Vinod Mehra's Marriage: The Story Of The Lost Star Of Bollywood

Vinod Mehra is one of those Indian cinema actors who left too soon, leaving behind a series of films that are considered classics even today. Mehra made his debut as a child artist and went on to star in critically acclaimed films like Amar Prem (1972) and Anuraag (1973). Vinod Mehra’s marriage has been no less eventful. In his personal life, Mehra has shown a similar vein, having been married thrice and was even linked to his co-star Rekha. Apparently, rumours of Vinod Mehra’s marriage to Rekha were all over page 3s, amidst the speculation they even tied the knot secretly, only to separate. In a 2004 interview though, Rekha denied the marriage, but added that Vinod Mehra was a good friend and a well-wisher.

Let’s take a closer look at the three marriages of the actor Vinod Mehra and his alleged relationship with the actress Rekha.

Vinod Mehra – The Star That Faded Away Soon

Vinod Mehra's Marriage - Vinod Mehra

Vinod Mehra was born on 13th February 1945 in Amritsar, Punjab. Mehra made his debut in films as a child artist playing the younger version of actor Kishore Kumar in the 1958 film Raagni. He made his debut as the adult lead with the 1971 film Ek Thi Rita, which went on to become a hit – getting him immediate notice from film producers. It was his roles in films like Amar Prem (1972) and Anuraag (1973) that brought him under the limelight. Anuraag was a major commercial success, well-appreciated by critics who had special words for praise for Mehra’s poignant performance, and came around the same time Vinod Mehra’s marriage to his first wife took place.

In the late 1980s, he became a producer but unfortunately suffered a severe second heart-attack during the making of his film. Vinod Mehra breathed his last on 30th October 1990 in Mumbai at the age of 45.

The Arranged Marriage And Failed Affair

Vinod Mehra's Marriage - Vinod Mehra And Bindiya Goswami

Vinod Mehra’s first wedlock was somewhere in the 1970s with a lady named Meena Broca. The match was arranged by his family, and post Vinod Mehra’s marriage to Meena, they lived together at their Mumbai residence. Little is known about their life together but just a few years into their marriage, Vinod Mehra suffered his first heart attack. It was later when recovered that he began to get close to his co-star of many films, actress Bindiya Goswami.

In the late 1970s, Bindiya Goswami and Vinod Mehra appeared in a string of films together, and soon started dating one another in a clandestine manner. Not much was known about their romance until 1980, when some close associate of the couple leaked news to a tabloid saying that Mehra and Goswami had actually tied the knot – in spite of Vinod Mehra’s marriage to Meena, a marriage of almost ten years.

The news created an uproar at Meena Broca’s house, and apparently her brothers threatened Mehra and Goswami with dire consequences if they did not quickly split up. Things reached a point when Mehra and Goswami had to move from hotel to hotel just to hide their whereabouts from their family members, who were savagely after the couple. But in spite of all the love between them, Mehra would soon get a taste of his own wrongdoing with his wife Meena, when Bindiya Goswami eloped with film-maker J.P. Dutta.

Bindiya Leaves, Rekha Appears

Vinod Mehra's Marriage - Vinod Mehra And Rekha

In 1984, four years after the impetuous marriage, the 23-year old Bindiya Goswami left Vinod Mehra to elope with the director J.P. Dutta, whom she was seeing for quite some time. Apparently, she had met Dutta in 1976 but it was only in the 1984 that she got romantically involved with him. Many attribute Goswami’s surprise decision to leave Mehra to the fact that Mehra’s film career was slipping by the mid-1980s, and he was no longer the sought after star he once was. Mehra tried his best though to win back Goswami, but all his efforts were in vain. Goswami went on to marry J.P. Dutta in 1985, after dissolving her and Vinod Mehra’s marriage, and the two remain married till date.

The departure of Bindiya Goswami left Mehra shocked and distressed. He remained single for some time, until he happened to have come across actress Rekha. Rekha and Mehra had worked together in late 1970s and had managed to create sparks in real life. But things did not go much far at the time, and Mehra went on to get involved with Bindiya Goswami while Rekha had the infamous affair with Amitabh Bachchan. By the mid-1980s, both were out of their whirlwind relationships, and there was no wonder that they sought solace in the each other’s company. The two were often spotted hanging around together and many speculated that they may have tied the knot as well, adding fuel to a tale of Vinod Mehra’s marriage, a third. But much later, in a 2004 interview, Rekha cleared the air and shared that they were just good friends, and that Mehra was always a well-wisher who cared for her, that’s all.

Vinod Mehra’s Marriage That Met A Sad End

Vinod Mehra's Marriage - Vinod Mehra With Kiran And Son Rohan, And Rekha

Vinod Mehra’s marriage, his long awaited third marriage, happened in the year 1988, with a woman named Kiran. Nothing is known about the nature of their courtship but it is said that Kiran was the daughter of a wealthy Indian businessman settled in Kenya. Mehra finally became the father of two children, a son, Rohan, and a daughter Soniya. It was finally the picture perfect marriage for Mehra but sadly it lasted barely two years. In October 1990, Vinod Mehra passed away with a heart attack, leaving his wife and children totally bereft. What could have finally been the dream run for Mehra was cut short but his heart ailment, and needless to say his family was totally shattered by his loss.

Things Thereafter

After Vinod Mehra’s death, Kiran left for Kenya along with her two children, which is where the children grew up. Mehra’s children Soniya and Rohan received their education from Mombassa, Kenya, and later moved to different parts of the globe for further education. The two are said to have returned to Mumbai in 2006, and Soniya made her film debut in 2007 with the film Victoria No. 203, a remake of a 1972 film of the same name. Rohan Mehra is also planning to make his foray into films soon. We hope the two meet the same success and praise their father once received. Although Vinod Mehra may not enjoy the popularity of several other actors of his era, he is still considered an actor with a natural flair for acting, and for having a tranquil real-life persona. Here is wishing the second generation of the Mehra family all the best for their pursuits in their career and life.

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