VEDIX - India’s Only Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen - Review

What do you do when it’s 3 in the morning and you’re spiraling down the internet abyss? You click on every random ad you come across. Little did I know that one of these mindless clicks would lead me to one of the best hair care discoveries I’ve ever made – VEDIX. The fact that I’ve been dealing with hair fall for the best part of the last 3 years did not help matters either. So I was ready to try out any product that came my way.


What Is VEDIX?

VEDIX is India’s only customized hair care regimen subscription box. It follows the Tridosha Theory that says that our bodies are regulated by 3 doshas – Vata (Air and Ether energies), Pita (Fire energy), and Kapha (Water and Earth energies). You face hair and skin problems when a combination of these doshas are elevated and suppressed.
VEDIX first asks you to take the VEDIX Dosha Questionnaire to determine which of your doshas are elevated before recommending your products accordingly. It then delivers your products based on the hair problem you want to tackle (hair fall or dandruff) and the subscription plan you choose (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months).

What Do You Get In The Box?

Since my Unique Dosha Profile (questionnaire results) stated that I have elevated Kapha and Vata, I was recommended Khoob Anti Hairfall Oil (customized for Kapha Vata doshas), Khoob Anti Hairfall Shampoo, and Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum.


Khoob Anti Hairfall Oil: This oil contains Ashwagandha, Vata, Tulasi, Grapeseed Essential Oil, and Carrot Seed Essential Oil. Though it has a slightly strong herbal fragrance, it feels very light on your head. I applied it every alternate day and washed it off after an hour (as instructed). It did not weigh down my hair and left it feeling soft.


Khoob Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo: It contains Aloe vera, Yasthimadhu, Gunja, Bhringraj, and Quinoa Protein. Its subtle fresh smell and the fact that it is sulfate- and paraben-free won my heart. However, I did have to use a lot of it during each use to wash off the oil completely.


Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum: It contains Kumari, Grape Seed Essential Oil, Cedar Essential Oil, Bakuchi, Bhringraj, Japa, and Gunja. Your hair grows the most during the anagen phase of the hair growth. These herbs nourish and expand your hair follicles and treat your elevated doshas to prolong this phase. This leads to new hair growth. This serum also contains Keshya Dravyas that have anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties which help maintain a suitable environment for hair growth. I love the way this leave-in serum gets absorbed into my scalp very quickly. The water-based serum has a floral fragrance which is a bit strong but fades away quickly.

How Effective Are The Products?

I would definitely attribute the reduction in my hair fall to the hair oil. It has worked better than all the other hairfall oils I’ve tried to date. I could see a significantly less amount of hair in my drain and on my hairbrush after 2 weeks of using VEDIX products. Though I had to use a lot of the shampoo to wash off the oil and it did dry out my hair a little bit in the first few washes, it redeems itself by being silicon-, sulfate-, and paraben-free. It’s just a matter of figuring out the correct amount of shampoo to use, which takes a few tries. Moreover, my hair also adjusted to the new regimen after a couple of weeks of using these products. The hair regrowth serum was the real winner for me. I noticed hair growth within a month of using these products, especially in areas where my hair was thinning. This further bolstered my confidence in them.


I got the 3-month subscription which costs ₹4,497. I was sure that I wanted to try it out for at least a few months because any hair product takes that much time to show significant results. Since the 1-month subscription costs ₹1,699, it would have worked out costlier for me to buy it every month. I would also recommend going for the 3-month subscription to save some bucks.


  • Reduces hair fall; noticeable after 1-2 weeks of usage
  • Nourishes hair from within
  • All-natural products
  • Sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo
  • Lightweight oil and serum
  • Good quantity
  • Great value for money – pack of 3 for Rs 999 per month (if you opt for the 6-months subscription)


  • Shampoo may dry out your hair initially
  • Strong fragrance

Will I Recommend This Product?

I recommend VEDIX to anyone suffering from hair fall. Loss of hair can be debilitating for your self-confidence and any product that prevents this problem is well worth the money. Though these products need to be used diligently every alternate day, the effort you put in does reduce hair fall to a great extent. It also helps that they are customized for your specific doshas and hair concern. The fact that they are made of natural ingredients and a great value for money is just the cherry on top!