Vijay Marriage: When The Tamil Superstar Fell For His Fan

The Tamil film industry has seen its own league of great artists in every generation. If Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan ruled the yesteryears and continue to do so even today, the modern era has seen the rise of super-talented and charming actors, and one of the best among the next-gen actors is Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, better known by his screen name Vijay. He has been a fan-favourite since his first commercial success in 1996. Just in case you didn’t know already, Vijay married his ardent fan. He is known for his generous off-screen persona and a clean image (both professionally and personally). In this article, we take a closer look at this superstar’s love life and his marriage to Sangeetha Sornalingam.

Vijay Marriage - When The Tamil Superstar Fell For His Fan

Brief Biography Of Ilaya Thalapathy (Vijay)

Vijay was born on 22nd June, 1974 to the Tamil film-maker S. A. Chandrasekhar and playback singer Shoba Chandrasekhar. He made his début in the year 1984 as a child artist in one of his father’s film. He later made a début as the male protagonist in the year 1992 in the film Naalaya Theerpu, which was again made by his father. Most of his initial movies did not meet commercial success nor brought him any recognition. It was the Tamil film Poove Unakkaga in the year 1996 that brought him under limelight (and also put him in touch with his lady-love!). Since then, he has went on to star in numerous commercially successful films and has developed a loyal fanbase.

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Meeting The Fan And Falling In Love


It was the year 1996. Vijay’s latest release Poove Unakkaga had done really well on the box office, and brought him decent fame. It was a film that garnered critical praise for his performance not just from local fans but even from Tamilians residing abroad. Vijay was all set for his next film and was in the thick of the shooting schedule at Film City in Chennai. It was during one his shooting breaks that Vijay was greeted by a pretty lady who introduced herself as Sangeetha Sornalingam. Vijay greeted her pleasantly and the two chatted for a while. The daughter of a Tamil industrialist from Sri Lanka, settled in UK, she had seen his last film Poove Unakkaga, and was impressed by Vijay’s performance in the film. Since she happened to visit Chennai, she decided to visit Vijay and personally let him know that she really liked his work. Vijay was touched by her gesture, and asker her if she would be interested in visiting his house for a chat with his parents as well. Sangeetha enthusiastically agreed, and their next meeting was with Vijay’s parents at their house. It was a casual chat for the first meeting, and later in an interview, Vijay’s mother Shoba Chandrasekhar shared that they did not ever think of it that she would become their daughter-in-law. The first meeting with the girl surely left a mark on Vijay’s parents though.

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The Second Meeting And Proposal


Sangeetha was staying back for sometime in Chennai, and although Vijay never expressed it, he had developed a certain liking for her. He invited her to his house again and this time Vijay’s parents felt that this was the girl they were looking all the while to become their daughter-in-law. During the course of their conversation, Vijay’s father came straight to point and asked Sangeetha if she would be interested in marrying his son. Sangeetha gladly agreed. When Vijay’s parents asked Vijay his thoughts about it, he agreed too. It is said that Vijay’s parents then visited London to meet Sangeetha’s parents, who happily agreed to accept Vijay as their son-in-law. The marriage was thus fixed and now it was the time to move ahead with the preparations for the big day.

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The Wedding And Life Thereafter


The date was 25th August, 1999 and the rising star of the Tamil film industry was all set to tie the knot with his avid admirer. Although Vijay is a Christian, the couple decided to have a Hindu matrimonial ceremony since Sangeetha is a Hindu. The wedding and the subsequent reception in Chennai was a star-studded affair, and leading names from the Tamil film industry attended the wedding.


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Vijay has always been a doting husband, and in the month of August in 2000, Sangeetha gave birth to their first child, a son, whom they named Jason Sanjay. The couple were blessed with a daughter in September, 2005, whom they named Divya Saasha. His two children made a brief cameo in some of Vijay’s films. Going by the looks of it, both the children seem to have a keen interest in acting just like their father. We hope the adorable couple sees many more years of success and we wish them all the best.

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