Valentine Gifts For Her – 38 Super Cool Ideas For Every Budget

Gifting can be tricky for some. With so many options to choose from, deciding on what to buy can be a task. When it comes to buying a Valentine gift for her, you would want to pick something that’s nice and something that she can also use, right? We are guessing that the reaction you are looking for is an “Awww” + “Yes!” If that is what you want then here’s a list of 41 options for Valentine gifts for her, to suit every budget. Take a look.

1. Hair Care Appliances

Valentine Gifts For Her - Hair Care Appliances

Do you like her lovely tresses? Then why not gift her some hair care appliances? From straighteners to hair dryers, you can purchase the ones that she is most likely to use. But this one is tricky though. You have to really know what she likes or else it is going to be a waste of your money. If you aren’t sure, better give this Valentine gift for her a miss.

View and purchase from a range of hair care products here.

2. Essential Oils

Valentine Gifts For Her - Essential Oils

These multi-purpose oils also have some therapeutic benefits too. It is a Valentine gift for her that she would definitely love to use.
Before You Buy: Better to know what fragrances she likes. Also, if she is allergic to something, make sure you know about it beforehand.

Buy from a range of essential oils here. ]

3. Luxury Soaps

Valentine Gifts For Her - Luxury Soaps

Luxury soaps are the in thing today and there is a thriving market for these. If you want to make your Valentine gift for her stand out from the rest then a set of luxury soaps will do great. Needless to say, it won’t be just lying there gift-wrapped. She will definitely be using it everyday.

Before You Buy: Just go with your gut feeling about what she would like.

View and purchase from a range of luxury soaps here. 

4. Luxury Spa Session

Valentine Gifts For Her - Luxury Spa Session

This is something that is not a regular gifting choice but it will pleasantly surprise her. Spa makes a great place to relax and let off all the worries, so if you would like your lady-love to chill out a bit, then here is the best Valentine gift for her.

Before You Buy: Spas offer various packages, so go for one that would best appeal to her. Also, make a couple booking. She would definitely love it if you accompany her too.

For some luxury beauty products, click here. 

5. Fluffy Pillow

Valentine Gifts For Her - Fluffy Pillow

Pillow would make a great Valentine gift for her if you both love spending weekends cuddling on the sofa watching TV. You also have here the option to get a customised one according to your choice or her preferences.

Before You Buy: In case you plan to customise it, you can get a mushy message inscribed on it. You can also have a picture done on it (the cutest pic with the both of you in it).

You can buy some customised pillows over here.

6. Cosmetic Gift Hamper

Valentine Gifts For Her - Cosmetic Gift Hamper

If she loves her makeup kit then a cosmetic makeup gift hamper would do great. The best part is that you can buy them online as well.

Before You Buy: Learn about her preferences and the brands she likes. Also, try learning more about the makeup items she uses. Nothing wrong in doing some research about beauty products in order to buy the perfect gift.

Buy from a range high quality cosmetic products here.

7. Imitation Jewellery

Valentine Gifts For Her - Imitation Jewellery

The word ‘imitation’ does not imply cheap. This category consists of some of the most stylish and easy to maintain jewellery items that would work well for everyday use. They are also affordable.

Before You Buy: Keep in mind her general preferences when it comes to jewellery. You can just spend some time observing what she wears generally. Or you could even casually ask her about what she likes and what she doesn’t.


Valentine Gifts For Her - Trivia 1

8. Chocolates

Valentine Gifts For Her - Chocolates

Chocolates make an evergreen Valentine gift for her, so make yours stand out by opting for flavours that are unique and unconventional.

Buy from a range of premium chocolates here. 

9. Heart Pendant Chain

Valentine Gifts For Her - Heart Pendant Chain

Another quintessential Valentine gift for her that also doubles up as the best symbol of love. There is a lot of variety over here, and you can even select the kind of metal you want to be used for the pendant.

Before You Buy: It should be in line with what she generally wears. Also, it is better if you know what metal she likes (gold, silver, platinum etc).

Explore and buy from a range of heart-shaped pendants here.

10. Gym Membership

Valentine Gifts For Her - Gym Membership

If she has been dropping hints about wanting to hit the gym but hasn’t joined one yet for whatever reason, you have your perfect gift idea right there. Get her a yearly gym membership.

You can gift some fitness gear to begin with, which you can find here.

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11. Key-Pendant Chain

Valentine Gifts For Her - Key-Pendant Chain

When she has got the key to your heart, why not gift her something that symbolizes the same?

Explore and buy from a range of key-shaped pendants here. 

12. Imprinted Mug

Valentine Gifts For Her - Imprinted Mug

It is one of the classic Valentine gift for her and it still retains a charm matched by few. Mugs are special since they can be used for the purpose they are made for or can be just kept in the showpiece too.

Before You Buy: Just like any other customisable gift item, select the best image or wordings to imprint on it.

Buy from a range of customisable mugs here. 

13. Name Pendant

Valentine Gifts For Her - Name Pendant

If you want her to have your name (and hers too) close to her heart always, then a name pendant would make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Check out some awesome name-shaped pendant lockets here. 

14. Caricature Clock

Valentine Gifts For Her - Caricature Clock

A little goofy and good one for some laughs.

Before You Buy: Choose the best picture of you both together, preferably one that captures a light-hearted moment.

Buy from a range of customisable caricature clocks here. 

Valentine Gifts For Her - Trivia 2

15. Selfie Stick

Valentine Gifts For Her - Selfie Stick

Selfie stick is a necessity more than a luxury these days. If she loves clicking pictures (selfies) then this would be a good option.

Select from a range of selfie sticks here.

16. Stylish Pocket Mirror

Valentine Gifts For Her - Stylish Pocket Mirror

This Valentine gift for her is a definite win. It should be handy, stylish and one that she can carry around easily.

Buy from a wonderful range of pocket mirrors here. 

17. Perfume

Valentine Gifts For Her - Perfume

Perfumes make a great gift for the lady no matter what the occasion, but Valentine’s Day makes it extra special. You have a plethora of options here and you pick up the one that would most appeal to her.

Before You Buy: Just check out what she likes in terms of fragrances. If you both are married or living-in then you would know easily. In case you are still dating then you can casually quiz her about it.

Explore and buy from a range of lovely perfumes for women here.

18. Diary/Planner

Valentine Gifts For Her - Diary Or Planner

If she is a person who loves planning her day in advance then a planner would come in handy. Or if she loves writing stories/poems/experiences then a nice diary would make a good Valentine gift for her.

Explore and buy from a range of diaries and planners here. 

19. Fashion Jewellery

Valentine Gifts For Her - Fashion Jewellery

Perfect for special occasions and everyday use too.

View and purchase from a range of fashion jewellery here. 

Valentine Gifts For Her - Trivia 3

20. E-book Reader

Valentine Gifts For Her - E-book Reader

When you know she does not get a good night’s sleep without reading a book then why not get her an E-book reader as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Explore and buy from a range of amazing E-book readers here. 

21. Digital Camera

Valentine Gifts For Her - Digital Camera

If she likes some precision photo-clicking and wants her camera to be simple yet effective then a digital camera would make a nice Valentine gift for her. A lot of phones do come with good cameras nowadays, but people still use cameras right?

Take a look at a range of digital cameras here. 

Valentine Gifts For Her - Trivia 4

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22. Gourmet Coffee

Valentine Gifts For Her - Gourmet Coffee

If she has got that perpetual love for coffee, and can’t dream of living without it then gift her one of those premium gourmet coffees. There are several varieties that feature added flavour(s) or essence, so you can choose accordingly.

Choose from a range of gourmet coffee options here. 

23. Stylish Clutch

Valentine Gifts For Her - Stylish Clutch

If she prefers carrying a clutch to work or outings then a chic looking one would make an ideal Valentine gift for her.

Check out the wonderful range of clutches here.

24. Sling Bag

Valentine Gifts For Her - Sling Bag

If a clutch is too small for her to carry her stuff then a sling bag would make the right Valentine gift for her. A perfect gift choice for someone who is always on the move.

Before You Buy: There are numerous designs here. You can gift her one that has an adjustable strap that would be convenient.

Explore and buy from a range of sling bags here.

25. Sunglasses

Valentine Gifts For Her - Sunglasses

How could we miss out n this one? When it comes to sunglasses, no matter how many you already one, there’s always space for another new one.

Before You Buy: Go for the one that best suits the shape of her face.

Buy from a range of women’s sunglasses here.

26. Spectacle Eye Frames

Valentine Gifts For Her - Spectacle Eye Frames

If she wears prescription eyeglasses, then you can gift her some nice spectacle eye frames. These are quite easily available online and you can buy one conveniently.

Explore and purchase from a wide range of spectacle eye frames here.

27. Wearable Health/Fitness Devices

Valentine Gifts For Her - Wearable Health And Fitness Devices

Wearable health/fitness devices are gaining a lot of popularity and acceptance these days, and it is a great time to join the bandwagon. This category includes everything from smart watches that monitor your body temperature to wrist bands that collate elaborate statistics of your body functions. No matter what her routine, this would definitely make a nice modern Valentine gift for her.

Before You Buy: There are a variety of wearable devices available in the market. More features does not always mean that the device is better. Choose one that fits your budget and requirements.

Take a look at some popular wearable devices here.

Valentine Gifts For Her - Trivia 5

28. Nail Care Gift Hamper

Valentine Gifts For Her - Nail Care Gift Hamper

You can select nail care products separately and put them in a snazzy bag to gift it to her or you can go for the pre-assorted ones available online.
Before You Buy: Go for the ones that she is likely to use frequently.

Buy from an amazing range of nail care items here. 

29. Smart Tablet

Valentine Gifts For Her - Smart Tablet

If she likes gadgets and you are looking to gift her one that lies somewhere between being a smartphone and a laptop then you can give this Valentine gift for her a try.

Before You Buy: Make sure the OS is that of her choice, and also the that screen size should be something that she’s comfortable with.

Select from a range of tablets here. 


30. Online Movie Subscription

Valentine Gifts For Her - Online Movie Subscription

Don’t wanna step out on Valentine’s Day? Do you both love watching movies? Time to bring out the popcorn then. Give torrents a miss for once. Movie subscriptions are really easy to purchase and there are numerous options when it comes to this.

31. Body Massager

Valentine Gifts For Her - Body Massager

There are several options available here and most of them are compact and easy to use.

Take a look at some options here. 

32. Premium Headphones

Valentine Gifts For Her - Premium Headphones

If she loves music then gift her a set of premium headphones.

Before You Buy: You need to pick one that suits her lifestyle. If she loves listening to music while exercising then go for the activewear-type headphones. If she prefers listening to music on the go then opt from the noise cancelling variety.

Check out the range of premium headphones here. 

Valentine Gifts For Her - Trivia 6

33. Personalised Mobile Cover

Valentine Gifts For Her - Personalised Mobile Cover

You can personalise it in umpteen number of ways, the options are endless.

Before You Buy: Go for durable ones, which will last long.

View and purchase from a range of customisable mobile phone covers and cases here. 

34. Personalised Photo Stickers

Valentine Gifts For Her - Personalised Photo Stickers

An adorable Valentine gift for her. She can put it up wherever she wants. You also have an option of sticking one on any another item and gift it to her.

Buy from a range of customisable photo stickers over here. 

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35. Laptop Sleeve

Valentine Gifts For Her - Laptop Sleeve

A nice gift for your girl if she’s hooked on to the laptop everywhere, everyday. Again one of those unconventional yet utilitarian Valentine’s Day gift options.

Before You Buy: Preferably go for the ones that have handles which make it easier to carry it around.

Take a look at some cool laptop sleeves here. 

36. Teddy Bear

Valentine Gifts For Her - Teddy Bear

So… this is like THE official gift for Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t work for everyone though. But for those who like big stuffed soft toys, it works. You can either go a for a super-big version or opt for a smaller one and pair it with your primary gift.

Before You Buy: Just pick the most adorable one.

Buy from a range of Teddy Bears here. 

37. Wrist Watch

Valentine Gifts For Her - Wrist Watch

The tried and tested Valentine gift for her that works in any scenario. You can go for a simple one in case your lady does not like splashy gifts.

Before You Buy: Choose one which complements her lifestyle.

Explore and buy from the wide range of women’s watches here. 

38. Diamond Ring

Valentine Gifts For Her - Diamond Ring

The ultimate Valentine gift for her! An exquisite diamond ring to profess your love.

Buy from a range of lovely diamond rings here.


So which one is it gonna be? Have some more cool gifting ideas to share? Do let us know.

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