that is useful and something she would treasure. Whenever she sees the gift, she will remember you, and you will be instantaneously in her thoughts.

19. Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman stands you out from others and helps you attract the girl you want. So hold the door for her, and be respectful towards her, and she will reward you with her affection. Moreover, even when you are not around, she will recall your kind gestures and keep thinking about you.

20. Invoke insecurity

Set your bar high, and let her know that you are a man of high value. Tell her about the girl you have seen or the one you would want to grab a coffee with. When she knows that you have options, she will value you more. When you are not around, she will think about who you are with and eventually end up falling in love with you.

21. Be positive

Last but not least, be positive. Make her see the brighter side of things and always boost her morale. If she had a bad day at the office, tell her that things will fall in place soon. Lift her spirits, and she will think about you and reach out to you whenever she feels down.

Now that you know how to make a girl think about you, make the right moves, and forge a beautiful connection with her. Be clear about your intentions, and be genuine in your approach, and nothing can go wrong in winning her over.

Key pointers

  • When you like a girl from the bottom of your heart, you would like her to think about you.
  • Being kind to her and respecting her yet staying mysterious are some ways to stay in her thoughts.
  • Remember to be positive and a gentleman to ensure you create a positive lasting impression on her.
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