3 Different Ways To Fold Your Baby’s Cloth Diaper

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Are you a young parent who is confused about how to wrap a cloth diaper around your baby? Well, you have come to the right place. Read on to know more on using a cloth diaper for your little one and its advantages.

Using cloth diapers is certainly an economical and environment-friendly method. Pre-fold diapers come with multiple layers to ensure maximum absorbency. The panels offer maximum protection at the center with lesser thickness at the sides.

Folding cloth diapers is an easy task. Though there are different folding techniques available, you can choose the one that you feel is easier. Read on to know how to fold cloth diapers for a newborn:

How To Fold A Cloth Diaper?

Here are discussed the different folding methods that you can refer to:

1. Pre-folds:

You need to place the pre-fold on the surface to make sure the short sizes are at the bottom and top. You also need to slide the cover of the diaper under the pre-fold to get an idea of the size you want from the pre-fold.

The bottom edges should be folded to keep the nappy a bit shorter than the cover of the diaper. Fold the right and left bottom edges towards the center to make the nappy narrower than the cover.

The upper edges should be kept slightly wider to keep in line with the cover shape. This step will create the wings that will encircle your baby’s waist.

The diaper cover and the pre-fold should be placed under your baby and arranged in such a way that it fits your baby well. Make sure the diaper cover is in the place.

The nappy must not extend out the diaper cover as these would lead to leakages.

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2. Flats:

For flats fold, you need to keep the nappy flat on a surface to create the folds. Smoothen it to remove all wrinkles. Bring close the two opposite sides to create the shape of a kite. You will get a point at the top and a comparatively longer point at the bottom.

To create a flat you need to fold the short point on top. The nappy should look like a triangle. Bring closer the longer point to meet the folded flat edge. You will get a trapezoid shape with a wider edge on the top. It goes along the back of your baby. The narrower edge below should pass through his legs and against his tummy.

Place your baby on the folded nappy with his back against the top. The narrower edge should pass through his legs. The wider edge must be wrapped around him. Use pins to secure his nappy in place.

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3. The Bikini Twist:

This style of folding a cloth diaper will work wonders if your baby has heavy thighs. While you can expect superior absorbency, you also get high cut opening with this.

You need to begin with an infant, toddler or baby pre-fold diaper. One end of the diaper should be folded over the other completely to get the shape of a bow. Put the diaper under your baby and bring the front corners through his legs.

The front corners should be wrapped around his sides. The corners at the back must be brought to the front. Back corners must be fastened with pins. You can put a waterproof cover and ensure his diaper is completely encased within the cover.

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Cloth diapers are favored by plenty of parents today. Cloth diapers also ensure your baby does not suffer from painful rashes. With time, you will know which folding style is the best for your little one. So keep experimenting with the different options till you finally arrive at the perfect one.

Hopefully, the folding styles mentioned above helps you know how to fold a cloth diaper. Do let us know which fold works best for you and your baby by commenting below. Simultaneously, share this article among your friends and family.

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