Valentine Love Poems: 15 Poetic Professions Of Love!

Put quotes and messages aside for a minute. Ever dedicated a love poem? Valentine love poems have a certain charm and appeal. So this Valentine’s Day, why not dedicate a poem to your loved one for a change? Have trouble finding one that conveys the message just right?

Here’s a list of 15 amazing Valentine love poems to choose from.

Take a look..

1. Valentine Love Poems - All Wrapped Up

Right after the moment you are done reading this one, you realise it is one of the most adorable valentine love poems you could dedicate to your Valentine. Sure it’s no funny love poem, but it is simple and dainty with the power to convey the message straight to the heart of the one you share it with.

2. Valentine Love Poems - I'm Happiest When I See You

In case you are trying to woo someone for a long time, then here is something to share on Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Love Poems - Valentines Day Crads

3. Valentine Love Poems - My Devotion I Declare

Share these valentine love poems with your Valentine and he/she would be yours for life. As the words of this poem suggest, it is all about a whole-hearted declaration of love towards a really special person.

4. Valentine Love Poems - I'll Always Be The One

It is not always about just words, it is also about reiterating and reinforcing your love. If that is what your objective is then here is something that will work great. And if you want to take it a step further, post this up on their wall, with a unique love status update.

Valentine Love Poems - 73%

5. Valentine Love Poems - On My Side

The tender words of this Valentine love poem are apt to express your gratitude towards your soul-mate who has always stood by your side through the ups and downs of the life.

6. Valentine Love Poems - Why Do I Love You

It might be a long one but makes a swell answer for the quintessential question that pops up in relationships ever so often – ‘Why do you love me?’ Next time, try out this lovely Valentine love poem instead. But what if you want to ask the question in a sweet subtle way? Well read the next valentine love poems.

Valentine Love Poems - I Billion

7. Valentine Love Poems - You've Captivated Me

While you may not elicit a pin-point answer with this one, it nevertheless is a sweet way of asking.

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8. Valentine Love Poems - My Darling Valentine

This another one of our valentine love poems that’s great to share with your Valentine when you would like to let him/her know that he/she is the only one will always be the one holding a special place in your heart.

Valentine Love Poems - 50 Million Roses

9. Valentine Love Poems - Husband And Wife

A perfect poem for the married Joe and Jane. Add some zing to your married life by sharing valentine love poems and love sms texts every now and then. And here is something wonderful to begin with this Valentine’s Day.

10. Valentine Love Poems - Would You Be Willing?

Here is a bonus – this Valentine love poem that also doubles up as a love proposal. It makes expressing your love all so convenient, and non-cheesy (if that is what you fear you may end up sounding like!).

Valentine Love Poems - 85%

11. Valentine Love Poems - And There's Your Mind

Looking for some valentine love poems to tell your partner how awesome he/she looks today? Here is a wonderful Valentine love poem to express your love and admiration. Best part is that you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to share this poem. This one’s good for any day, any time of the year.

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12. Valentine Love Poems - Every Day With You

It may not rhyme that well but it does put the message across. In case you are looking for a totally simple Valentine love poem, then this should be your pick.

Valentine Love Poems - 8 Billion Candy Hearts

13. Valentine Love Poems - These Feelings I Have

Trust and assurance play a significant role in the success of a relationship. But at the same time they are also attributes that are hard to express in decent words. Here is a poem that will help get the task done better with the help of some touching words. A love poem in time saves nine sad love messages, times 100.

14. Valentine Love Poems - Love Will Find Its Way

It has an ecstatic tone to it, which makes it the perfect one to share when you are brimming with excitement for having an adorable person as your Valentine. One of the nicest valentine love poems.

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15. Valentine Love Poems - In Your Arms

We end our list with this sweet Valentine love poem. Wondering how to put your message across? Scribble this down on a card or just forward this message via Facebook or WhatsApp and keep your fingers crossed. We are positive that it will work.

So how do you like our list of adorable Valentine love poems? So what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite one and send it right away. Time to spread some love!