Waiting For Love Quotes: 50 Quotes You Will Totally Relate To

Waiting for love quotes are all about the torment of the wait. That fifty-fifty chance that some people get and some people don’t. As the quote goes, You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope the train will take you, but you can’t be sure. Yet it doesn’t matter. Now, tell me why?

Because we’ll be together!

Sometimes the patient and gentle souls who have loved in earnest have to keep waiting for their love to be reciprocated, and it is painful too. At times, the wait is sweet and exciting as you are assured of the love of your partner and know that the wait is temporary. But then there are also times when you don’t know if your love is ever gonna be reciprocated or not.

Here is a collection of waiting for love quotes.

We have compiled these waiting for love quotes after a search, and we are sure you can relate to quite a few of them. Enjoy reading!

1. Waiting For Love Quotes - Never Rush

It is never wise to hurry in a relationship and give your commitment without being absolutely sure about your feelings. Instead of rushing into love with just anyone who comes by, and then having to spend time typing out miserable love broken heart sms texts and status updates, wait for the one person that is truly your soul-mate; wait, and read these waiting for love quotes while you wait.

2. Waiting For Love Quotes - We're Waiting

Sometimes one has to seize the moment and take the opportunity to confess one’s feelings of love or it might get too late, and you’ll get stuck reading waiting for love quotes for the rest of time.

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3. Waiting For Love Quotes - Left Behind

The one who has to stay behind is the one who waits and the wait is never ending. The lack of motivation to go on and keep moving in life makes waiting a very difficult task.

4. Waiting For Love Quotes - Waiting

An endless wait is something that no one desires, be it in love, waiting for love quotes or anything else. Couples face this issue more often when they are in a long-distance relationship and the insecurities also crop up leading to misunderstandings in a relationship.

5. Waiting For Love Quotes - For A While

It’s such an uncertain situation we get into when we are not aware of the intentions of the other person. Waiting for someone’s answer to your feelings or even a promise of commitment can seem like forever if there is any doubt and uncertainty, and back you go to waiting for love quotes and the waiting in front of your phone.

6. Waiting For Love Quotes - The Course Of True Love

If you are in love with someone and truly want them in your life, then be rest assured that you may have to wait for a while to make things roll according to your wishes. But waiting for love quotes are a sweet pleasure when you are certain in your relationship and the bond is true.

7. Waiting For Love Quotes - Painful

It is an absolute paradox when you have no idea what should be your course of action. Should you wait for their mind to change towards you or should you just move on with life? The dilemma of not knowing what you to is something that eats you up from inside.

8. Waiting For Love Quotes - Everything

If you are absolutely sure about your partner and the relationship you share is based on honesty and faith, then issues such as a few obstacles in life, waiting for a while for the dreams to come true, and career aspirations, are hardly anything difficult to manage, as you have each other to cross the difficult times together. You know the value of waiting for love quotes.

9. Waiting For Love Quotes - Once You've Suffered Enough

It is worth a wait for the right person to come along in your life. Decisions regarding choosing a life partner whose company and love you can cherish for a lifetime should not be made in a hurry, even if it means living on waiting for love quotes in the meantime.

10. Waiting For Love Quotes - Willing

It is our choices that make our life, and sometimes God has the best plans made for us, just waiting to be unfolded. So don’t worry if your plans didn’t work out and wait patiently as there is definitely something awesome in store for you, apart from these waiting for love quotes.

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11. Waiting For Love Quotes - Christina Perri

The perfect lyrics from an awesome song. It truly portrays how it is worth everything to wait for that one person whom you love the most in this world. And the wait has its own rewards for sure if the love is true and felt from the heart.

12. Waiting For Love Quotes - The Hardest Thing

Waiting for your love to be reciprocated can sometimes be really futile. Their feelings may never change towards you and you cannot compel anyone to forcibly fall in love with you. The only thing you can do is either wait with these waiting for love quotes or move on.

13. Waiting For Love Quotes - Two Souls

Even if you are separated by distance and have to wait for long intervals to see each other, waiting for love quotes do not matter as you two are connected by the heart and no distance can separate you two.

14. Waiting For Love Quotes - Not Too Long

What an adorable and heart-touching quote it is to say to your love one who is going far away from you. People are sometimes compelled to move away to different cities for jobs or other responsibilities but that does not diminish their love for each other, even if that means wait for a long time.

15. Waiting For Love Quotes - True Love

Again a similar thought in brief words. It is always a good idea to wait for love to strike than to just hurriedly get into a relationship for which you may end up suffering later.

16. Waiting For Love Quotes - The Right Time

Everything has a right time to come along and so is the right person for you as a life partner. Till then, go along with life cheerfully, keep checking out waiting for love quotes and some love and care quotes too, and enjoy the experiences that you can gather.

17. Waiting For Love Quotes - A Part Of Your Dream

If you are devoted to someone and if the other person’s feeling are also the same for you, external factors such as distance, difficult situations and obstacles do not matter and eventually you will be one with your true love.

18. Waiting For Love Quotes - Good Things

Even though it it is good to wait for the right time to express your feelings, yes, these waiting for love quotes say that too, but sometimes waiting for too long and being shy can ruin your prospects. So, use your sense of judgement and make your way and seize the right opportunity to express your feelings to your love.

19. Waiting For Love Quotes - You Can't Force Someone

Love cannot be thrust upon anyone and the only thing that you can do is wait for their hearts to change towards you for the better. Waiting like this with waiting for love quotes is painful but sometimes there is no other way round than the hard path to love.

20. Waiting For Love Quotes - Human Life

It is painful to even think how much time people lose waiting and hoping that their feelings will be reciprocated. That’s why, sometimes it is better to love back those people who genuinely love you rather than waiting with these waiting for love quotes for the reciprocation of love from the ones who don’t even care.

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21. Waiting For Love Quotes - A Trap

If you cannot vouch for the reliability of the person on whom your whole life depends, then the wait for such a person is truly futile.

22. Waiting For Love Quotes - Count Up The Faults

It is not good to keep people waiting and no one likes to wait for anything, be it love or something else. Do not let any bitterness grow by keeping a person waiting for your love for long. Sure, waiting for love quotes sound romantic, but it’s a matter of time.

23. Waiting For Love Quotes - Patient Working

Being in love and waiting for the same is fruitful in the end as you get your perfect life partner to spend the rest of this otherwise lonely and and long life.

24. Waiting For Love Quotes - All Things Come

Even if you are reading waiting for love quotes and waiting for someone to come into your life, make sure you are aware of the intentions of that person. Do not be trapped in false promises as it often leads to an endless wait and bitterness in life. Sometimes goodbye love quotes are better than heartbreaks.

25. Waiting For Love Quotes - Peace Of Mind

It is your intentions and your good heart that gives you some timeless and genuine experiences in life, helps you meet the right people and opens the window to the right opportunities. It is just the right attitude and the right time that is important.

26. Waiting For Love Quotes - You Have To Stick Around

Instead of running blindly towards people whom you think you love, look around and care for people who actually love you are are waiting for you to realize how much they love you.

27. Waiting For Love Quotes - Remember This

Even if this thought comes to your mind that you are all alone in this world, heed these waiting for love quotes, and be happy knowing that there is surely someone who loves you deeply for who you are and will be revealed by the destiny only when the time is right and you are ready. Till then, you wait and enjoy your life.

28. Waiting For Love Quotes - Something For My Soul

And all you have to do is wait patiently till you find it. The wait will surely be worth all the pain and efforts you took all this while.

29. Waiting For Love Quotes - Answers

We wait for the answers that are never coming, hoping on waiting for love quotes, hoping on love, only in the false hope. Wake up and smell the coffee. Gather your self-respect and move ahead in life instead of waiting for someone in vain.

30. Waiting For Love Quotes - Routine

You can keep yourself busy with other distractions in life instead of waiting for a love that is never supposed to happen. Damn, yes, some waiting for love quotes are cutthroat depressed love quotes.

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31. Waiting For Love Quotes - How Do I Say GoodBye

It is never worth it to shed your tears and be emotional for someone who hardly cares for you. Let your feelings go, stop waiting in vain and get on with your own life.

32. Waiting For Love Quotes - Many Nights

It is surely a lesson that we all learn hard in life. We give importance to people who do not deserve it and wait aimlessly instead of loving those who really care for us.

33. Waiting For Love Quotes - One Day

The wait for someone is too painful to bear when you know your feelings will not be reciprocated. But sweeter waiting for love quotes can be dumped, life is too beautiful to be wasted for people who do not deserve your love.

34. Waiting For Love Quotes - Minutes, Hours, Days, Months

Instead of wasting time trying to find faults in yourself for no reason, shed your pain and move ahead with life.

35. Waiting For Love Quotes - A Hundred

It is an awesome quote that you can share with your loved one that expresses how you cannot wait at all to be with them and even death will not be able to keep you apart.

36. Waiting For Love Quotes - What I'm Thinking About

You often think about your crush and wait for their response but they have no idea about the same; what a waiting game with waiting for love quotes.

37. Waiting For Love Quotes - I Don't Want To Try

Living life alone is not actually living it. You need your partner, your one love, to make life beautiful. And so, it is worth the wait to find that one amazing person.

38. Waiting For Love Quotes - You Taught Me

The never ending wait for the other person’s feelings to change towards you can really be one hell of a wait as it has no certainty.

39. Waiting For Love Quotes - In Every Girl's Life

We all have that one crush in our lives which remained unrequited and also did not fade away from our memory. We may not have waited for that love in vain but we have also not forgotten about it. Waiting for love quotes say it all.

40. Waiting For Love Quotes - In The End

You can just wait and watch for the end to come and pray that it is worth all the pains and efforts you took to build the relationship.

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41. Waiting For Love Quotes - I Won't Say Goodbye

Even if you know that separation is inevitable, your heart still lingers on and you still hope to wait all the while to be with your love.

42. Waiting For Love Quotes - Something To Someone

It is okay to wait for a while to be with the right person than to rush to the wrong ones and get your heart broken. Rather than being with the deceitful ones, choose to wait and find the one made only for you.

43. Waiting For Love Quotes - The Merciful Dark

Pain and sufferings are the part and parcel of a relationship. If you have loved someone truly then be patient enough to wait and suffer for the same.

44. Waiting For Love Quotes - Futile Hope

Hope is something that we hold on to tightly when everything else has left our company. It is necessary to understand who cannot be yours, and instead of waiting for that person, find the one who deserves your love.

45. Waiting For Love Quotes - Escape

The whole cycle of waiting and dreaming can go on in a loop leaving you bereft and in pain.

46. Waiting For Love Quotes - Unreal

It is a realization that comes late but be happy that though you wasted a lot of time waiting for the wrong person, you will finally have no regrets for moving on.

47. Waiting For Love Quotes - Because

It never pays to hold on to false hopes and wait for a love that is not real and does not have the capacity to keep you happy.

48. Waiting For Love Quotes - Magic

It is not easy to find a genuine person with true feelings and a wavelength that matches yours.

49. Waiting For Love Quotes - Climb All The Way

Sometimes we forget to give importance to people who are true and are ready to wait for us even though we are ignorant about their feelings. One day, the one who deserves will surely have your heart.

50. Waiting For Love Quotes - Pleasure In Waiting

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You can survive a long wait for your beloved if you are sure of his or her intentions and love towards you. It only increases the depth and anticipation, making meetings sweeter and worth the wait.

Hope you liked the collection of quotes about love and waiting. Wish to share some more with us? Feel free to do so.