8 Delightful Vintage Wedding Cakes That Are Oh So Yum!

The stunning varieties of wedding cakes on offer today are nothing to scoff at. Delicious creations that about look as good as they taste, contemporary wedding cakes incorporate all sorts of food dyes, fondants, decorations, layering, icing and cake toppers. But what if one wants to stick to the old world charm that classic and elegant vintage weddings offered? Think of what would have been the kind of cake that your grandparents probably cut at the time of their wedding (or the ones you’ve seen in classic movies). If you’re one of those who would like to have a classic and vintage wedding cake, then we have just the thing for you right here.

Here are 8 stylish and delicious vintage wedding cakes:

1. The Classic Tiered Cake

Vintage Wedding Cakes - The Classic Tiered Cake

Image: Shutterstock

This delightful vintage wedding cake keeps it simple when it comes to decoration, icing, frosting and design, and even the pink bow is elegant and a welcome addition. A classic throwback to cakes of yore.

2. Three Purple Bows

Vintage Wedding Cakes - Three Purple Bows

Image: Shutterstock

Another vintage cake that is an excellent example of elegance in simplicity, this 3 layer cake is the perfect dessert for those looking for a simple and stylish cake that stays true to their wedding aesthetic, and tastes delicious too. The dotted decoration keeps it classy and the cake topper adds just the right bit of charm to top things off, literally.

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3. White Elegance Vintage Wedding Cake

Vintage Wedding Cakes - White Elegance

Image: Shutterstock

Flowers and cake decoration go hand in hand, no matter what style of cake you are looking for, and the example here is a great way to keep things simple. But as you notice, the result is extravagant. This delicious towering cake is embellished with beautiful white flowers and a single flowing bow that adds to its wholly unique charm.

4. Pretty In Pink

Vintage Wedding Cakes - Pretty In Pink

Image: Shutterstock

White chocolate and vanilla with a hint of butter cream, layered with exquisite icing and the most beautiful (and sparingly used) flower decorations – a classic vintage wedding cake that would not look out of place at all.

5. The Mr. and Mrs.

Vintage Wedding Cakes - The Mr. and Mrs.

Image: Shutterstock

You don’t have to confine yourself to a tiered design when it comes to vintage wedding cakes. This wholly gorgeous and extremely delicious cake is proof that if you do the basics right, and your frosting is delicious enough, then you don’t need a whole range of fancy decorations to have your cake stand out. The gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. cake topper is all this delectable piece of confectionery needs to look simply excellent.

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6. Retro Delight

Vintage Wedding Cakes - Retro Delight

Image: Shutterstock

Banana butter cream, shabby chic vintage decoration, a solitary flower and some lavender. Sounds haphazard, but makes for one of the cleanest looking vintage cakes that is utterly delightful to bite into and had oodles or rustic appeal.

7. Back In The Day

Vintage Wedding Cakes - Back In The Day

Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking at the sort of cake that pioneers ate way back, then all sorts of fancy detailing, lattice decoration work and fondants are out of the question. Instead, what we have here is a wholesome and wholly delicious vintage wedding cake that has been decorated with blueberries, figs, dry roses, fresh fruit, edible gold and dry sugar violas. A true throwback that would have everyone reaching for a second slice.

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8. Classic Chocolate Cake

Vintage Wedding Cakes - Classic Chocolate Cake

Image: Shutterstock

Before all of the fancy flavouring that has become a norm these days, your options were numbered, and from those options, many a loyal sweet-toothed individuals chose the classic chocolate cake. This particular creation features a whole lot of fruits and berries as well a layer of vanilla butter cream squished between the chocolate. Truly a winning combination.