Beautiful Yet Warm Dressing Ideas For The Winter Bride

Bridal Attire is all about fine materials, intricate work, exceptional cuts and the interplay of colors that weave magic around the bridal profile. But what if you’re having a winter wedding and need something gorgeous yet warm to adorn on on the special day of your wedding? Worry not, we have just the thing for you:


1. Match A Gown With Layers Of Faux Fur

Match-A-Gown-With-Layers-Of-Faux-Fur warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

If you are a gown girl, this could be the perfect option for you for a winter wedding. To keep yourself warm while looking ravishing, choose layers of faux fur to wear around your neck. You can also have the fur wrap around you in a way that it matches your dress. Fur layers can also be added to the ends of your sleeves and to your stilettos to keep you warm and looking gorgeous even during the chilly winter months. If wearing a white gown, match furs in colors such as ivory white, crème, light grey and even a dull brown.

2. Don An Embellished Jacket Over Your Lehenga


Nothing exudes class and glam like an embellished jacket paired with the right garment. Don a nicely embellished knee or waist length jacket over your lehanga choli to significantly raise the glamour quotient while staying nice and toasty. You can add details like thread work, sequins or even pockets to your jacket for added style. Make sure that the texture and color are in sync when you pair your jacket with the dress.

3. Full Sleeves Make A Great Style Statement

Full-Sleeves-Make-A-Great-Style-Statement-Too warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

The latest trends in bridal fashion is to rock full sleeves and cropped tops. When choosing a gown there are a lot of options when it comes to sleeves: the three-quarter length, the full sleeve or the extra long sleeve – right up to the hands. Play with materials like silk, lace and brocade to add depth and character to your outfit.

4.Tulle Gowns With Multiple Layers Of Clothing

Tulle-Gowns-With-Multiple-Layers-Of-Clothing warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

Are you the fan of the Disney characters like Cinderella and Snow White? Did you ever notice their gowns? Yes, you caught that right. We are talking about fluffy gowns with multiple layers of cloth, silk, satin, net and lace with a trim waistline and corseted bodice. The tulle style not only adds volumes to your figure at just the right places but the multiple layers of cloth as well as a fitted bodice keeps you warm and comfortable, even in the chilly month of December.

5. Pair It Up With Lovely Gloves

Pair-It-Up-With-Lovely-Gloves warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

If a cozy dress is not enough to keep you warm, relax! A pair of gloves, in silk, satin or lace, will give your hands the care they need for the winter days. The benefit of gloves is also that they are removable. So, when you are ready for photos or taking your vows, just take them off for a while to look perfect.

6. Customized Lehanga Or Patiala With Discreet Pockets


Another idea of keeping warm for your winter wedding is customizing your dress or lehanga. Just ask the stylist or tailor to add discreet pockets. These can give you immense comfort and protect you from the chill.

7. Sparkle In Warm And Textured Gowns

Sparkle-In-Warm-And-Textured-Gowns warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

When it comes to choosing the fabric of the dress for your wedding, look for natural fibers and the kinds that will keep you warm naturally without the need of adding extra layers of clothing. You can experiment with silk, cashmere, satin and even malmal. The addition of lining and layers of net in the dress will also have the same effect.

8. Jazz Things Up A Notch With Collars

Jazz-Things-A-Notch-Higher-With-Collars warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

The style of wearing collared items for your wedding is also a good way to keep warm and cozy. High neck blouses or cholis, svelte gowns with collared necklines or a crop top with a raised collar can keep you warm and looking very stylish. You can even add a collared jacket to your look.

9. Let Lace Do The Work

Let-The-Lace-Do-The-Work warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

If you do not fancy full sleeves, collars or jackets much, and want to look fresh as a spring flower even in the winter, lace can work magic for you. Try using ample lace work for arms, sleeves, the neckline and the back. Instead of going too bold with a backless or off-shoulder dress, work with lace. The peek-a-boo quality of lace will give you enough opportunities to flaunt your smooth skin without getting the bite of the cold winds in winters. The style works well with all types of bridal attire like gowns, lehenga cholis or saree-blouses.

10. Velvet Is The Word

Velvet-Is-The-Word-For-You warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

The richness and smooth texture of velevet, as well as the warmth it exudes, makes it the perfect choice for winter brides. The richness of the colors that only velvet can bring out is something that makes you look like royalty. Many prominent designers such as Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and Rohit Bal have worked wonders with this velvet in their latest bridal collections.

11. Suit It Up Like Carrie Bradshaw


Remember the charm and exuberance with which Carrie Bradshow pulled off her wedding dress when she finally married Big? Yes! We are talking about the sober cuts and a simple elegance. When donning this look, keep the hair simple and flowing and accessories minimal. But a nice pair of stilettos can be the statement piece to wear with this dress.

12. A Warm Pashmina

Throw-A-Warm-Pashmina-Around warm-dressing-ideas-for-the-winter-brides

If you are not much of a winter bride but the dates cannot be changed at all, you can still make the best of the situation. You can transform your summer bridal outfits with the addition of a pashmina shawl for a truly glamorous look. The aim, after all, is to look cool, and not feel cold.

13. Flaunt The Double Dupatta Style


When wearing a saree, lehanga choli or even sharara for your wedding day, try this double dupatta style to keep you warm and comfortable without hiding your beautiful wedding dress. It is very easy to drape and style too. Use one dupatta for covering the head and the other to drape around your bosom.

14. Warm Colored Clothes Make A Difference

Apart from the design and fabric, one more thing that you can consider while purchasing your bridal attire is the color. Warmer colors like maroon, royal purple and emerald green can absorb more heat and light to keep you feeling warm on the wedding day.

15. A Beautiful Cape Can Save The Day


Capes are totally in fashion and you can of course don one with oomph. Several designers have come up with innovative and gorgeous ways to style a cape keeping in mind bridal attire.

Tips To Keep Warm On Wedding Day:

It’s just not the clothes that need to be taken care of. Keeping in mind these tips can help you stay warm and cozy on your wedding day, even if it is freezing cold!

1. Hot Mugs Of Tea Or Coffee

One way you keep feeling warm and energized throughout the occasion is to keep sipping hot beverages like tea, coffee or your favorite chocolate drink.
Expert Advice: Stick to non-alcoholic beverages only or you will be too tipsy to enjoy in your own wedding.

2. Warm Tights Or Leggings

Slip into a pair of warm tights or leggings of knee length to keep your legs cozy and warm.
Expert advice: Keep them to just below your knees and no further.

3. Socks Can Come In Handy

This one is a no-brainer.

Expert Advice: To avoid any embarrassing moments, keep a pair of nude colored socks handy and remind your bridesmaid to tell you to take them off whenever needed.

4. A Matching Stole Can Do Wonders

Just keeping a warm stole in your vanity bag or purse you will be very useful if your wedding is in the peak of winter. It is your neck and ears that need the most amount of protection!

Expert Advice: Select a color that goes well with your outfit, so that even if you forget to take it off at important moments, it’s totally okay.

Recommended Labels

Good and gorgeous winter wear for bride can be found under the following labels. Of course, this isn’t a complete list.

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