Virender Sehwag Marriage: Staying True To His First Love

Virender Sehwag is regarded as one of the finest cricketers in the world of cricket. Thus the Virender Sehwag marriage story had many young women dissapointed. While he was initially known for his swashbuckling batting style, he eventually proved that that he is more of a meticulous batsman with an ability to tackle any kind of bowling style. Virender met the love of his life when he was just seven (well, that’s true). By the age of 21, he proposed to the sweet and gorgeous Aarti Ahlawat, and just five years down the line the Virender Sehwag marriage to his wife Aarti Ahlawat happened. If this looks like one adorable love story then it is one indeed. In this article, we take a closer look at the Aarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag marriage and their sweet love story.

Virender Sehwag – The Cricketer

Virender Sehwag Marriage - Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag was born in an extended joint family on 20th October, 1978. His family was into the agriculture business, and although originally from Haryana, they settled in the Najafgarh suburb of New Delhi. For this reason, Sehwag is also popularly referred to as the ‘Nawab of Najafgarh.’ Sehwag developed interest in the sport of cricket right an early age, which his father casually attributes to the toy bat he bought him when he was just seven-months old. Eventually, Sehwag took up formal coaching in cricket and made his début in the Indian cricket team in 1999. It was initially a rough start for him, but by 2001 he had improved his form and was regarded as one of the finest Indian cricketers. Since then, Sehwag won several laurels and appreciation from cricketers and critics alike. Virender Sehwag retired from all forms of cricket on 20th October, 2015, bringing his eventful cricketing career to an end. So we’ve got an solid proper love story with the incredible successful Aarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag marriage, still going strong.

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Childhood Love Story

Virender Sehwag Marriage - Virender Sehwag And Aarti Ahlawat

A photo of Sehwag and his wife Aarti

Virender Sehwag was born in a large joint family with numerous aunts, uncles and sixteen cousins. It was somewhere in the mid-1980s that one of Virender’s cousin tied the knot with a girl who happened to be the paternal aunt of Virender’s future wife, Aarti Ahlawat. Virender was just seven back then while Aarti was just five. The wedding was the first time the two kids met each other and they struck a friendship right away. As time passed, and as the two grew older, Virender took a liking to Aarti. Although he did not ever mention it to her, his love for her would often trickle down to their conversations. Both continued to be good friends and their friendship soon blossomed into love once they entered the adult phase of life.

“I found Aarti very simple and she understands everything. I am very happy that I have married the woman I love.”
– Virender Sehwag about his wife Aarti Ahlawat

It is said that after turning 21, which is 14 years after knowing Aarti, Sehwag proposed to his childhood crush. Apparently, he was quite casual with his proposal. To his pleasant surprise, Aarti accepted his proposal. We are guessing that Virender’s humble and simple attitude seemed to play a strong catalyst. Aarti was now formally Virender’s girlfriend, and the two started dating each other for the next three years (from 2001 to 2004). By 2004, Virender had cemented a permanent place in the national cricket team, and would also turn 26 that year. The couple eventually decided that it was time for the official Aarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag marriage, since they wanted to settle down as husband and wife. But the elders in the family were not exactly aware of their romantic association, the first step towards matrimony was to break the news about their relationship to their respective parents.

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“I still remember when he bought me a cute little teddy carrying a heart… He is a very simple man, down to earth and extremely understanding. The best part about him is that he is a very committed person.”
– Aarti Ahlawat about her husband Virender Sehwag

The Well-GuardedAarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag Marriage Ceremony

Virender Sehwag Marriage - Virender Sehwag And Aarti Ahlawat At The India Couture Week

The duo shared the news of their relationship with their respective families in early 2004, and it is said that their parents were not amused by it. They were reluctant to give the green signal initially but soon realised that the two love-birds were relentless. Seeing their commitment towards each other, their parents gave-in and said ‘yes’ for the nuptial knot. It was indeed a happy moment for Virender and his to be wife Aarti. Shaadi pakki, and the Aarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag marriage was set for 22nd April, 2004. Just four days prior to the wedding date, Sehwag returned from the test cricket tour in Pakistan where he scored his acclaimed triple century.

Central government minister Arun Jaitley’s official residence in New Delhi was chosen as the wedding venue. Mr. Jaitley was also serving as a the president of Delhi District Cricket Association back then. It is said that Arun Jaitley suggested Virender’s father Kishan Sehwag to use the bungalow since he was not using it as his official residence. The venue was turned into a fortress for the official Aarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag marriage date since police cordoned-off the area. Not even a single media person was allowed entry and only guests with invitations were permitted in. Sehwag had apparently invited all his team-mates but it is said that no one turned up. With no media present for interviews or photos, and the absence of cricketers, the wedding was a private family affair.

It was a traditional Haryanvi wedding though, and it is said Virender wore a designer achkan for the wedding while his wife Aarti was decked up in heavily embroidered pink lehenga choli. The hyped Aarti Ahlawat Virender Sehwag marriage ceremonies ended in a grand reception a couple of days later at a five-star hotel in New Delhi. Although not many dignitaries could make it to Virender Sehwag’s wedding and reception, they extended their best wishes publicly. Virender even received a congratulatory bouquet and letter addressed to his father Kishan Sehwag from none other than the then President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who extended warm wishes to the newly-weds and their respective families.

“I hope Viru (Sehwag) will mellow down a bit after his marriage and stop attacking the bowlers world over as he has been doing.”
– Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistani fast bowler) in 2004 speaking to reporters in a lighter vein about Virender Sehwag’s wedding.

Life Beyond

Virender Sehwag Marriage - Virender Sehwag And Aarti Ahlawat Pose With Mom And Kids Aryavir And Vedant

A photo of Sehwag with his wife, mother and children

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Virender and Aarti were blessed with their first son in the year 2007 whom they named Aryavir. In an interview after the birth of his son in 2007, Virender shared that he was extremely elated with the birth of his son. Also, his first son Aryavir was born just two days before Virender’s birthday. The couple were blessed with another son in 2010, whom they named Vedant. Since his retirement in 2015, Sehwag has been spending ample time with his family. The couple has had a very successful marriage and seem to be very much in love. We at The Bridal Box wish this family tons of happiness and the very best.

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