Want To Organize An Awesome Bridal Shower Games Party? Here’s How

He proposes to her in the old-fashioned bent-on-one-knee style; she is floored with the sparkling wedding ring and much-awaited proposal. Next thing you know, the excited bride-to-be calls her girlfriends and announces the thrilling news with much ado. This kickstarts hour long discussions on a variety of topics ranging from which designer the bride should choose her wedding lehenga to the color, texture of the ring. With the wedding round the corner, what else could be better than letting your hair down, celebrating and partying with your girlfriends? This means it’s time for Bridal shower.

If you are looking at planning a fun bridal shower for the bride-to-be, here are some interesting games you should include onboard:


1. Creating The Dream Bridal Outfit

Divide everybody into teams and give each team couple of rolls of toilet paper. You can also include some colored craft paper also. Now, ask the teams to don their creative hats and create a lovely bridal outfit using just this. Set the time for the task and get the ball rolling.

2. Knowing Your Better Half

Couple of weeks before the bridal shower, record the groom’s answers to twenty questions about himself (likes, dislikes, favorite color & so on) and important details of his relationship with the bride. Let the questions be whacky, sweet and romantic – “When was the first time you confessed your love”, “What is your favorite cuisine” and so on…

In the bridal shower, ask the bride all the questions and every time she gives a wrong response, play the videotape and give her bubblegum to chew. For every wrong answer, the bride gets to chew a new bubblegum and before you know she ends up with a big wad of chewy gum in her mouth, well or not!

3. Dress The Bride

Divide the girlfriends into teams and give them a variety of bridal accessories like bindis, colorful bangles, sparkly rings, chunky necklaces, lipstick, mascara, dupatta and so on. The team which dresses up the bride quickly and the best wins the prize!


4. Telling Truth, Spinning Lies

Ask each friend to talk about 3 experiences they have shared with the bride/groom out of which 2 should be the truth and one absolute lie. Now, let the other ladies guess which of the experience/story turns out to be a lie.

5. Bridal Memory Power

This is a surprise game for everybody – half an hour after the bride to be and everybody arrives, exchange greetings and settle comfortably in, ask the bride to leave the room. Now ask everybody to make a list of what the bride was wearing and have the bride come in when they are done with the list. Whoever lists the maximum number of right items, wins the game.

6. It’s All In The kiss

Make the bridal shower a naughty affair where each friend narrates her first kiss story. At the end of all the stories, you get to vote for the funniest/wildest/coolest story.

7. A Blast From The Past

Another fun game which includes collecting fun pictures of the bride from her childhood where she is sporting a crazy hairdo, nerdy glasses or funny eighties outfits. Now have everybody guess the correct age and have a good laugh!


8. Recipe Delight

The perennial question to an Indian bride remains – What will you cook for your husband post marriage? For a fun session and create a culinary help guide for the bride, ask everybody to write their favorite and easy to make recipes which will be put into a binder and gifted to the bride.

9. Fortune Revealed

To jazz up the bridal shower party, hire a fortune teller or a tarot reader to regale everybody with exciting and fun future predictions. You can also engage in a fake tarot reader who would cook up hilarious and silly funny predictions about the guests.

10. Karaoke Time

Who doesn’t love to hum? Well the twist in the tale is to get a collection of the bride and groom’s favorite tracks and have everybody participating in a fun karaoke session with these tunes.

Do you have some cool Bridal Shower games of your own that you have created or participated in. Share it with us below. Xoxo TBB!