Vikram's Marriage: From Temple To The Altar

Vikram's Marriage - Vikram

Vikram is an actor who can be best described as someone who gets right into the skin of the character. He is one actor who can pull off any role with ease. Just take a look at the variety of characters he has portrayed on-screen and you will know. He has a crazy fan-following in the south and his work has been appreciated in Bollywood too. Vikram has been in the show business for a whopping 25 years, and met the only lady love of his life when he was still in college. We take a look at his love life right from proposal to Vikram’s marriage. Read on…

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From Victor To Vikram

Vikram's Marriage - Kennedy John Victor, Vikram's Beginning

An introduction to Vikram would end up taking the entire length of this article, so we will keep it brief here. Vikram was born Kennedy John Victor on 17th April 1966 to a Christian father Vinod Raj and Hindu mother Rajeshwari. His father Vinod Raj was from Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu and had ran away from home to make a career in films. He didn’t make it big in the industry and ended up playing smaller roles. This inspired Victor to consider a career in films, since he also had an inclination towards it since childhood. Vikram went to graduate in English literature from Loyola College and was halfway through his MBA when he met with a major road accident. He was bedridden for three years and he used crutches for walking for a long time. It was during this testing phase of life that he found his lady-love – Shailaja Balakrishnan.

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Finding A Soulmate In Shailaja

While it is not known where exactly they both met, it is quite likely that Vikram and Shailaja must have met at Loyola College in Chennai. We will take a guess here and say that even Shailaja must have studied in the same college. It is said that they started out as casual acquaintances, but on his return after the accident they developed a strong romantic bond. Shailaja, who is originally from Thalassery, Kerala, always stood by his side since the days when he was a barely known figure. In fact, she was even present in the audience of the IIT Madras inter college festival way back in 1986, when Vikram won accolades for his acting abilities for the first time.

After Vikram was out of hospital, recovering from his accident and back to college, a common friend organised a get-together and this is where we guess the romanced took off. It is said that after that meeting, Vikram started to woo Shailaja and even bought her a saree from a shop. It is said that he even met her parents in order to impress them but left them perplexed about their daughter’s choice when he shared his intention of becoming an actor.

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Vikram's Marriage - Shailaja With Akshita And Dhruv

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The couple was most probably in a relationship for nearly five years. In an interview in 2013, Shailaja gave a rare insight into their love life. She shared that the day Vikram attained his Bachelor’s degree and enrolled for an MBA, he rang her up from a tea stall. He said “Can I call you every hour?” Shailaja gave an affirmative reply. The second time he called, he said, “I know I’m basically a Christian, you’re a Hindu. Do you believe in the thaali?” (Thaali = Mangalsutra) Shailaja said that she did not believe in it nor in the wedding rituals. To this Vikram replied, “I don’t either. So we can get married.” He called back again a little later, and said, “I won’t be earning anything for a while. But I know that one day I will be able to take you holidaying to the best places in the world.”

After his complete recovery and by early 1990s, Vikram had started getting movie offers. Guess the pair saw it as a ripe time and decided to tie the knot. Vikram’s marriage to Shailaja took place in the year 1994. The couple had two wedding ceremonies. One was at the church of Loyola College in Chennai and the other a proper Hindu marriage ceremony at Guruvayur temple since Shailaja was Hindu. They have been happily married since then and their marriage can be easily described as one of the most successful ones in the showbiz.

Journey Beyond The Wedding Altar

Fast forward to 2016, and today Vikram is one of the biggest name in Indian cinema and commands a larger than life persona in the Tamil film industry. The couple were blessed with a son and daughter, Dhruv and Akshita respectively. Vikram shared in an interview that his son has an interest in acting, and that he would love to see him work in films. Shailaja is a professional Psychologist and works as a Psychology teacher in a reputed school in Chennai.

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Vikram has risen to become one of the leading actors of Indian cinema continuing to wow the audience with his choice of roles, acting and philanthropy. We wish this couple all the success in their personal and professional lives.

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