6 Ways To Ensure Your Punjabi Wedding Photography Is Brilliant

Punjabi wedding photography means capturing forever the magical moments like shaking a leg to the beats of a bhangra song! The very essence of Punjabi culture and what it does to you – it makes you fall in love with their music, their culture, their food and the women! So when we talk about a Punjabi wedding, you can be assured that it stays true to its rich heritage. The marriages are marked with colourful celebrations, full of passion and full of rituals that are simply heart warming. Punjabis are also famous all over India for their generosity. Where else in India would the families of the bride and groom dance with such gleeful abandon!

For those of you having a Punjabi wedding, you would know that all its hues and vibrancy must be captured to perfection. That’s right. I’m talking about finding the right photographer to freeze forever those precious moments of your special day.

But then again, wedding photography doesn’t really have to begin only on your wedding day. The planning has to begin a few months before your big day. Here is a check list of some questions you should ask yourself before searching for the best Punjabi wedding photography expert to document your lovely wedding!

Do You Want Pre-Wedding Or Post-Wedding Photo Shoots?

punjabi wedding

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

You should spend some time to think about whether you and your special other would like to go for a pre-wedding shoot. There are many talented photographers who would be more than happy to capture some amazing moments that you and your fiancée have spent together. The mood of these photographs can range from deeply romantic and soulful to cheeky and funny. Try to think of what you two are like as a couple – are you guys adventurous, musically inclined, bibliophiles or couch potatoes?

Whatever your personalities are, they should really shine through in these pictures. While it may seem like an unnecessary expenditure of time and energy to some, you will not regret a pre-wedding shoot if you find the right photographer. This will also give you an opportunity to get to know your Punjabi wedding photography practitioner better and really see what it is like working with them.

What Style Of Photography Would Suit Your Taste Best?

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Image : Devang Singh Photography

Another important consideration before your big day is the style of photography that you would want to see on your big day. There is the traditional wedding photography that we have been so used to seeing. But lately, there have been other trends that have caught up in the Indian market:

Candid Wedding Photography

Punjabi wedding

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

Candid wedding photography does not really adhere to any particular template. So if you are opting for this kind of Punjabi wedding photography, say bye to those shots of the bride and groom putting garlands on each other and looking awkward ( thank god!). Also known as the photojournalistic approach, candid wedding photographers try to tell the story of your wedding through their pictures.

This means that they will try to capture all the emotions associated with your wedding – whether it is the joy on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride or the bride’s tears at the time of her bidaai.

Contemporary Wedding Photography


Image : Devang Singh Photography

This is similar to candid wedding photography, but is not quite the same. While contemporary wedding photography may take many candid shots of your big day, this is not the only aim. These photographers would try to really capture the mood and theme of your wedding in the most artistic and innovative way possible.

What Is Your Budget?

This is an important consideration for any wedding. You may be worried that candid or contemporary wedding photographers may be well beyond your budget. But you would be happy to know that there are photographers in India who would suit every budget.

Did You Like The Photographer?

Punjabi Wedding

Image : Devang Singh Photography

No matter how talented a photographer may be, you need to make sure that he/she will get along well with you. Do not take the word of your friends or relatives. Just because a photographer worked well with someone you know, does not mean that they would be a good fit for you as well. When you go and meet with the photographer, make sure you ask them all the concerns you may be having about your big day. Ask them how many members of their team will be present at the wedding. Ask them how many shots they would provide at each ceremony. Some brides would strongly object to being photographed while crying. If you have any details that you would not want to be covered by your photographer, make sure you tell them in advance. Voice all the doubts and concerns you have. If they have listened to all your questions patiently and tried to answer your questions the best way they can – they are exactly who you would want to cover your special day.