48 Thoughtful Valentine Gifts For Him To Choose From

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You gave him your heart. That’s probably the best gift you could ever give and a priceless one too. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and now you want to gift him something else. Hmmm… Something that has a price tag attached to it? Don’t know where to start and what to buy? If you are confused about making a choice then we have your back with a list of wonderful items that would make a great Valentine gifts for him, for your beau/hubby/boyfriend/that guy next door.

Why do we gift?

Giving gifts is one of the most primordial and oldest act of expressing emotions like love, gratitude and reassurance. Modern era may see numerous detractors of the notion who consider it merely a materialisation gig. But in reality, giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction. In fact, it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who reaps the biggest psychological benefit from a gift.

Let’s get started with the list of Valentine gifts for him.

1. Smartwatch

Wrist watches has become a passé since now is the era of smartwatches. Most guys love them for the convenience they offer. So they make for a great Valentine gift for him.

Before You Buy: Make sure you know his smartphone OS so that the smartwatch is compatible.

Select and buy from a range of smartwatches here.

2. Blazer

If he has a penchant for wearing a blazer every time you both head out then why not gift him a good ol’ well-stitched blazer? You can buy one as a Valentine gift for him, that would go well with the kind of clothes he wears – formal, semi-formal or casual.
Before You Buy: Have a fair idea of his blazer length and size. Or you could ask him candidly. He won’t mind!

Choose and buy from various blazer options here.

3. Men’s Grooming Set

Love it when he turns up for a date with a well-trimmed beard? Do you totally admire his handle-bar moustache? Why not get a set of men’s grooming essentials as a Valentine gift for him? You can buy them individually and pack them up together or buy a pre-made grooming kit.

Before You Buy: Men can get finicky about their personal grooming items. Make sure you are aware of his preferences.

Buy from the range of men’s grooming set options here.

4. Aftershave

Well, if you’ve gifted him a grooming set then it would be a good idea to top it off with some aftershave. Aftershaves have a similar disposition as perfumes. So you can buy one that smells great.

Select from a variety of options here.

5. Gym Membership

If he’s been talking about hitting the gym of late then surprise him with a yearly membership of one. And the fact that it is a Valentine gift for him he will ensure that he doesn’t skip a workout session.

Before you buy: The gym should be easily accessible to him; preferably at a walking distance.

Want to some gift some fitness gear to begin with? Explore and buy from a range of fitness-related products here.

6. Message In A Bottle

By this, we mean a show-piece. There are various options when it comes this. Some let you customise your message while some come with pre-written message. Either case, it makes a nice Valentine’s Day gift for him.

For some cool options, click here.

7. Sunglasses

This one is a great Valentine gift for him, one that he can use in his day-to-day routine. There are several options here and you can buy one according to your beau’s lifestyle and preference.

Before You Buy: Make sure you make a good judgement of the size and frame that would best work for him.

Purchase the best premium men’s sunglasses here.

8. Portable Barbecue

If you both love spending your weekends lazing around in the balcony then here is something to add some zing to it. Portable barbecue sets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so go for the one which is easy to use, carry and clean.

Buy from the various options of portable barbecue kits here.

9. E-Book Reader

When you know that he doesn’t a good night’s sleep without reading that suspense novel, then an e-book reader will make a swell Valentine gift for him. Select the one with the best screen resolution and ergonomic size.
Before You Buy: Make sure that the screen size and brightness is comfortable for him. Also check if the e-book reader comes with decent library of e-books that can be purchasable later.

Buy some amazing e-book readers here.

10. Smartphone

Now this is a necessity and if he has been wanting to buy a new one then Valentine’s Day is a great time to gift him one. Research a bit about his preferences in phones and then make a purchase accordingly.

Before You Buy: Make sure that what you are buying is THE smartphone he always wanted. If he is a fan-boy of a particular brand then make sure you learn about it beforehand.

Choose and purchase from the latest smartphone models here.

11. Necktie Set

A necktie will make a great Valentine’s Day gift for him, especially if he wears them on a daily basis. Lot of options to choose from.
Before You Buy: Select from an assortment of ties that can go along with his wardrobe. Observe what he usually wears and select accordingly.

Choose and buy from a range of neckties here.

12. Tie Clip

If you have gifted him a tie or if owns hordes of them, then a tie clip makes a nice Valentine gift for him.

Before You Buy: There are sober and flashy tie-clips. Choose according to his tastes.

Buy from a range of best exquisite tie clips here.

13. Blender

If he just loves making (and sipping) smoothies then here is a gift that also doubles up as a nice utility item for him. You can select from a range of designs and purpose types.

Before You Buy: Make sure the blender is exactly made for that purpose. A blender meant for chutneys is not going to make awesome smoothies.

View and purchase from a range of blenders here.

14. NFC Tags

NFC is the latest advent in the world of technology, so why not try it out? NFC tags work with smartphones that have NFC technology, which helps the user assign a particular phone function for a particular tag that activates the function on contact. NFC tags are reasonably priced and you can buy many in one go. Make sure his smartphone is NFC compatible before you buy one though.

Before You Buy: NFC tags are usually tagged to an item or object. If his house bears a deserted look with not many taggable items then the tag’s purpose might be half-fulfilled.

Purchase from a wide range of NFC tags here.

15. Wrist Watch

If he is someone who prefers the good ol’ wrist watch then it makes a classic Valentine’s Day gift for him. To make the gift stand out and a bit extra special, buy ones with multiple functions or/and with some great aesthetics.

Before You Buy: Make sure it works great with the thickness of his arm and that the dial does not look too big or small on it.

Take a look at some stylish wrist watches here.

16. Prescription Sunglasses

Does he wear prescription eyeglasses for most time of the day? Prescription sunglasses are one of those Valentine gifts for him, that would leave him jumping with joy.

Before You Buy: Since buying this gift would require knowing his exact eye power, make sure you get that info right.

Select and purchase from a range of prescription sunglasses here.

17. Cuff Links

Nice gift for the man who loves to dress up in formals. Cuff links come in substantial number of design varieties with options for customisation also available.
Before You Buy: Not all shirts have provision for cuff links. So make sure he has those. If he wears suits often then you are on the safe side.

Buy from a range of cuff links here.

18. Money Clip

Not a common choice for gifting, but why not? Choose the metal one that looks more nifty.

Before You Buy: No specific checklist here. If he has never used one, he will now.

View and purchase from a range of money clips here.

19. Car Freshener

You can never go wrong with this Valentine gift for him. So many options to choose from.

Before You Buy: Go for fragrances that he likes. You can take cues from the kind of deos or perfumes he wears.

Select and buy from a range of car fresheners here.

20. Sports Cap

Makes a nice gift option if he is an adventure seeker type. It is also a gift that can be used in day-to-day life too.

Before You Buy: Just make sure that it is the right fit and the colour is to his liking.

Buy a high quality sports cap here.

21. Digital Photo Frame

Present him this after pre-loading it with photos of you both. A nice way to treasure the memories.

Select and buy a digital photo frame now by clicking here.

22. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If he has an ear for music then noise-cancelling headphones will make his music listening experience even better. Thanks to the ubiquitous technology, noise-cancelling headphones are now cheaper than before. So you should be able to buy one at a reasonable price.

Before You Buy: The brand should be of his liking. If he’s not particular about brands then you have so many options to choose from.

Explore and buy from the latest range of headphones here.

23. Diary/Planner

If he loves penning down his thoughts every now and then, a diary would make a nice Valentine gift for him. You can also consider buying a planner if he loves jotting down his schedule/things-to-do beforehand.

Select and purchase a wonderful diary here.

24. Premium Writing Pen

If you have gifted him a diary then you might as well team it up with a pen too. Lot of options here.

Before You Buy: If you would want him to have one that’s a keepsake type then you can select the premium ones. If you want to gift him something that he can use every day then purchase one accordingly.

Explore and buy from an amazing range of pens here.

25. Gift Voucher/Discount Coupon

This could be a gift voucher of any store or brand he loves. You can also buy him a gift card online that he can conveniently avail on an e-commerce website.

Before You Buy: It should be from a store or a brand that he really likes.

Buy a online gift voucher right now here.

26. Tickets To A Movie/Play

If watching a romantic movie or a play is your idea of spending Valentine’s Day then book some tickets beforehand and gift them out to him. To make thing mushy, you can enclose them in a nice envelope and then gift.

Before You Buy: Just make sure he does not have the same ideas for the day!

27. Passes To A Concert/Event

If watching a movie or a play sounds too mainstream then you can plan to attend a concert. Since it is Valentine’s Day there are going to be numerous events or gigs lined up for couples. If his favourite band is playing at a city sometime later, you can still buy tickets in advance and surprise him.

Before You Buy: Make sure it is something he would enjoy from the opening moment to the last.

28. Trekking/Hiking Shoes

If your beau is in love with the great outdoors then a pair of trekking shoes would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Before You Buy: Know his foot size. Once you are sure about it, you can even buy them online.

Explore and purchase from the wonderful range of outdoor shoes here.

29. Gourmet Coffee

If he is a coffee connoisseur and loves those premium varieties then this would make a nice Valentine gift for him. Most premium coffees come in some really attractive packaging, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it up again.

Before You Buy: There are numerous kinds of exquisite coffees, so make sure you have good idea of his coffee preferences.

View and purchase from a range of gourmet coffee options here.

30. Coffee Maker

Well, if he is well-stocked already with gourmet coffee then a coffee maker would make wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Before You Buy: It should be something that works well with the kind of coffee he makes. Also, should be easy to use.

Select and buy from a range of coffee makers here.

31. Premium Wallet

A wallet is a timeless gift. You wouldn’t even have to think twice before getting him one.

Choose from a wide range of men’s wallets here.

32. Keychain

You can buy a keychain that best reflects his preferences and lifestyle.

Explore and buy from a range of keychains here.

33. Graphic Tees

If he has a preference towards wearing T-shirts then this makes a great option. You can choose the one that would best suit him.

Before You Buy: The same things to keep in mind before you buy any apparel – be sure of the size that works for him.

Select and buy from a variety of men’s clothing options here.

34. Canvas Shoes

If he loves hanging around in casuals then a pair of canvas shoes will work great for him.

Explore and purchase from a range of men’s shoes here.

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35. Backpack

You can go for the totally casual types or the ones that feature a laptop slot so that your beau can use it for multiple purpose.

Purchase from a wonderful range of backpacks here.

36. Office Bag

An office bag is a nice utilitarian Valentine gift for him, that he should be able to use in his daily routine.

Before You Buy: Make sure it has ample slots for him to keep all his stuff in it. It should have a decent number of pockets where he can store small articles like stationary and ID card.

Explore and buy from a range of office bags here.

37. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Well, maybe some don’t. But if he loves it then you have plenty of options here. From dark chocolate varieties to the ones with added flavours like mint, you can go all out.

Buy from a range of gourmet chocolates here.

38. Audio Systems

A fine audio system makes a nice Valentine’s gift for him, especially if he’s into music. You can select from a variety depending on your budget; there are speakers made from plastic to the ones made from wood.

Before You Buy: Most premium audio systems come with external amplifiers. Make sure the wattage is decent enough for his listening. You can take a demo at a store and then buy online for some great deals.

Buy from a range of premium audio systems here. 

39. Smart Tab

If you are looking for a gadget that would play a role larger than smartphone, then a tablet would make a nice gift. You can select from a range of products.

Purchase from a range of tablets here.

40. Biker Jacket And Gloves

If he loves going for that long drive on his motorcycle every weekend then this would make a nice Valentine gift for him.

Before You Buy: You wouldn’t want to buy a Yamaha jacket if he rides a Royal Enfield. Size and fit matter too.

Purchase some nice biking gear right here.

41. Wireless Mobile Phone Charger/Charging Dock

Wireless mobile phone chargers are cool. If you find your beau struggling around with wired chargers all the time then a wireless charger will make a lovely gift for him this Valentine’s Day.

Before You Buy: You need to be sure you are buying the correct and compatible charger for his phone model.

Find the best mobile wireless mobile phone charger here.

42. Power Bank

More of a necessity in today’s age. Buy him one and his phone battery will never go dead.

Before You Buy: Most power banks are compatible with all smartphones, but still do make a check.

Buy from a range of latest power banks here.

43. Netflix Subscription

Is he a movie buff? Why not gift him a Netflix subscription this Valentine’s Day? You can choose the plan you would like to gift and just share the login details with him.

44. Premium Eau de Cologne

If he doesn’t leave his house without sprinkling some perfume then an Eau de Cologne would make a perfect Valentine gift for him.

Explore and buy from the wonderful range of men’s perfumes here.

45. Phone Case/Cover

If he has a phone then he would be needing a cover for it as well. Phone cases and covers are quite readily available online these days.

Buy from a range of phone covers and cases here.

46. Bluetooth Headset

Best gift for him to help him keep his hands off his phone. Bluetooth headsets have a universal design and functionality so they work with any phone or tablet which has Bluetooth functionality.

Take a look at the best-selling Bluetooth headsets here.

47. Business Card Holder

If he struggles around arranging his business cards and assorting the ones he received then a card holder is what you should be gifting him.

Select the business card holder of your choice here.

48. Lampshade

If he loves reading books and likes things old-school then a lampshade will work great to brighten up his reading experience.

Before You Buy: You can choose a nice lampshade based on the intensity of light it emits while keeping the space constraints in mind.

Explore and buy from a range of lampshades here.

All set for buying him a gift this Valentine’s day? Hope you made up your mind. Do let us know if we missed out on any cool gifting ideas.

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