13 Best Water And Amusement Parks In Kolkata For Kids

Head to the unique parks in the city for amusement, education, and relaxation.

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Amusement parks are fun places enjoyed by grown-ups and children alike. If you reside in Kolkata, you might want to explore the best amusement parks in Kolkata for kids. While watching TV or trying various crafts and activities in the house are some options, taking your kids to an amusement park or a water park can be a fun prospect.

There are many theme and amusement parks for children you can visit in and around Kolkata. Most of these places are designed for children, and they are sure to have a frolic time. So, here we have compiled a list of some brilliant water and amusement parks in Kolkata to enjoy with your children and family members.

Top 3 Water Parks In And Around Kolkata That Your Kids Will Love:

Here are some of the best water parks that are situated in and around the city of Kolkata:

1. Aquatica Water Theme Park:

  • Aquatica is one of the most popular water parks in Kolkata and is a great place to enjoy with your kids.
  • It has a host of different types of water rides that are suitable for kids of all ages as well as adults.
  • This water theme park in Kolkata has a water based discotheque, water skiing, water splash pools, a cyclone pool and many more other options that are all based on water.
  • Location: Kochpukur, Rajarhat, about six km from Nicco Park.
  • Contact: 033-32007947
  • Timing: 10 am till 6:30 pm all days of the week. Lunch break timings are from 1:30 pm till 2:30 pm.
  • Entry fee: On weekdays, an adult ticket is priced at INR 150 and child ticket is priced at INR 100. On Sundays and holidays, an adult ticket is priced at INR 200 and child ticket is priced at INR 125. Toddlers over the age of one will be considered as children while those who are taller than 4’6” will be considered as adults.

2. Nalban Boating Park:

  • Nalban Boating Park is one of the largest water amusement park in Kolkata.
  • It is a great place to take your kids and let them enjoy a quiet and long ride on the boat.
  • The huge lake is also surrounded by small plantations and brooks all around, providing a scenic view.
  • The various types of boating facilities that you can go for are paddle boating, rowing boats, shikara styled boats, hovercraft and more.
  • The place also has a hot food joint that serves fresh and delicious food.
  • Location: Next to Nicco Park, Sector IV, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
  • Timing: 9 am till 8:30 pm from Monday till Saturday and 10 are until 9 pm on Sundays and holidays.
  • Entry fee: INR 20 per person.

3. New Town Eco Park:

  • New Town Eco Park is located on 480 acres of plot and has a huge water body spanning 104 acres that surround it.
  • This water park in Kolkata is divided into three sections – first, the ecological zone, which includes grasslands, wetlands and urban forests, second, the theme gardens and the open spaces, and third, the urban recreational spaces.
  • The eco nature and water park also has various areas that are categorized as per the fauna that is planted there. For instance, the park has a bamboo garden, a tropical tree garden, different wildflower meadows, a tea garden, a bonsai garden, a butterfly garden, a heliconia garden, a cactus walk area and many more such areas. This is one of the best park in Kolkata to enjoy with your kids.
  • In addition to the many natural attractions, nature and water park also has a play area for kids.
  • Location: New Town Kolkata, near the Kolkata International Convention Center and the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art.
  • Contact: 033 2706 4010
  • Timing: Tuesday to Saturday, the park is open from 12 noon till 7:30 pm, on Sundays and other holidays, the park is open from 11 am till 7:30 pm. The park remains closed on Mondays.
  • Entry fee: The tickets are priced at INR 20 per person.

Top 5 Amusement Parks In Kolkata For Kids:

Here are some of the best amusement parks that are situated in and around the city of Kolkata:

1. Clown Town:

  • Clown Town is one of the most favorite and best amusement park in kolkata for kids. It is based in Kolkata and was originally designed only for kids.
  • The park has various amusement facilities such as roller skating, bungee jumping, jump walls and so on.
  • There are also a lot of indoor games that your kids can enjoy the day.
  • Location: Block T, Garagacha, Patuli Township, EM Bypass, Garia, Kolkata – 700084.
  • Contact: 033-24369322
  • Timing: Please contact the staff for more details.

2. Nicco Park:

  • Nicco Park is one of the biggest and most popular amusement and kid entertainment zone in Kolkata.
  • The park has fun rides for kids of all ages as well as for adults. It also has a medium sized water area inside, which is known as Wet o Wild.
  • Nicco Park is located within lush greenery and also has a beautiful rose garden, which your kids will love to visit.
  • The amusement park has a lot of food options within its area, which makes it a fun destination to go to with your kids.
  • Location: Jheel Meel, Sector IV, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091.
  • Contact: 033 23576052, 033 23576058
  • Timing: 10:30 am till 7 pm all days of the week.
  • Entry fee: INR 50 per person.

3. Science City:

Science City, Amusement parks in Kolkata for kids
Image: Via : Source
  • Science City, as the name suggests, is an amusement park of a different kind, and is especially interesting for kids.
  • It has one of the largest auditoriums, known as the Science City Auditorium, which tells kids and adults about the various thoughts and ideas that are related to the subject of science.
  • Inside the auditorium, your kids can also have some extremely fun and learning educational experiences. Some of the experiences that your kids can have the auditorium are ropeway expedition, outer space voyage, time travel, 3D vision theater and many more.
  • The auditorium is surrounded by a lot of greenery as well as gardens full of flowers and provides a very beautiful spot for kids to enjoy nature.
  • On the ground floor of the amusement park, your kids can have the option of going through some real scientific experiences themselves. Some scientific ideas that they can experience themselves are Tornado, Ocean Waves, Energy Ball, Quick Sand and many more.
  • The amusement park also has an area that is known to the aquatic world and, as the name suggests, hosts a lot of aquatic themes as well as insects.
  • Location: EM Metropolitan Bypass, Science City, Kolkata.
  • Timing: From 1 April till the 30 September, the amusement park is open from 9 am until 9 pm. From 1 October till the 31 March, the amusement park remains open from 9 am until 8 pm. It is also open on all Sundays and public holidays.
  • Entry fee: For regular visitors, the entry fee is INR 40 per person. For organized groups, the entry fee is INR 30 per person. For organized school groups, the entry fee is INR 20 per person. For underprivileged groups, the entry fee is INR 5 per person. For below poverty line (BPL) visitors, it is mandatory to submit a photo copy of the BPL card and a photo identity. All the other areas within the amusement park have a separate entry fee of an approximately similar range. Please check with the park staff for more details.

4. Energy Education Park:

  • The Energy Education Park was devised with an interesting concept of making the public more aware of various sources of renewable energy.
  • It is spread over an area that spans two acres. The park had been developed by the renewable energy division of the state government.
  • Going by its name, the park promotes using various alternative sources of energy. One of the most popular sources of energy that is used in the Energy Education Park is solar energy.
  • To make visitors aware of the various types of alternative sources of energy that can be used, the park displays some live projects that help to create energy. Some such displays of alternative sources of energy include a biomass gasifier plant, solar water heater, wind energy generator and even more.
  • The park is also surrounded by lush greenery, which makes it an ideal place for your kids to learn something new while surrounded by nature.
  • Location: Near Science City on the EM Metropolitan Bypass
  • Timing: 11 am until 7 pm.
  • Entry fee: For adults, the tickets are priced at INR 5 and for children the tickets are priced at INR 3.

5. Millennium Park:

Millennium Park, Amusement parks in Kolkata for kids
Image: Via : Source
  • The Millennium Park is one of the famous parks in Kolkata was inaugurated around the start of the year 2000, hence the name ‘Millennium Park.’
  • The park is located near the shores of the river Hooghly and has a stretch of about 2.5 km of the river at the Fairlie Ghat area.
  • It has beautiful landscaped gardens and many rides that will keep your kids entertained.
  • Location: Strand Road, Bara Bazaar, B D Bagh, Kolkata
  • Timing: The Millennium Park is open from 11 am until 8 pm.

Other Parks In Kolkata For Kids:

Apart from the many amusement and water parks mentioned above, here are a few other parks that are located in and around Kolkata and that your kids will love:

1. The Maidan:

  • The word maidan means an open ground in the Bengali language, and that is exactly what Maidan literally is. It is an open space that is located right outside the Victoria Memorial and is also known as the Brigade Parade Ground.
  • The Maidan is one of the largest open parks in Kolkata and houses a number of playgrounds, such as the famous cricketing ground Eden Gardens, the Kolkata Race Course, as well as a number of football venues.
  • The space also has beautiful architectural pieces dotted across it, and is, even more, beautiful with the natural greenery that it provides. It is a huge space that stretches from the Raj Bhavan building in Esplanade in the north of Kolkata till the National Library on Belvedere Road in Alipore in the south of Kolkata.
  • Some famous places near the Maidan are the Victoria Memorial, the Raj Bhawan, the Octerlony Monument, Eden Gardens, the Birla Planetarium and more.

2. Central Park:

  • The Central Park is located in Bidhannagar. It is a public park and is also known as Banabitan.
  • The park is said to be the second largest open space in Kolkata, the first largest open park space being the Maidan.
  • The Central Park is built around a water body that also makes it a favorite picnic spot.
  • A bridge connects one side of the lake to a pagoda that is built on an island.
  • Many water birds visit the lake and the park, and some of the bird species that can be spotted there are the common moorhen, cormorants, egrets, the lesser whistling duck and many other species.
  • The park also has a beautiful rose garden that is located near Gate number 1, as well as a boating area.

3. Deshapriya Park:

  • Deshapriya Park is situated in South Kolkata and is used as a huge playground.
  • The park has Rash Behari Avenue on one side and the Sarat Bose Road on the other side.
  • Various professional sports people, as well as regular people, play different sports in the park on a regular basis. You can always find different groups playing at the park and some of the games you can witness there are football, tennis and cricket.
  • The park also hosts a very popular Durga Puja pandal during the month of the festival.

4. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden:

J. C. Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Amusement parks in Kolkata for kids
Image: Via : Source
  • The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden is located in a place called Shibpur, in Howrah, which is near Kolkata. It is also known as the Calcutta Botanical Garden.
  • The Botanical Garden contains some very rare varieties of plants and has a collection of more than 12,000 specimens. The park is spread over an area of 109 hectares.
  • The garden was founded in the year 1787 by an army officer of the British East India Company, known as Colonel Robert Kyd. The main purpose of the garden when it was founded was to identify and grow new plants that would be of commercial value, such as teak, as well as various spices that could be used for trade.
  • The garden is also hailed as the place that introduced the tea plant in India from China.
  • One of the biggest attractions in the Botanical Garden is the great banyan tree. It is famed to be the biggest banyan tree in the world, and measures more than 330 meters in circumference.
  • The garden also has a wide collection of plants such as bamboo, palms, orchids and many more.
  • Often, a large variety of animals can also be seen inside the garden. Some such animals that visitors can often spot are the Indian mongoose and the Indian fox. Also, the garden is known to have a large variety of snakes that live in its habitat.

5. Mohor Kunja:

Mohor Kunja, Amusement parks in Kolkata for kids
Image: Via : Source
  • Mohor Kunja was earlier known as the Citizen’s Park.
  • It is located near Victoria Memorial on the Cathedral Road. It stands next to Nandan.
  • With so many options to choose from, we are sure you will have an amazing time planning the outing to these places with your kids. Make sure you have all the concerned information and follow all safety precautions while letting your kids enjoy.
  • Moms, have you been to any of the places mentioned above? If yes, do share your experiences, especially how your kids loved the place and whether you will give it a mommy nod or not. And if you know of any more water parks or amusement parks in or around Kolkata, do share it here.

These amusement parks in Kolkata for kids offer several kid-friendly water and land activities to keep them happily engaged. You can plan a picnic at these water parks to enjoy some fun time with your child. Besides, you can also try parks like the Maidan and Mohor Kunja to relish nature’s retreat. Whichever park you choose, know about the facilities it has so that you can make the necessary arrangements if needed. Make a note of other nearby attractions that you can visit along with the park.

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