Wasim Akram Marriage: The Sultan Of Swing's Love Story

The list of the finest cricketers in the world would be incomplete without an ardent mention of the Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram is quite rightfully one of the most exceptional bowlers in the sport and the pioneer behind the reverse swing bowling. Be it on-field or off-field, he is known for his soft and affable persona. When we take a look at his love life and Wasim Akram’s marriages. Wasim has been married not once but twice, with his first marriage ending due to the tragic death of his wife. In this article, we take a look at his first tryst with marriage when he married Huma Mufti in 1995, and the second Wasim Akram marriage, to Australian Shaniera Thompson in 2013.

Wasim Akram – The King Of Swing

Wasim Akram - The King Of Swing

Wasim Akram was born on 3rd June, 1966, in Lahore, Pakistan. Wasim attended the Government college in Lahore, where he picked up the sport of cricket and developed a keen interest in it. He became one of the leading cricketers representing the college and would play as the opening batsman and bowler for his college cricket team. In 1980s, he was recommended to the Pakistan national cricket team by Javed Miandad, and that marked his entry in international first-class cricket. Wasim has the record of the most number of wickets in List-A cricket, and has an impressive total tally of 1042 wickets in first-class career. The first Wasim Akram marriage took place in 1995. In 1996, Akram was diagnosed with diabetes which came as a shock for him since he was an active sports-person. Since then, Akram has been involved in several diabetes awareness programs and wellness initiatives.

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The First Wedlock That Met A Tragic End

Wasim Akram Marriage - Wasim Akram And Huma Mufti

Wasim got married for the first time in the year 1995 to psychologist Huma Mufti in Pakistan. It is said that Huma worked as the Pakistani cricket team’s psychological consultant from 1991 to 1994, and that is when Wasim happened to meet her. Wasim had shared once in an interview that Huma was a strong support for him during the 1993-1994 revolt of Pakistani cricket players against Akram’s captaincy. The duo seemed to have clicked together, and must have decided to extend the companionship to a lifetime. So the Huma Wasim Akram marriage happened with a traditional Islamic nikaah in the year 1995 in Lahore. The couple were blessed with two sons, Tahmoor (born in 1996) and Akbar (born in 2000).

Wasim Akram Marriage - Wasim Akram And Huma Mufti In Earlier Days

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The couple would often be spotted together at social gatherings and public events. She was a constant support to Wasim, and his beaming face whenever around with his wife would say it all. But the amorous togetherness of Huma and Wasim came to an abrupt tragic end in the year 2009, when Huma fell sick with high fever that seemed incurable. She was taken on-board an air ambulance in late 2009, which was scheduled to fly from Pakistan to Singapore, where she would have her further treatment. Unfortunately, she suffered a heart attack when the aircraft was at Chennai for refuelling. She was immediately rushed to a premier hospital in Chennai but did not recuperate or respond to treatment there. Huma Akram breathed her last in the early hours of 25th October, 2009, in Chennai. She was 42. Needless to say, Akram was shattered by this incident, and it left a certain dent in his life, having brought a cruel early end to the first Wasim Akram marriage.

After the death of his wife, Wasim was linked with several women including Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen. But in an interview, Wasim refuted all these allegations and shared that his number one priority was the welfare and future of his children. Despite that, Wasim Akram was soon going to fall for the charms of a certain Australian woman named Shaniera Thompson.

Finding Love Once Again And Life Thereafter

Wasim Akram Marriage - Wasim Akram And Shaniera Thompson

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Wasim retired from international cricket in the year 2003 and took up the role of a cricket commentator and coach. Being a commentator involved travelling for most part of the year, and in one of his tours to Melbourne he happened to meet Shaniera Thompson, a public relations consultant. It is said that two met at a party, and struck a friendly rapport right away. Since then, Akram made it a point to stay in touch with Shaniera, and would always meet her whenever he visited Australia. Over a period of time, Wasim realised that he has finally found someone with whom he could connect with. But this was a quite relationship, and the press was far behind in figuring out that a second Wasim Akram marriage to Shaniera Thompson was on the horizon.

After two years of courtship, he proposed to Shaniera in 2013 by getting down on his knees at a hotel lounge. Shaniera had seen that coming already and was delighted by his proposal. She agreed to it immediately, and later Wasim took her father’s permission who happily said ‘yes.’ Shaniera later shared in a Pakistani talk show that she found Wasim to be ‘honest, reliable and funny’, and that is what attracted her towards him.

Here is the couple on The Kapil Sharma Show

The couple got engaged in July 2013, after which they decided to get married the next month. The Shaniera Wasim Akram marriage was also a private Islamic wedding in Lahore, before which Shaniera embraced Islam and converted to it. In an interview later, Wasim shared that Shaniera had taken charge of being the mother to his two sons right away. He also candidly shared that she is learning Urdu, and has started picking up the language. The couple had a baby daughter in December 2014 in Melbourne, whom they named Aiyla.

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Wasim Akram Marriage - Wasim Akram And Shaniera Thompson With Their Newborn Aiyla In 2014

Wasim and Shaniera live in Lahore with their three children, and their marriage has been a successful one. We wish the Akram family all the happiness.

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