Valentine Gifts For Husband: 40 Gift Ideas For Your Love Muffin

There is no better symbol of appreciation, gratitude and affection than a nice thoughtful gift for the man of your life. In the many years of togetherness, you might have given many gifts to him, with the leading one being your heart! This Valentine’s Day, select some nice thoughtful gift options that you can proudly gift to your other half. If you are looking for some gift ideas then we are here to the rescue. Presenting 40 awesome Valentine gifts for husband that you can affectionately present to your dearest snuggle bear.

1. Necktie Set

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Necktie Set

If your husband loves wearing ties with utmost pride then a wonderful necktie set would make a perfect valentine gift for husbands like him. You can choose from an assortment of ties depending on the kind of shirts and suits he has got or depending on his tastes.

Buy the best neckties here.

2. Men’s Grooming Set

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Men's Grooming Set

If he loves trimming his whiskers right to the tenth of a centimetre then he surely deserves better tools. A men’s grooming set would make a good option for a valentine gifts for husband dearest. You can buy individual items accordingly and then buy a nice grooming kit bag to bag them all neatly.

The best of men’s grooming range available for purchase here.

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3. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Magnetic Bottle Opener

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the requirement. The magnetic bottle openers are more of the classy types and look chic and stylish even when kept dormant on the table.

Buy some wonderful magnetic bottle openers here.

4. Briefcase Barbecue

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Briefcase Barbecue

If he likes his food grilled and loves the good old barbecue then you should consider buying him the briefcase style barbecue set, which is quite portable as a valid option on our list of valentine gifts for husbands. They come in variety of external colours and you can choose accordingly.

You can look for options of briefcase barbecue kits here.

5. Premium Sunglasses

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Sunglasses

Does he make you go weak in the knees every time he wears that classy shades? Why not gift him a nice pair of sunglasses? They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can opt for the one that would best suit your husband.

Purchase the best premium men’s sunglasses here.

6. Premium Eau de Cologne

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Eau de Cologne

If his cologne just turns you on then why not buy more of those as valentine gifts for husband honeybun? Since colognes or perfumes are best judged by their fragrance, you can visit a brick and mortar store to check them out and maybe then make a purchase online later.

Choose and buy from the wonderful range of men’s perfumes here.

7. Digital Photo Frame

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Digital Photo Frame

What better way to keep the best memories of your life afresh than by playing them in the form of a slideshow on a digital photo frame by the side of the bed? You can choose from a vast array of digital photo frames depending on the dimensions and preferences.

Buy the best digital photo frames here.

8. Paperweight

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Paperweight

If he is into a lot of reading and writing, and you always see a pile of loose papers on his desk then a paperweight will make a great valentine gift for husbands. Despite its humble purpose, paperweights come in a variety of enticing designs, and can come with other features like a magnifying class, paper-clip etc.

Buy from the wonderful office stationery items here.

9. Collar Stays

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Collar Stays

If he spends most of his day in formal shirts then this one will be a great gift for him. Most premium formal shirts would have a small pocket on the lower surface of the collar to accommodate a small strip of metal called the collar stay, that helps maintain the stiffness of the collar. If he wears those types of shirts then this should be an ideal valentine gift for husbands.

Choose and buy from a variety of collar stays here.

10. Custom Metal Key Ring

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Custom Metal Key Ring

A custom metal key ring is best customised with your name and his name engraved on it. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your hubby’s tastes and liking.

Select and purchase from a wide array of metal key rings here.

11. Tie Clip

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Tie Clip

If his attire is incomplete without a tie, then this is one accessory that he will definitely find useful in his daily routine. Tie clips can come in variety of shapes, with an option for customization through engravings.

Buy the best exquisite tie clips here.

12. Cuff Link

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Cuff Link

Another great valentine gift for husbands, for the man who loves dressing in formals. Cuff links come in various design options and can be customised with features like a presence of a name or a single letter.

Explore and buy from a wonderful range of cuff links here.

13. Metal Money Clip

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Metal Money Clip

If he’s the one who handles the finances, then what better valentine gift for husbands than a nifty money clip that would help him keep all the currency safe at one place?

Buy a stylish money clip now here.

14. Coaster Set

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Coaster Set

Coasters are a quintessential valentine gift for husbands for almost any occasion but they are also one of the most utilitarian ones. This is one gift your husband would use day in and day out. There are numerous design varieties available in coasters so you will have a plenty of options to choose from.

Check out the best coaster designs and buy one here.

15. Waterproof Sports Cap

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Waterproof Sports Cap

Makes a wonderful valentine gift for husbands, and for a hubby who is the adventure seeker type, and who loves the outdoors even on rainy days. Caps are again wonderful gift options that can be used in day to day life too.

Buy a high quality sports cap here.

16. Glassware

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Glassware

You might feel that it is something that would end up in the kitchen, which is your realm, but if you have purchased a customised set or one that he would find appealing then it will be something that will take a special place in his heart as well. You can choose from a variety of glass shapes according to your desire.

View and purchase some high quality glassware here.

17. Premium Wallet

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Wallet

A wallet is a timeless valentine gift for husbands, and even today it is an evergreen choice. There are various kinds of wallets to choose from depending on the number of currency bills or credit cards he carries with him.

Choose from a wide range of men’s wallets here.

18. Diary/Planner

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Diary Or Planner

Does he love penning down his thoughts every night before he goes to bed? Then a diary would make a perfect present for him. You can also consider a planner if he is one of those types who likes writing down his plans for the day.

Select and purchase a wonderful diary here.

19. Premium Headphones

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Headphones

If he is a music aficionado then some high quality headphones would do justice as a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband. You can choose from a variety of options depending on his lifestyle and preferences.

Buy some high quality headphones for your hubby here.

20. Luxury Soap

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Luxury Soap

Even men love some good old alluring fragrances. A luxury handmade soap would make a great present for a person who has a taste for the finer things.

For some nice bath soap options, click here.

21. Handkerchief Set

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Handkerchief Set

Now that is what makes a man complete. Handkerchiefs are excellent valentine gifts for husbands that can be customised accordingly. Why, you can even customise them yourself using some fabric paint, which would add a truly personalised touch to the gift.

To look at some options, click here.

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22. Wrist Watch

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Wrist Watch

This one is a classic Valentine’s Day present, gifted by perhaps half the woman population of the earth to their beaus. But hey, you can buy one according to the the requirement and preference of your man. You will be spoilt with choices over here since there are plenty of options to choose from.

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23. Trekking Shoes

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Trekking Shoes

If your husband loves the great outdoors then a pair of trekking shoes would make a swell Valentine’s Day gift for him. You ought to be knowing his foot size, so you can even buy these online.

Explore and purchase from the wonderful range of outdoor shoes here.

24. After Shave

Valentine Gifts For Husband - After Shave

Do you love that smell of his after shave every time you reach out to give him a peck? Then why not gift him a nice premium one? There are variety of brands and options available.

Select from a variety of options here.

25. Premium Writing Pen

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Writing Pen

Writing pens always make great gifts and you will always have some amazing options to choose from.

Explore the amazing range of pens here.

26. Graphic Tees

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Graphic Tees

If he is one of those cool dudes who predominantly prefers casual wear then a t-shirt with some cool graphics will make a brilliant valentine gift for husbands. What’s more, you can customise it accordingly.

Select and buy from a variety of men’s clothing options here.

27. Premium Blazer

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Blazer

Nothing matches the classy charm of a good ol’ well-stitched blazer. There are a numerous options here and you can buy the one which goes well with formal as well as casual clothes.

Choose from various blazer options here.

28. Stylish Bracelet

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Stylish Bracelet

Bracelet is usually the number one choice for a valentine gift for husbands in case you want to have your name engraved on it. You can have numerous variants here and can choose accordingly.

Select from a plethora of men’s bracelet and jewellery items here.

29. Casual Canvas Shoes

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Casual Canvas Shoes

If denims is his official attire then some cool canvas shoes should work great to complement them.

Choose from a variety of canvas shoes and men’s footwear here.

30. Premium Backpack

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Premium Backpack

Here you can go for the totally casual type or with a one that comes with a laptop slot so that your dear hubby can use it even in his daily routine.

Purchase from a amazing range of backpacks here.

31. Glass Coffee Mugs

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Glass Coffee Mugs

If he loves coffee then you should be appreciating his tastes by gifting him some exquisite glass coffee mugs. These are made from tempered glass and therefore can withstand high temperatures and are shatter-resistant making them a perfect valentine gift for husbands.

Buy some of the best glass coffee mugs here.

32. Lampshade

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Lampshade

If your man loves reading books and that too more so in the night then here is something that will be useful. You can choose a nice lampshade based on what he would like and also keeping the space constraints in mind.

Buy from a lovely range of lampshades here.

33. A Blanket

Valentine Gifts For Husband - A Blanket

Love cuddling with him on winter mornings? Then why not gift a blanket that he would happily share with you. You can select a design of your choice with the size that best goes along with your bed.

Choose and buy from a range of premium blankets here.

34. Blender

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Blender

If he loves his early morning smoothies then here is a valentine gift for husbands that would make a nice utility item too.

View and purchase from a range of blenders here.

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35. Mobile Phone Cover

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Mobile Phone Cover

This one is practical and something that he is going to put to good use. Since you know what kind of phone he uses, you can conveniently purchase these even online.

Select and buy a high quality mobile phone cover here.

36. Pen Drive Set

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Pen Drive Set

A set of pen drives would make an ideal Valentine’s gift too. Choose from numerous designs with varying memory size options.

Buy from a range of flash memory drives here.

37. Aromatic Candles

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Aromatic Candles

If your hubby is an ardent fan of aromatic candles then a set of aromatic candles would make a wonderful valentine gift for husbands. There are numerous kinds of them with varying fragrances, therefore you can choose according to his exact preference.

Buy from this amazing range of aromatic candles here.

38. Essential Oils

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Essential Oils

Essential oils are multi-purpose and most people use it for therapeutic purposes. Buy one as a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband and leave him delighted.

Select and purchase from a range of essential oils here.

39. Key Holder

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Key Holder

Keys holders come in handy and are essential for every house. You can choose from numerous designs and build materials.

Explore the various options for key holders here.

40. Ship In A Bottle

Valentine Gifts For Husband - Ship In A Bottle

If he loves collecting show-pieces then this is one valentine gift for husbands he would proudly show off on his personal desk at home or even at his office table. There are various options here as well, making it a nice gift option you can buy online.

Select from an a range of exquisite ship in a bottle show-pieces here. 

Any ideas or suggestions? Do let us know.

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