Valentine Gift Ideas For Wife: 15 Gifts To Make It Special!

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Valentine Gift Ideas For Wife, Gifts To Make It Special! Your wife, your better half, deserves to be pampered and loved every single day of the year. Love is too large and too beautiful to fit into a capsule of 24 hours; but then again, anything as special as love deserves a special place! Valentine’s Day is the day for love; true, pure and significant love. It’s the day lovers go out of their way to make their partners feel loved, wanted, desired and over-the-moon special!

And valentine gift ideas for wife are right on that list!

You are a lucky man if you have found love and you call her your wife! So on Valentine’s Day, why not make the extra effort and go out of your way to tell her how you feel and how much she means to you. Here are some Valentine gift ideas for wife that are sure to add special moments and memories for life.

1. Breakfast In Bed!

Your wife probably makes the breakfast, keeps you full and healthy. This Valentine’s Day, turn the tables! Valentine gift ideas for wife are not always material and expensive, it’s the thought behind them that make them special. Surprise your wife to a scrumptious breakfast in bed with a cute handwritten Valentine day love letter for her. A good cup of coffee can be the start to a lot more steaming romance through the day.

2. Flower Power

Women love flowers! There is just no denying that. You could start with a bouquet early in the morning and let them keep raining all through the day. Again, it’s the thought and simple act of making an effort that makes all the difference, and it’s also one of the cutest valentine gift ideas for wife. Surprise her through the day with a flower or flowers. It will bring in years of fragrance to your relationship.

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3. The Classic Diamonds And Solitaires

Diamonds are always welcome; even more so on a day as special as 14th Feb. A diamond ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace… anything or maybe everything. Diamonds are forever and the sparkle will brighten up your relationship too. So if this is one of the valentine gift ideas for wife you can afford, then go get her the stars… ummm I mean the diamonds!

4. Bake A Cake

Now that’s something that will require a lot of effort if you have two left feet (or hands) in the kitchen. But guess what, it is that effort that makes it perfect. Try your hands at baking, get messy and bake her a delightful cake. Even if it’s not yummy, the sweetness will creep in.

5. A Handmade Card

Now these are my kind of favourite gifts. Make her a card, write notes of love, add pictures, add scratch coupons, movie tickets, discount cards to her favourite store… anything! Just get crafty and make her something to remember for life. It’s a decent option, on our valentine gift ideas for wife.

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6. Dressed To Kill

More than jewellery, women love clothes; they make for great valentine gift ideas for wife. Buy her a beautiful dress, one she has been eyeing for a long time or the one you see her checking out every time you walk around in a mall. You ought to know her size (duh!). If not, carry a dress for reference, and believe me, the store people will be glad to help you.

7. Shoe It!

It’s so easy to please a woman… just get her shoes, one of the most perfect valentine gift ideas for wife! YES, it’s that simple, buy her the perfect heels or any other kind of shoes that you know would make her swoon. Try taking her out a few days ahead and see what kind of shoes does she go weak on.

8. Perfumes

They say you shouldn’t gift perfumes without thinking about the receiver. Get your wife an exotic perfume or a set of a few you know she prefers, and she will be more than delighted. It’s a classy choice if you’re considering valentine gift ideas for wife. But guys, if it’s a perfume, don’t go for the basic ones, be extravagant!

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9. Makeup Galore!

Make your own makeup hamper basket, for valentine gift ideas for wife with a personal touch. Fill it with different brands and shades. Don’t buy basic foundation or powders but stick to lipsticks, eye shadows, nail colours, mascaras … you get the point right!

10. Book-ed For Life

All you guys married to bookworms, you have it easy! Buy her a book, a classic, or a best-seller. Or you could even buy her a subscription at her favourite book store. Books are evergreen, they make for great valentine gift ideas for wife, and if you know what she likes, you do have her book-ed!

11. Hobby Ideas

If your wife pursues a particular hobby, buy her a gift related to it. It could be anything like sewing, painting, cooking, a sport, music related… anything. Just get her something that helps enhance and make her hobby go further.

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12. Wine And Chocolates

A simple wine and chocolates combination is all you need to make your lady love ecstatic! Yes, we women are that easy to please. Get a bottle of her favourite wine and chocolates and you are all set to bring in a special evening with your special someone. Add on a movie DVD or netflix, and you’ve got a winner option for valentine gift ideas for wife.

13. Spa Therapy

If you’re looking for a pro option, then this is one of the smartest valentine gift ideas for wife. Book your wife an appointment at the spa. Let her feel pampered and beautiful as all her muscles relax, senses replenish; she feels rejuvenate. Later, you could take her out for dinner or movie and unwind the day wrapped together with your diva.

14. Handbags

Now that’s another weakness most women have. We women never seem to have enough bags! Buy her a handbag, one she can use everyday or a special one for special occasions. Come on guys, go explore how many kinds there are and maybe you’ll understand the love, and confusion!

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15. Lingerie

Save the best for the last! Buy your wife sexy lingerie and you’ll instantly evoke the sexy siren in her! And guys, it’s a win-win situation as valentine gift ideas for wife go. I mean you have to agree it’s an equally delightful gift for you and not just your wife.

Are you ready to surprise your lady love? These are 15 valentine gift ideas for wife that I think will make any and every woman go weak in the knees and go beyond ecstasy, what do you think? Do you have better ideas to share with us? Go guys… bring in love everyday but just a little more on Valentine’s Day – the day of true love!

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